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Episode 150:
Marketing Strategies that Work Part 1 – Joe Polish & Dean Jackson Live Q&A

  • Joe and Dean look back over the last 150 episodes and how the idea of I Love Marketing was created and grown by sharing proven marketing strategies that work.
  • Marketing strategies using the Before, During and After Units, and 8 profit activators.
  • Dean shares how all types of marketing strategies start with selecting a single target market.
  • Joe shares some of his biggest takeaway from 150 episodes.
  • How I Love Marketing has built a thriving community around the world.
  • Looking back many of the special guests, conversations and topics discussed.
  • How to discover breakthroughs when using the 8 profit activators.
  • The #1 thing you can do to improve everything in your marketing.
  • Joe and Dean take live questions and give helpful tips and marketing ideas.
  • How to deliver results in advance for your clients.
  • Gaining focus and clarity with Dean’s 50 Minute Focus Finder.
  • About Joe’s exciting new Indiegogo Campaign

Episode 149:
The one where Dean and Joe talk about successful book marketing ideas

  • The story of how Joe became friends with Arianna Huffington (and the insider story on the marketing of her new book ‘Thrive’)
  • A secret to happiness that Hugh Jackman, Howard Stern, Oprah, Joe Polish, Russell Brand, Jerry Seinfeld, Rupert Murdoch, Ellen DeGeneres, and many more have discovered
  • A surprising discovery about physical pain that could help you become pain free (Joe was told by some of the top doctors that he might have to have surgery because he was having excruciating pain in his shoulder and in his knee from a torn meniscus for almost 2 years straight — and THIS discovery helped him!)
  • The truth about successful book campaigns most authors, speakers, and celebrities don’t understand
  • Joe shares his keys for approaching big book launches like the ones he did with Peter Diamandis (‘Abundance’) and Arianna Huffington (‘Thrive’)
  • Dean shares the easiest and fastest way to have a book written for you in less than 90 minutes that people will read and love –

Episode 147:
The one where John Dumas interviews Dean and Joe

  • When Dean started in Real Estate, he faced an uphill battle when it came to cold calling. Then something happened. Dean shares the moment when he realized he’d never have to make another cold call again!
  • Joe used to be a dead broke carpet cleaner living off credit cards. Listen as Joe shares what changed everything for him!
  • When Dean discovered Direct Response Marketing, he had a vehicle that worked, so he didn’t have to. Dean shares the system you can implement once and then reap the rewards over and over.
  • Joe realized that PRODUCING RESULTS is what matters. Joe shares what Fire Nation can do to get bigger and better results!
  • Dean shares why he’s excited about his 90-Minute Book process.
  • Joe shares why he’s fired up about his Genius Network. Find out how you can get ANYTHING you want through your Genius Network!

Episode 144:
The one with John Dumas

  • John shares how he grosses $115,663.55 a month and nets $101,506.85 a month with his podcast “Entrepreneur On Fire” (Here’s proof: )
  • 5 powerful income streams you can have with a podcast (These income streams can make you a monthly passive income that exceed your monthly expenses)
  • Where to go to get in-depth video tutorials, webinars, live Q&A, and much more to launch a successful podcast that generates more monthly income for you
  • Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about Podcast Sponsorship (Including: How to find sponsors; How to approach sponsors; The sponsorship pricing model; How to put together sponsorship proposals; Sponsorship spreadsheets; and much more: )
  • The #1 lesson Joe learned from visiting Harvey Levin at TMZ that can make you more productive in your business
  • John reveals his proudest entrepreneurial moment; Why commitment is so important; Who you want to surround yourself with to become more successful; How to become healthier and have more energy; Two books you should read to get an unfair advantage in your life and blow your competition away; The five letter word that will get you results faster; And what you can do right now to start making more money

Episode 143:
The one with Mike Faith

  • Mike explains how he started (and the strategic reason why is the second biggest consumer of Tootsie Rolls)
  • Mike shares his entrepreneurial journey, why making money is a great thing, and the truth about succeeding as an entrepreneur
  • The wild story of how Mike and legally bought someone’s last name…and…the most important Word Of Mouth and Publicity strategies Mike uses to grow and get attention and recognition from Presidents, Prime Minister David Cameron, and millions of people around the world)
  • The one strategy that originally propelled from $40,000 to $3,000,000
  • How Mike and positions ‘The World’s Most Comfortable Headset’ (and the 6 ‘success decisions’ Mike has made in his business and life)
  • The 2 things you can do right now to be more productive, make more money, eliminate stress and feel more relaxed
  • Mike reveals how to network the RIGHT way, meet fun and influential people, and get connected now

Episode 142:
The one with Richard Viguerie

  • The story of how Richard went from calling on people like Charles Edison, Eddie Rickenbacker, and J. Howard Pew for contributions to becoming a Direct Mail legend
  • Why Richard spends 2 to 3 hours a day studying marketing, why Richard loves Marketing, and the most successful, under appreciated, technique you can use in your marketing
  • The Four Horsemen of Marketing (If you get these right, life is easy going and you’ll have much easier success. Get these wrong, and it will be almost impossible for you to succeed…)
  • The #1 reason people go online and the 5 main technologies you must understand if you want to be successful (And why you’ll lose most of your money if you don’t figure this out)
  • Why Richard thinks Direct Mail is the neatest and coolest way to make a living
  • The #1 benefit of having a written plan (And the FIVE WORDS Newt Gingrich would often write on a blackboard in order to think through any problem or opportunity)
  • The most common marketing mistake to avoid…and…The most important thing you can do if you want to be successful and get ahead of 95% of your competitors
  • What any young, enterprising, up-and-coming person can do right now to join the happiest and most successful people in the world
  • The 3 values Richard structures his life around and the secret to living a long, healthy, and productive life you love

Episode 141:
The one with Steve Kotler

  • The Science Of Ultimate Human Performance: How you can feel your best and perform your best
  • How to become 5x more productive, heighten your creativity by 6x to 8x, and amplify your learning and memory by 2x – 5x .
  • The #1 thing to AVOID that stops flow, the optimal environment for flow, and the fastest action you can take right now to maximize flow in your life
  • How Steven got Lyme Disease and went from losing his house, going bankrupt, and almost dying to leading the Flow Genome Project
  • The defining characteristics of a flow state—where and how it happens in the brain.
  • The 4 stages of The Flow Cycle, the #1 secret that most people don’t know about flow.
  • Why Flow is the source code of intrinsic motivation
  • Why flow is vital for Entrepreneurs, Athletes, Coders, Gamers, Designers, Brokers, Educators, and anyone else who needs to be a high performer

Listen to this …


Episode 140:
The one where Dean and Joe look back on 2013

  • Dean and Joe look back on 2013 and discuss their best discoveries and biggest breakthroughs
  • How to get more focus, more fungolas, and more freedom in 2014
  • Joe shares the 9 word secret that can transform your success, income and happiness in 2014
  • Dean explains the big distinction between Profit Activator #2 and Profit Activator #3 that gets you more leads and increases your conversions
  • A simple action you can take everyday that will help you build and develop more influential relationships

Episode 139:
The one with Ryan Holiday

  • Ryan shares what ‘Growth Hacking’ is and how it builds multi-million dollar (even billion dollar) companies that grow exponentially without massive investments
  • Dean gives you a simple, no-cost and easy-to-use growth hack that gets you new customers today
  • The truth about the lack of truth and manipulation in The Media… and… how growth hacking can get millions of eyeballs (and wallets) moving in your company’s direction
  • How to create products and services people want to buy and share virally (Ryan shares ideas and case studies you can use from Amazon, Airbnb, Apple, and many, many more)
  • 3 important questions Ryan says every small business owner should ask themselves to get more exposure, grow and get more business
  • Ryan explains what marketing really is, why he loves marketing, and the best marketing decision you can make