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Tuesday Space Mission UPDATE!

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  • May 29, 2012

Tuesday, May 29th, 2012

From: Toronto, Canada

Just got word from Launch Control that our book has successfully made it’s journey into space and returned safely!

Here’s a couple of photos from Launch Control.

First…here’s a picture of our Action Figures being secured and prepared for flight:









And, here’s the path from the launch site where we took off for space…to the landing zone almost 100 miles away:











Launch control tells me we landed just 50 feet from the highway! Yikes!

We should have video and pictures by tomorrow night…so stay tuned :)

We’re going to print with the Space Edition I Love Marketing Yearbook on Tuesday…so reserve your copy today!


  • Lawrence Blumberg

    Solid! Can’t wait for this one. Thanks for making my travels in Los Angeles bearable for the last year or so. You saved many people from my road fury… 😉


    I sure would like to get emails from you guys. But, even though I don’t I still love marketing. It’s great!

    It’s a complete blast to come up with dozens of marketing ideas everyday. The web makes it easy and cheap to test them.