Special Edition:
a perfect life podcast with Dean Jackson and Richard Rossi

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  • February 4, 2013
  • MyCastleParty

    excellent guys!Enjoy what you do so much that it equates to being happy.
    Reminds me of Martin Luther King’s “Street Sweeper”
    With echos of KingĀ Solomon’sĀ repetitiveĀ “Have a wife you love and enjoy the labor of your hands”

    Great start! Ā 

  • Neil Kristianson

    Love it! Where can I subscribe? I can’t find this listed. Will it always be on the ILM feed?

  • It’s all gone a bit soppy … where did the marketing go? šŸ˜‰

  • stevemaughan

    Great pilot episode. Ā I’m looking forward to more tips, tricks and challenges in futureĀ episodes!

  • William Larsten

    Awesome talk guys! Inspired me to ask myself the question “Where’s the most friction in my life?” I realized it was down to commuting back and forth from school and work by public transport. The solution? Being European it was obvious: Get a friggin moped of course! So I did and now I save about 5 hours of commuting time and stress every week! Money well spent!

    Where can I subscribe?! I want MORE!

  • +1 to what Neil says where can I find more?

  • What a sharp podcast guys! Well done.Ā 
    Dean, I loved your concept of “Entrepreneurial days, off days and buffer days.”
    Especially when you talked about using buffer days to eliminate friction items.

    I set up a list a couple of months ago in Evernote titled: “Suck Factor to Eliminate”
    It lists all the things in my world that have “Suck Factor” (friction). Stuff like,
    a car that leaks oil, missing light fixture in basement, ugly door in my office, etc.
    Most of the stuff on there takes less than 15 minutes to eliminate.

    I used the time listening to you and Richard to paint the ugly door, and eliminateĀ 
    that “Suck Point” from my daily routine. And now, I am that much happier.
    I feel like I got a double dip, getting rid of 1 friction and listening to your helpful
    podcast at the same time.Ā 

    Many thanks! Ā  Sid Graef

  • Super excited for this new podcast!!

  • Mike Rhodes

    But you’re marketers…
    Surely it’s can’t be a month since episode 1 & still no episode 2, nothing listed in iTunes, no replies to comments…
    Say it ain’t so.
    We love this & we want (nay demand!) more.
    Please sir, can we have some more?

  • Julian Reid


    I was soo excited after listening to this first cast. I love listening and learning from you dean please keep it up!

  • Any word on where/when we can hear more of this podcast? Thanks!

  • Ash

    Very well done Dean. I am a Ninga in this area and will delight in joining the discussion at your invitation.


  • Oh please make more episodes šŸ™‚