Joe Polish and Dean Jackson On The Self Milking Cow [Part 3]

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  • December 19, 2013

In episode 137, Joe and Dean discuss:

  • The most powerful turbo booster that shifts your most productive and focused ‘cow activities’ into high gear
  • How to find the ideal Project Manager, have the perfect ‘cow compliant’ project management system, and have your projects completed all the way to completion without taking off your cow hoof mittens
  • How to avoid getting ‘tipped’ by staying in your Pasture and the most important person you need to transition between the ‘Pasture’, the ‘Milking Shed’, and the ‘Processing Plant’
  • Your biggest area of opportunity that is critical for eliminating your farming complexities, messes, and overwhelms
  • Dean shares his easy 90-Minute Book capability and process (and the important roles both Project Managers and Process Managers play in your business)


  • KirstenNelson

    Hey Guys, love the show. I’d REALLY love to see you guys over on Stitcher. You’ll be able to reach a lot more listeners :) It’s free and easy to sign up. Here’s a link. http://www.stitcher.com/content-providers (please, please, please sign up!!!!)

  • Justin Glover

    Hey guys, I really appreciate the work you guys are doing here… The cow analogy is really resonating with me, and has inspired me to make some much needed changes in my business. The distinction between a project manager and a process manager was huge for me. I’ve been hiring process managers, when what I need is a project manager.

    I would love to hear a bit more about your thoughts on hiring for this role, pay structure, etc. (is this an hourly / salary position or should there be some sort of performance based pay involved? Or should is be 100% performance based? Or pay per project?) — I feel like I need a project manager to help me hire my project manager!

    I’ve posted a pretty detailed job description of what I’m looking for and started to get in some good looking applications. I’ll start talking to them today, and plan on having them take the Kolbe. I’m sure some of the details will work themselves out… but I would still be very interested in hearing your thoughts on hiring, compensation, etc.

    Thanks again guys… Much appreciated!