Neil Strauss Interview on Writing Productivity Tools and Tips – #133

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  • November 18, 2013

In episode 133, Joe and Dean interview Neil Strauss and they discuss:

  • Neil reveals what the most famous and influential people in the world understand about criticism (and how to use it to your advantage)
  • The #1 biggest mistake most people make when writing…and…what you should do instead that will make your writing excellent and exciting and will keep your readers compelled to hang on your every word
  • Neil shares some of his counter-intuitive keys to great writing…and…The most important steps to marketing your writing
  • Neil gives you a peek into his writing process and the key ingredients you can use that have helped his books sell millions of copies
  • One tool you can use right now to productively get things no matter how busy you are (and the key to making sure people respect your time)
  • Dean and Neil discuss the ‘One-Click’ time management solution that will save you hours of time every month
  • Neil wraps up with “The Ultimate Goal Of Life”


  • Daniel Welsch

    Neil is a smart guy (I’ve been on his list for years) and thanks to this episode I went and bought a couple of his books on Amazon… Let’s see how addictive I can make my writing–even though the topic is superficially boring…Thanks guys!

  • Azamat

    Dean, can you please do some sort of “lifestyle seminar”? Only about lifestyle. Or maybe you have some 1 on 1 coaching on this topic :-)

  • Rich Fercy

    Great interview with Neil Strauss. At the end were some pure golden nuggets on time management. How about having him do an entire program on the subject? It is where many of us need the most guidance. Great stuff as always Joe & Dean – thank you.

  • Jeff

    Joe & Dean – Love what you do. Huge fan of the podcast! 2 suggestions:
    1. Can you get the audio higher on the mobile podcast? Routines are something us wantrepreneurs practice and I love to listen to informative podcasts like yours on my iPhone while cooking breakfast, but yours always sounds so low compared to other podcasts. With the slightest sizzle of bacon I can’t make out a word. Please don’t have me move my iPhone closer to the flying grease. A quick fix would be stop listening to podcasts during rigorous breakfast making but…ya know. I want to hear you. So that’s a good thing.
    2. Joe, quit pickin on Dean so much :)

    Guys keep on kicking ass! Thanks for the valuable insight!

  • Aaron

    Action Step: I’m going to make 5 outfits out of the ridiculous 60 shirts, pants, sweaters, belts, etc–and make a system where it’s always like that and never out of control like it is now.

  • Steve

    I enjoyed the interview Joe, Dean & Neil. I appreciate the insights about placing your direct focus on those within your inner circle, who you want to spend time with and are assets to you in creating who and what you want to be personally and in business. If you don’t create a framework as Neil said by pro-actively managing the relationships of your life, they may come to manage you. I’ve found it extremely important of late, particularly as greater responsibilities arise (my wife and I are expecting our second child in August!), to protect my time as the invaluable asset that it is; to protect my energy as a gift to share with those who bring me joy and who I do the same for.