The 50 Min Focus Finder

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  • January 15, 2010
  • Awesome focusing tips Dean, thanks for sharing this video! Great golf analogy. I plan to eliminate my reactive activators asap!



  • This was such a great workshop! I always pride myself on being a multi-tasker and you showed me that skill is the one thing that is probably keeping me from being more successful. Wow! Oh, and goodbye Facebook time drain – it’s been nice having such a time consuming relationship – but it’s time for me to get to the real people in my life.

  • Awesome video! I really enjoyed it. It was well said, clear and eye opening.
    Thanks for being so generous in your training


  • I am going to do this Dean, I have been looking for time-management keys that will work for me for years. I love the concept, I am guilty of all of the reactive places and can’t wait to start on my first 50-minutes! Thank you for being so clear and for pacing it to make sure I got the concept from start to finish.

  • Ariel Sycamoure

    Great Stuff Dean. I use 50 minute chunks so effectively nowadays. My question is: Was it you or Eben who came up with this? Really doesn’t matter, but I am curious!

  • This is a very good presentation. I will view it a couple more times at least. Thank you very much for sending it to me.


  • @Ariel was gonna ask the same thing. Regardless it works. Especially the multi-tasking BS! Finish one project then move to the next. I have this problem but when you have many clients sometimes you get sucked into this dilemma

  • Man this is absolutely on the dot for me. Email, checking stats….
    But this video gives you the exact blueprint to operate like Dean Jackson himself!
    This video seems common sense but its not so common sense because everybody would be doing it.
    golden nugget.


  • Thanks Dean! This is absolutely the best time management video I’ve ever seen. I see the mistakes I’m making very clearly now. I’m also going to adapt this to use with my students. I’m a middle school special ed teacher and I teach a class on Organizational Skills to kids with ADHD etc. Your concepts are perfect and will be very helpful to the kids I’m sure! Thanks again for being so generous and sharing such valuable info. Dorothea Carney

  • Adam

    Thanks Dean, great video.

    Can you list the 7 Peak Productivity Practices.

    6. Stop Multi-Tasking

  • Daniel

    I definitely needed to watch that. Thanks Dean, heaps of valuable insight in this one.

  • Dean,
    This is a game changer for me. I have reorganized my days around your 50 minute ideas.

    I am a very lucky ADD guy that loves to start things. This is the boost I have been looking for.


  • Great stuff. When I am focused I do a 25:5 schedule (which I call an egg altho’ I use my Palm to control my time). I just don’t do it enough. Right now I am going to do a one egg project…Craigslist and then a two egg project…the 100 Things to do mind dump. thanks for the inspiration, Dean.

  • Ike

    Truly amazing! You guys have pushed me in making some of the most important decisions in my business life. Thank you and keep up the good work!!!

  • Fantastic video, Dean. A great investment of 50 minutes to learn how to make the most of 50-minute chunks of time going forward. You gave specific actions I (or anyone else) can easily take to make each day more productive. I am staring today, with the first 50-minute block being the making of “the list.” Thank you for laying it all out so clearly and succinctly.

  • Thanks for this video. You might have given The idea to make it work. I knew and used that 50 min. focus, but needed a way to give my projects some kind of way to classify them. The billboard with 1index card and envelope per project – each card being a focus session – that might be exactly what I needed… all set up Today!

  • Jeremy

    Dean, I watched your video and immediately saw results. My focus has gone through the roof. After only two days, I’ve punched out projects without distraction or slipping back into my old, bad habits. I have shared this video with everyone I work with. Thank you so much for sharing!!!

  • such an awesome video i absolutely love it mate!

    going to sit down and do this first thing in the morning!!

  • Hey Dean, super great video buddy!

    Take Care,

  • I ended up with 122 tasks in my 50 minute focus session lol Never realized it was so many until I wrote them down.

    Thanks much for the EXCELLENT video. I’m sure this will change my life literally. I do not know why I never did this when I became self employed. I always did them in my career as an engineer and was insanely productive. But for whatever reason when it comes to my own business I’m terrible at it.

    Perhaps its cause I have more distractions at home… Oh well thanks again for an insanely great lesson. It took me a while to find it paging through the site.

  • JeMarc Boliver

    Dean and Joe,

    Thank you for adding VALUE to your audience. Your insights, tips, techniques, strategies, and organized thought processes are SO HELPFUL to me. I’m just a hobby artist, who has been clueless about how to start/run a profitable business. Your guidance through “I Love Marketing” is changing the ENTIRE way I am pursuing my art future. Keep making a difference in the world – I REALLY appreciate you guys and the efforts you have made to share your knowledge/experiences with the rest of us.

    You rock,

    JeMarc Boliver


  • Chris Peacock

    Hi Dean, Thanks for this helpful message. Now need to figure out how to clear my home office of distractions! Will start implementing tomorrow, Chris

  • WOW. Dave Fairbairn recommend this and I am blown away. Thanks Dean!

  • Jim Hacking

    My friend Patrick Conley recommended that I listen to the podcast. I listened to the two most recent episodes. They were so good that I decided to go back and start at Podcast # 1. Tremendous stuff. Thank you.