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I’m Dean Jackson…

I fell in love with Marketing as a young boy when I first realized that selling stuff on commission was way easier than renting myself out by the hour for a regular job…and I’ve never looked back.

I’ve carried that distaste for real work into my adult life and have focused on a lifestyle centered approach to business using marketing as the ultimate lever to a life of freedom and fun.


He’s Joe Polish…

Joe fell in love with Marketing when he realized as a 4 year old sitting on the counter of his father’s locksmith shop that if he smiled nicely…people would give him TIPS.

He parlayed that into his famous “I’m trying to win a trip to Disneyland” Newspaper subscription sales method…and evolved THAT into the name-dropping, self-aggrandizing, super-generous style we all LOVE about Joe.

And THIS is the I Love Marketing Podcast…

We’ve been having killer conversations about marketing for over 15 years, and now we get to share them.

This is our opportunity to talk about new marketing ideas, direct mail ideas, lead generation, lead conversion, getting referrals, stick strategies, email marketing, psychology, books, people and even productivity.

Every week is a new adventure…and it will always be fun.

  • I do not use itunes. WHat is your podcast feed so that I can directly down to my podcast player?


    January 21, 2011

  • Yeaaaah baby! Two of my fave, fave, fave marketing friends with a brand new bromance on marketing. HOT + KILLER. So excited to download, listen to and spread the love. xoxo Marie


    January 21, 2011

  • WHAAA! This looks like it may yet be the most epic podcast ever made :)

    Tilen Krivec

    January 21, 2011

  • You guys ROCK! This is exactly what i have been looking for :)

    Erich Senft, CTA

    January 22, 2011

  • Dean Jackson is a rockstar. Oh and Joe, you’re sorta cool too :P

    Great job guys, I love the simple and fresh layout, and the domain name- BRILLIANT.


    January 25, 2011

  • Awesome site! how do people get in contact with you?


    January 25, 2011

  • Downloading on iTunes now! Can’t wait for the killer marketing tactics! BOOM!


    January 30, 2011

  • You guys love marketing too???
    We have so much in common.


    January 31, 2011

  • I gotta say, I’m surprised a podcast about marketing has such average/weak audio quality. C’mon guys! Can’t you pay for a little studio time? :-)


    February 1, 2011

  • This is so cool! Joe Polish is one of the coolest, most fun guys on the planet and Dean Jackson was never allowed to perform live with the Jackson 5—at least I’m pretty sure he never performed live with them—so I’m looking forward to these podcasts.


    Michael D Walker

    February 4, 2011

  • Thank you guys!!! Love the Podcast. I’m working for a car dealership as a sales guy trying to generate more business, any ideas for this category, please advice. thanks again.


    February 10, 2011

  • I only got to perform that one time…


    February 10, 2011

  • You guys are an inspiration. Thanks for the wonderful podcast.


    February 10, 2011

  • Awesome! I love, your love!


    Where did you get this crazy picture (above the subscription fields)?
    I want somthing like this for my own site.

    Would you tell me where to find similar pictures?


    Heinrich from Germany

    February 10, 2011

  • Gotta say fellas, love the podcast and learning a TON.

    Dean – Microphone my friend, you seem to need a new one lol.

    Keep up the great work, I’m on round 3 of listening to everything again :D

    Jarrod Manion

    February 17, 2011

  • Great podcast! I was disappointed when I couldn’t find any more ‘marketing monday’ podcasts, but Dean & Joe feed off each other and have great ideas and advice. Its like a step by step playbook for making money in virtually any business. Please keep making these podcasts!


    February 21, 2011

  • Love it chaps best podcast I’ve ever subscribed to. Thanks so much for sharing. Sitting outside a prospects house waiting to do a presentation. Looks like a no show, not upset because I had the chance to listen to episode 6. I’m definately going to start using your techniques . Wayne from Australia

    Wayne Botha

    February 23, 2011

  • The Don King & Muhammad Ali of Marketing – outstanding insights. Dean you promised to post the quadrant (Ep 5) about the 85% of purchases being made after 90 days. Can we have that please


    February 24, 2011

  • Hey guys, your podcast is AWESOME. So much so, that I left a message on itunes. This is something I wouldn’t normally care less about, but you guys are just fantastic.

    Keep up the great work and I look forward to the next installment.

    Seo Warrior

    February 24, 2011

  • Thank you all for listening and for your comments, both Dean and I really appreciate it!

    Joe Polish

    February 25, 2011

  • I just started a business. I have a product that people just love, but they have to see it to know they want it. They’ll never search for it in a phonebook. We are putting together a plan to sell to wedding planners, photographers and funeral directors, business to business. It seems like you guys are focusing your podcasts on service oriented businesses with services that people understand. How do you do direct marketing to b2b for *products* that people don’t know they really want yet. I’m thinking of sending small samples and including a guide to using my product as a profit center and lead generator (once someone buys my product from a caterer, they’ll send their friends to the cater for duplicates of my product, and that’ll give the caterer a chance to sell catering as well).

    BTW, love the podcast! Would like to see more product oriented as opposed to service oriented marketing, particularly for new unique products.

    John Seiler

    March 3, 2011

  • I’ll send you one of my products if you email me a mailing address. I’d love to hear your off the cuff thoughts on what I love to make. :)

    John Seiler

    March 3, 2011

  • Thanks for the podcasts! I am a marketing students starting out a community college and I find your podcasts very helpful in my learning experiences. They also keep me motivated to keep going with my studies. I was also wondering where you both went to college? Also, what are some good books to read to help expand my marketing/advertising knowledge?

    Have a good one guys!


    March 3, 2011

  • Its a custom product, so whoever responds first, I’ll use their profile picture. Race is on!

    John Seiler

    March 5, 2011

  • Just love your podcasts. How very generous of both of you to share such valuable info to the world. Thanks from the bottom of my heart. You’re both an inspiration! Dorothea


    March 7, 2011

  • Great shows guys! Your practical advice and conversation is really helping me reassess how to make my business thrive! You guys deserve an award (besides the ones you’ve received from your business acheivements)!

    Lord Q

    March 10, 2011

  • Hi Joe and Dean. or should I say Dean and Joe!

    I just wanted to thank you for a great podcast and you guys really inspire me. I feel motivated and focused after listening to you.

    ten years from now I will look you guys up and send you a letter how my last 10 years was business wise.

    thank you for being able to listen to your conversations!
    best regards from Norway!

    Sigmund Evensen

    March 10, 2011

  • I love the show, and I am hooked! I have a niche business doing suspension repairs on cars, trucks and trailers. I want to write a guide on suspension repair/upgrade/maintenance and I need more examples so I can read all 20+ guides and maybe use 1 idea from each guide and therefore write my own that actually works. Just simply because there isn’t a guide on vehicle suspension out there that I can find. Thanks Dean and Joe you guys rock

    Scott Paterson

    March 13, 2011

  • There’s a lot of podcasts out there…but this is the only one that I listen to religiously!!! I download it on my phone and play it while I’m hiking in the Mountains around Phoenix! Working on implementing….already came out with the first edition of our: Video Marketing Consumer Guide. Will update you with progress!


    March 14, 2011

  • First class content… I’m hoping you guys turn this into money (no doubt you will) so it keeps going.

    Joe – my clients are in the service industry and I keep pushing them your direction – the more they listen to you the more valuable they become to us. Thanks!


    March 15, 2011

  • I’m the gentleman who offered to send a product. :) I’m not looking for free consultation. What I was looking for is application of this material to *products* (not services) that are unusual and I was willing to offer mine up just to show what sort of thing I was talking about. It doesn’t matter if my product is discussed at all…general discussion would be absolutely great! I’m pretty proud of what I do though. Enjoy. Should be there Saturday or Monday by priority Mail.

    John Seiler

    March 17, 2011

  • Hi there, please tell us when we will see a follow up!


    March 19, 2011

  • Very Cool information! keep it coming guys!

    P.S. Like the design

    Jorge Delgado

    March 22, 2011

  • I love the “I love Marketing” podcast! Dean and Joe, you have great personalities, and it is great hearing you guys talk. Your conversations lead to more exciting and interesting ideas, every second spent in your podcast is filled with loads of valuable information. I am surprised your giving away such great ideas with no cost! I owe you all my thanks.

    I am currently a 19 year old student and an aspiring web developer. I am hoping to pursue my own freelance business after I graduate. Hearing your podcast helps motivate and inspire me to reach my goal. I do have a question: what are some of your ideas for marketing on the internet? How can I generate leads via the internet? How can I take the strategies you have spoken about, and apply them online?

    Once again, thank you for the informative and inspiring podcasts,

    – jBookey


    March 23, 2011

  • Thanks for the post. I thought it was good.

    Jocelyn Loveman

    March 26, 2011

  • Joe & Dean –

    I LOVE marketing TOO! Fantastic podcast. If you ever need a Yellow Pages insider view, let me know. I’ll give you the low down for no down.

    I train sales reps and ad designers to make directory ads that form an emotional bond and sell quality, locality, and responsiveness.

    Here is a ad that used my “Lottery Ticket Technique” that generated a $600,000 sale (plus many other smaller ones). Total cost to run the ad was $2,000 for the year.

    Here’s a video of a roofer ad that is ugly (except that it makes the phone ring off the hook (if phones still had hooks)).

    I’ll send anyone reading this my 300 page eBook “Ringing Up Profits – How to Create a Yellow Pages that makes the Phone Ring”
    Drop me a line. Dick [at] DickLarkin [dot] com

    Dick Larkin

    March 26, 2011

  • Hey Dean and Joe, your podcast is AWESOME. Usually I don’t comment on blogs unless the content is Great. So with that said, your show is definitely doing something right.
    Keep up the great work and I look forward to seeing this grow.


    Paul Tselekidis

    March 28, 2011

  • Did it make it? Do you like it?

    John Seiler

    March 29, 2011

  • Dean and Joe
    The Podcasts are great!!!!!
    LIstening them to over and over on pocket mp3 player. This keeps me motivated to stay on track because I know DRM works. I need to discover this for myself. Will launch this week.
    Been re-writing my copy for weeks. Now or never….

    It would be great if you could do a session on info marketing. Have a guest who is successfully selling intellectual property.

    THANKS again!

    Joe from Colorado

    March 29, 2011

  • Thanks guys for these podcasts. I’ve really enjoyed them.



    March 30, 2011

  • Cool post mate.


    March 31, 2011

  • I love your podcasts! I listen to them on my hour long commute to Denver once a week. I am currently starting a non-profit website. I will be doing fundraising for other non-profits through the sale of many artists work. How can your consumer awareness technique help in the fundraising aspect? I would love to hear your thoughts on this in an upcoming podcast.

    Thank you both for putting these out to all of us. You both are excellent at what you do and I actually look forward to my long commute to art school twice a week now. I’m learning more from you guys then I did in my entire marketing class.


    Colorado Amber

    April 4, 2011

  • Thanks for the great podcasts. I’m on episode three: love the Halpert sales letter stuff and how you’ve converted a small carpet cleaning business into an information empire.


    April 7, 2011

  • These podcast are worth 10 times any other IM $1997 out there…

    Dean, will love to see your beautiful quadrant too, the one you talk on episode 5…

    This is so cool, cannot wait to listen next episodes!


    April 9, 2011

  • Dean talk&show the quadrant here:

    I made a quick draw, for those who wants to put it in front of their desk! ;-)


    April 11, 2011

  • Hey Dean and Joe,

    First of all, the content is great. There is a nice casual flow during these podcasts, like we’re eavesdropping on a personal conversation. Cool.

    Secondly, I know the sound quality got mentioned…BUT…to me it sounds like two spies meeting in a tunnel on a dark and rainy night, which, I think, enhances the podcast.

    Thanks again.

    Willy Christopher

    April 29, 2011

  • Hey Batman and Robbin ;)

    I just want to say I’m so looking forward to your seminar. You’re both very inspiring and amazing mentors.

    Thanks so much for everything!

    Liz Fletcher

    May 3, 2011

  • Dudes! I’m so excited I had to put down my Cherry Garcia ice cream and write this testimonial. I LOVE YOUR TESTIMONIALS. I have no idea what your podcasts are like or if there is anything good there. Sheez…I just want to know how to get great testimonials like these…or did you write them all yourselves?

    Scott Whaley

    May 7, 2011

  • Here is a link to the Visual Summary of the I Love Marketing Podcasts

    I update it as I listen. I hope that these notes will be useful to you as they are to me.

    Ivan Staroversky

    May 12, 2011

  • Hi Marketing Mentors,

    I love the show and have been listening since the very first episodes.
    You truly provide info that other info-marketers charge thousands for.

    One quick question-
    How do you get your transcriptions done? and what is the going rate per hr of audio?

    Thanks for everything! Keep up the good work. I am a college student and have big plans to implement your strategies in the future… and when I do you will be the first testimonial I write!



    May 23, 2011

  • Best marketing Podcast I’ve heard in a while, thank you for doing it! Looking forward to new episodes every week.


    May 28, 2011

  • Hi Guys,

    We run a highly successful portal for the real estate industry that provides a directory of all of the products and services available for realtors today combined with a daily newsletter with tips and tricks on how to be more successful. The site is available to over 600,000 agents or about 65% of the entire real estate industry currently.

    I am interested to see if we could set you up as contributors and then repurpose your relevant podcasts on the site.

    I’m happy to provide you an overview of the site if you like.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.


    Marilyn Wilson
    RETechnology, Inc.
    WAV Group, Inc.

    805 473-9119 main

    Marilyn Wilson

    June 27, 2011

  • According to John Nihoff, a professor of gastronomy at the Culinary Institute of America, says about 19 percent of our meals are consumed in cars – though his definition of “meals” includes in-between snacks like doughnuts or a bag of carrots.

    Read more:

    Brad Westfield, D.C.

    June 28, 2011

  • SWEET! Looking forward to listening to marketing juiciness. Blessings from Japan! -Rachel xoxoxo

    Rachel Luna

    July 5, 2011

  • Ok…so….you guys rock. I’ve just overdosed on your podcast’s and I’m about to try and figure out what my clients’ “cheese” is! Looking forward to the next episode of Dean and Joe’s nuggets!


    July 8, 2011

  • This is a great collection of marketing information form 2 great marketers…!

    Keep it up guys. I have just bookmarked it.

    Malik Merchant

    July 25, 2011

  • Great podcast. I am so glad I found you guys. The content is simply awesome and I spend all my travel time listening. Almost caught up. I followed Joe on Twitter and just loved they way he continued to stay in touch with me and move me further along the sales process. (Practicing what he preaches). The 1 800 number is very cool.

    I hope to have some success stories for you fellas after implementing the ideas. Thanks again.

    Albert Hathazi

    August 8, 2011

  • Joe, loved your ‘discussion’ with Mike Keonig today. I love the rapport between you as well as the great information exchange.
    Can you please send me the link to Dean’s 15 miinute focus finder – I tried to find it, but may have the wrong title
    thank yo


    August 12, 2011

  • Kay-

    Dean’s 50 Minute Focus Finder…

    …very good video.


    September 4, 2011

  • Hey there! I am in a wedding the weekend of your live event and will not be able to attend. Will there be a recording that I can watch/ purchase?


    September 13, 2011

  • Hey Michelle
    Hope the wedding went well. The event was fantastic & details of the recordings should be available shortly. I expect links will be added to the main page.

    Stuart Bell

    September 28, 2011

  • I am loving the I Love Marketing mentality. Thank you for your efforts.

    David Sams

    October 8, 2011

  • I am so grateful for everything that you share! Opens my mind to new marketing possibilities

    Nanci Garnand

    October 9, 2011

  • You guys are awesome! We just launched an I Love Marketing meetup group in CA:
    Exciting stuff!


    October 10, 2011

  • Hi Dean,

    Where is the video about the % of leads that convert within 90 days and other leads that convert within 90 days – 18 months?
    I watched it before and it blew me away…Love to see it again.

    Hope to be at your event next year.

    Best wishes,


    Tom Halliburton

    November 30, 2011

  • Hi Guys,

    Just to say a BIG thanks for all your inspiration, knowledge and sharing. It’s a real eye-opener listening to you guys shoot the breeze about marketing, fun and informative and with a basketfull of nuggets in every episode. Really enjoy it. You guys’re like the Butch and Sundance Kid of marketing. Except you don’t rob banks. Or wear cowboy hats. Or blow up trains. Come to think of it, you’re nothing like Butch and Sundance – but I love you guys anyway.

    Keep it up!!

    Stephen (listening from Ireland)

    Stephen Ward

    December 2, 2011

  • Hi guy’s, I’m rapidly going through all your podcasts since I found them last week (half way though). I love them.

    With such a drive to generate new leads, how to you manage the growth part of the business that follows? You have built up a lot on small businesses and there is that point when the business owner can’t do everything themselves. Do they employ another person and reduce their own income in the mean time? Do they employ a junior or a professional? I would love to hear what your clients have done to get over that period of growth.

    And again, thank you for your time doing the podcast.


    February 8, 2012

  • I checked the family tree to see if we are related. We are not, but it appear that we are both members of The Flying Polish’s.

    The next member of the team needs some help. He has a fear of flying but he has taken his first flight. Maybe w can help him

    Marc Polish

    Marc Polish

    February 26, 2012

  • Can i get the script of a free recorded message?

    Eric Quander

    March 6, 2012

  • Hey All!

    I just finished my Free Recorded Message…would love to hear what you guys think….800-285-8993….

    Thanks for any feedback,

    Eric Quander

    March 23, 2012

  • Hey Colby!

    Doesn’t seem to be too much action here….is there another place where ILoveMarketing fans congregate?

    What business are you in?


    Eric Quander

    March 23, 2012

  • Congrats on your Kick-Starter campaign!
    I just finished a Free Recorded Message for my company…give it a call and tell me what you think…800-258-8993.

    I’d appreciate any feedback.


    Eric Quander

    March 23, 2012

  • This is the new “The Gary Halbert Letter” site, absolutely awesome
    Joe & Dean, love this podcast!

    i listen to 1-2 audio’s EVERYDAY!

    will share results soon :)


    Shaqir Hussyin :)

    March 24, 2012

  • Hey Dean and Joe!

    Have listened to all of your podcast twice and most three times….I created a free guide, 800 number and video sales letter. My employer was so impressed and convinced that it would increase the company’s sales, that he has offered to buy the package from me!

    You guys are offering valuable advice, and I will definitely be attending the L.A. Meet-Up group, and am even considering starting a Palm Springs group.


    Eric Quander

    March 28, 2012

  • Wow, Im so blessed to have found this I love Marketing podcasts as I start learning about marketing. Thanks Joe and Dean for sharing these valuable information. Im learning a lot!


    March 29, 2012

  • Hey Dean & Joe,

    I am addicted to your podcasts. I have them all on my iPod and listen to at least two episodes per day, during my morning workout.

    As a way of background, I come from a successful career as a stock broker. I built well over a one hundred million dollar book of business from nothing. In a matter of 5 years, I began earning a personal income of between 300K to 600K per year (That’s after H.O. takes their 55%) wrestling mom & pop around their kitchen table for their baby bonus checks, not really, but sort of. As I am sure you could imagine, that was a lot of meetings well into the evening hours, day after day. I was considered to be a very successful stockbroker by anyone’s measure. I now realize I was doing it all wrong! Send a letter, do a follow up call, make some cold calls, ask for referrals, YIKES! Where were you 20 years ago when I started my sales career?

    A question I would REALLY like answered is this. I understand and appreciate the “education based marketing” concept that you preach, and I think it is great strategy. However, what I want to know, is how do you transition from the apparently “anonymus, non-threatening” provider of educational information, to the person who is going to contact the prospect in order to close a deal?

    Or do you rely on such good marketing and exposure that you wait for the call?

    I hope you can answer this questions. I am sure it must be in one of your podcasts, but I have yet to find it.

    Keep up the great work!


    p.s. I sold my investment book of business, so don’t ask for any stock tips as I am out of the loop…

    Bob L.

    April 2, 2012

  • Love your About page.

    It reminds me of the album “He’s the DJ, I’m the Rapper” from DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince (now Will Smith.)


    April 23, 2012

  • Hey guys,
    Am a big fan of this resource.
    If you ever want to do a piece on cartoon sales letters, like the ones we implemented first into direct response, seen here, please let me know.
    Vince Palko


    May 24, 2012

  • Hi Guys:

    I love your podcast!!! I discovered it by chance while searching on iTunes and since then I have listened to the first 50 episodes. In some cases twice…

    I have a question. Do you know of any marketer that has implemented your strategies in a Latino setting; specifically, in Spanish?

    I was born in New York City. I lived there until I was 10. Then my parents moved back to Puerto Rico. During the rest of my youth I hung out with the “newyorican” crowd. This helped me conserve my English while also developing my Spanish. So I guess I could call myself a “bilingual” marketer.

    During the last 10 years I’ve studied every aspect of marketing, both online and off. I’ve read Ogilvy, Caples, Schwab, Bly, Bird, Kennedy, Sugarman, Collier, Meerman-Scott and pretty much everything else I’ve been able to get my hands on. I also hold a Master’s Degree in Communications. Most recently I discovered you guys and I already ordered Piranha Marketing as well.

    Now, if there’s one critical difference between Latinos and North Americans it’s that the former are predominantly right-brain dominant and the later are predominantly left-brain. This isn’t something that I came up with on my own but a well-known fact among behaviorists.

    So what’s the problem? The problem is that I’ve tried almost every trick in the book and nothing seems to work with the Spanish-speaking public. Just so you see what I mean, here’s the URL to one of my squeeze pages (obviously in Spanish) Here’s one of my sales pages: As you can see they’re pretty good! Well, they don’t pull a damn.

    So I was wondering… Since Joe knows everybody, I wonder if by any chance he knows someone that he could bring on the show who has actually been successful selling to the Latino market?

    I know this is a hard one, but here are a few interesting facts. The number of people that speak Spanish worldwide is almost equal to the number that speaks English. Latinos are also the fastest growing minority in the United States. So it stands to reason that anyone wanting to expand his/her horizons would want to take a closer look at the Latino market.

    What do you think?

    Thanks for a great podcast!!!!!!!

    Orlando Mergal

    June 15, 2012

  • By the way, I used this comment module because I couldn’t find where to send a regular e-mail address. Is there one?

    Orlando Mergal

    June 15, 2012

  • I had a sales representative call into our window coverings showroom yesterday (He was trying to sell us some fabrics). The conversation went like this…

    Sales Rep: “So, how’s business?”
    Ali B: “Absolutely fantastic, thanks for asking.”
    SR: “No it can’t be, we are in a recession. Why?”
    AB: “Yes, we have just had our most profitable month in five years!”
    SR: “No, why?”
    AB: “It’s down to Dean and Joe, they made it happen!”
    SR: “Dean and Joe? Do they need any fabrics?”

    Thanks Dean and Joe. You and I Love Marketing are inspirational!
    Ali B

    P.S. Do you need any fabrics?

    Ali B

    July 19, 2012

  • You guys rock! Thanks for everything. Plugged you guys and the site yesterday on the radio here in Korea…South Korea :-)

    All the best!


    Carl Kwan

    August 17, 2012

  • What can I say, you have changed the very way I think of business and marketing, life changing, listen in the car between “Education Calls” talking about cheese. So thanks over here in Perth West Australia, hey Carl, my son is from south Korea, cant believe how sharp most people in the city dress over there.

    simon eder

    August 31, 2012

  • Informative post, thats something I must say. I love taking up the challenges of marketing and so this post provides me with lots of learnings. I love your podcats.


    October 25, 2012

  • I’m on episode 25. I’m going to listen to all of them. Great stuff. FYI, I was going to hire a carpet cleaner and the ethical services site was down. I’m really excited about what else I dont know that I dont know that I’m about to learn. Thanks guys!!!

    Chandler Crouch

    December 20, 2012

  • How do I purchase your newstand publication software?


    January 13, 2013

  • I have tried to run a “Non-Standard” Free report Ad in the YP. 
    The resistance has been absolutely shocking!I can not believe it!Why?Why don’t they want to run my ad?Ali B

    Victor Blinds

    January 21, 2013

  • Guys, I love the podcast!

    Thanks :)

    Benjamin Edwards

    January 25, 2013

  • Hey guys,

    I just wanted to say that you have both inspired me to really get into marketing, before listening to this I didn’t really have a clue or have any passion and dare to say it but, actually scared of offering my web design services to the public / businesses for fear of rejection.

    Just from listening to this, I feel 1000% more confident in what I am doing and feel ready to take on the competition.  It is just me in my business and have no one to fall back on so I need to get my ass in gear!

    Keep making the podcast – I really do love them,




    Benjamin Edwards

    January 28, 2013

  •    Can you fine gentleman interview Daniel Pink, author of ” To sell is Human”


     Mike Galt

    Mike Galt

    February 9, 2013

  • Love the podcasts…and will start an I Love Marketing group in South Orange County.

    Lawrene Bottorf

    February 10, 2013

  • Check this out…

    I sent my first nine word email, to a prospect.  I got a response!
    I sent a them another email.  I got the gig! 

    So it worked once, it can work again, right?

    I sent my second nine word email, to another prospect.   I got a response!!
    I sent them the second email.   I got the gig!

    I think I might send a few more…

    Thank guys, thank you very, very much,

    Ali B

    P.S. Dean and Joe, do you know that this stuff actually, works!?  Thanks again, Ali B.

    2U Decor

    February 21, 2013

  • You’re saving my life–and I mean that literally. Bad diet choices, lack of exercise and genetics led to me having a heart attack and triple bypass surgery the last week in March. I spent 8-10 hours a day in a chair working freelance client marketing/seo, etc. and now my cardiologist insists that I get out and start walking on a regular basis.
    There’s nothing I find more boring than going for a walk–until I discovered your podcasts. I’ve started at the beginning of your podcasts and now, 25-days post surgery, I’m walking more than 2 1/2 miles per day and learning every step of the way.
    Thank you so much for not only sharing your marketing wisdom but motivating me to move as well!


    April 23, 2013

  • Guys, I’d like to respectfully ask you to stop wasting my time on your podcast. Without doubt you are two of the sharpest minds in marketing, but I listened to Episode 115 for SEVEN MINUTES before you even mentioned what you were going to talk about. I’m a new audience member and have been floored by your marketing wisdom in the past. As much as I love that you rub elbows with cool people like Richard Branson, I only care if it has some tangible benefit for me. Not bothering to title podcast episodes is another declaration of lack of respect for the audience. Please be more professional, otherwise you’re wasting my time when there are loads of great podcasts to listen to. I want to keep supporting you. Thanks.

    Chikodi Chima

    May 18, 2013

  • I have a challenge for you two. How would you use DRM to market and sell music? In particular one artist and their music.


    June 12, 2013

  • Yes, I echo the same sentiment! Been listening right before I changed my major to marketing in college and will continue to listen post-college and into the work place! Thanks for your continued insight and passion for marketing. You guys will make me a marketing nerd for life. :)

    Rhea Galsim

    July 2, 2013

  • Thanks for this comment! Happy studies!! :)

    Benjamin Edwards

    July 2, 2013

  • This is awesome :)

    Benjamin Edwards

    July 2, 2013

  • What do you mean? They won’t let you run the report?

    Benjamin Edwards

    July 3, 2013

  • The I Love Marketing Podcast… Easily responsible for thousands in sales last year for me :) And would have been WAY more if I took greater action!

    Joseph Rodrigues

    July 15, 2013

  • Hi Dean and Joe! Thank you SO VERY MUCH for the podcasts! I listen to them every day as I walk the dog (for an hour!). The dog is happy and I’m in great shape!

    Listen, I wanted to share a story with you: I was in attendance at the Platinum 2.0 meeting one year ago July. I attended on a scholarship. While I couldn’t afford to sign up for Platinum, I did meet some wonderful folks and we have done a weekly 90 minute marketing call since last year. Little did we know at the time that one of our beloved “marketing groupies” – who was also at the 2012 Platinum meeting and organized our mastermind group – was ill with cancer. A few months ago as a group we began a new “business” – raising funds to get Diana to the San Diego Clinic for alternative cancer treatment – and are using ILM tools to do just that. We are doing weekly podcasts about Facing Cancer With Courage and helping change lives – in addition to supporting Diana’s path to health. While we haven’t yet done a Consumer Guide, we are definitely working on the 8 Profit Activators. We have raised several thousand dollars toward Diana’s treatment needs and are pursuing new ways to help others with our contrarian approach to facing cancer!

    Dean and Joe – if you have any suggestions, tips, or thoughts to send our way, please do. Joe, you mentioned offering marketing support to the lost fire fighters in a recent episode…maybe you would tackle “Fundraising Marketing” as a podcast topic. Whether it’s for our kids or our community, we all seem to have to help with fundraising. How can we do it better with ILM’s help?

    For our merry band of marketers, we aren’t having success with media or “buzz” creation, so we feel like our little effort is just that: too little. Just like any start up, we want more traction! We think the podcasts can be used for list building, but we’re having trouble translating “Likes” into donations.

    You can find us in 2 places: and search for Diana Lees, and our Fan Page is – Thanks Guys – Love all that you do and we are proof that the right sales letter can change everything!

    Jill Powers

    August 13, 2013

  • I LOVE… I Love Marketing… One thing… I live in NYC and when you’re listening via the latest iPhone, walking around the streets of NYC, it’s too low to hear you because the background noise washes you guys out. Any way we could double the output volume? I always have to pause it and wait until I get to a quiet room… I want MORE I LOVE MARKETING! Thanks for the podcast guys… Amazing stuff…

    Mack Burnett III

    August 16, 2013

  • Thank you for the feedback Mack! I’ll ask Joe and Dean about volume levels. Thank you again for the feedback and for being part of the I Love Marketing community! :)


    August 19, 2013

  • We got there in the end, we had to meet all kind of guide-lines, but we did it, and guess what, it works!!!

    Ali B

    September 8, 2013

  • Good to hear that! How well did it work? Would you care to share stats please? Thanks :)

    Benjamin Edwards

    September 8, 2013

  • Hey Shaqir! Love to know that you are here too! :)

    Renaud & Sarah

    October 29, 2013

  • I find it offensive that there is no follow on Facebook button easily available (if any), and that your new podcasts aren’t automatically posted to Facebook. I don’t know if this is WordPress but if it is, the lack of implementing the Jetpack functionality for that is bothersome. In this busy world, & with a world wide web full of info, what is to remind me to come back and check for updates? Am I expected to predict on my calander when you will have new updates?

    Sean Banks

    November 30, 2013

  • Please include your podcast in the Stitcher radio as it’s a more enjoyable experience than the native iPad podcasts app. All the major podcasts are on Stitcher.

    Graham Bell

    December 3, 2013

  • Hello all you beautiful people in here,my name is Zvonko-zak Kazlevski from London UK.
    I love I LOVE MARKETING and I would like to ask anybody this question if possible..
    I am MLM Marketer and as I read the Mastery e-mail I just want to know what to put on the subject line and where to put the 9 words e-mail sentence…
    I have list of over 600 e-mails as i generated them within last 90 days so i want to send them the 9 magic e-mail form my auto-responder as a broadcast in one go so I will hope some of them will reply with interest to earn extra money.

    I would appreciated if anyone of you nice people here would be able to help me in this meter.. Thanks to everybody..
    I will be waiting for your answer
    The best regards,
    Zvonko-Zak kazlevski

    Zvonko-Zak Kazlevski

    December 8, 2013

  • Hi guys, first I would like to say thank you for this incredible Podcast. I’ve been listening now for about 3 weeks and I’m about 20 podcasts in starting from the beginning. I’ve always loved marketing, and I had a knack for it, but now I’m taking my learning seriously. I have a somewhat successful company, however I’m confident that as I implement the principles you are teaching this will enable me to get to the next level. Are you planning another I Love Marketing event or seminar?

    Domenic Trapasso

    January 7, 2014

  • Hey guys – got your name from Marilyn Waller and Stephanie Song at SC, of which I am a ten year member. I understand that you help put together books and am interested in having you help me with mine. Craig Hersch. Please contact me. I would have emailed you directly but failed to find your email, contact or phone #s anywhere on your web site!

    Craig R. Hersch

    January 22, 2014

  • Dean & Joe,

    Have you thought about interviewing Drayton Bird, Rory Sutherland or Denny Hatch?
    I think any of the three could offer a wealth of information on marketing.


    February 17, 2014

  • Where are the links on the website to listen to the podcasts? Awesomeness is what you guys produce.


    March 21, 2014

  • love you guys. jim from I love marketing meetup in Cincinnati.


    April 7, 2014

  • Hi Dean and Joe,

    I’ve got a new book coming out that I think would make a great discussion topic for I Love Marketing. The book is called Shout In The Right Direction: How to Target Your Audience and Amplify Your Voice on the Web, and it comes out May 13th.

    I think that we could have a really meaningful discussion about marketing strategy that your listeners would LOVE.

    What do you think? Is there a time next week that we could chat about it?
    My email’s


    Nick Rosener

    April 17, 2014

  • THANKS you guys ! just wanted to say THANKS for sharing the knowledge you two, ( well, as Joe would say, “it’s mostly Joe’s knowledge ) ;) have accumulated , please know it IS appreciated ! QUESTION,

    Chris Rogers

    April 24, 2014

  • QUESTION; how do I get to listen to the “LIVE” podcasts , instead of the replays ? cheers, CR

    Chris Rogers

    April 24, 2014

  • I have been bouncing around listening to different podcasts as they piqued my interest. Now it is time to start from upper left hand corner letter A, in other words start with Episode #1. That is where the difficulty is. All the podcasts are on the website but I cannot find any thing earlier the #74 or #75 on Feedly, HipCast, Beyond Pod or even iTunes. I download directly to my Samsung S3 and have no problem with that part of it, it is just that I cannot find any service that has earlier episodes and don’t want to download manually one at a time from the website. Any ideas guys?


    May 9, 2014

  • Hello Joe and Dean,
    I love your podcasts. I wanted to seek your help. What can I do to attach a bigger part of a small group?? I provide relief to parents of special needs children and adults. I have a contract that includes 1,200 active clients and about 68 providers. I want to increase the number of clients that my company services to about 30+% of the total available. I have seen that referrals don’t happen much because the group size is very targeted and it covers about 12 larger cities. What would be a great tip to stand out from the crowd?? Thank you!!!!!
    Sheryl Jones

    Sheryl Jones

    May 28, 2014

  • Hi All,

    I am new to marketing and am enjoying it greatly. I love marketing has been an awesome source of information but I was wondering the the I love marketing community could recommend 1 book or 2-3 books to help a beginner dive even deeper into this great career.


    Michael Bray

    July 16, 2014

  • Hey I Love Marketing People!

    Is there any official email address??

    I checked here, on this official website, but didn’t see any email to contact.

    Can you please get me one so I can write to them. Actually I wanna arrange an Online Interview Podcast for my employer, who is a Marketer in San Diego California.



    July 23, 2014

  • Awesome!


    September 15, 2014

  • What is the podcast that includes an explaination of the “9 Word Letter?”

    Barry Smith

    November 6, 2014

  • Hey guys, just wondering if the episode transcripts are a thing of the past or is my senility really gaining on me. Love your stuff, started over at 001 and proceeding for the second time in order.


    November 14, 2014

  • yes, we’re going to be adding transcripts again…thanks for the feedback. You’ll see them online soon as well as many other new surprises :)


    Jeremy Jones

    November 25, 2014

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