Episode 98: The one about GREAT (and bad) During Unit experiences

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  • January 6, 2013
  • Fascinating world we live in. We had horrible experiences with Delta over the holidays sending my daughter up to visit my in-laws. Grandpa got the tickets and he is a “million miler” on Delta and has been flying them for many, many years. But all the petty details and extra charges they pinned on were shocking and solidified for me that I will never intentionally do business with that airline.

    About your brain scan experiences… The company might be programmed not for people who want to have tests done but people who have to have tests done. You have a choice but maybe their normal client doesn’t. So their upselling and customer service may be more geared toward this type of person. Doesn’t make it right but maybe explains how they internally justify the way they do business.

    Great episode.

  • yazamo

    Great episode by joe and dean

  • Lee Wright

    It’s one thing for a company to offer great service with high price but when you find a company that offers consistently great service at very competitive rates, then you’ve struck gold.   We often stay at a caravan park at Forster, NSW, Australia called Lani’s and it’s always the perfect experience & price for us.   They’ve clearly got a system in place because no matter who serves you it’s always the same – great.

  • Lee Wright

    Oh also I’m glad you mentioned there was problems with the comment posting.  I posted quite a bit of stuff that didn’t end up appearing.   I wasn’t sure if the moderator had disallowed it (though I can’t think why) but I guess it was just a software problem.