Episode 96: The one about education based marketing

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  • December 10, 2012
  • Great episode guys!  As a former public school educator, I lost my passion for educating within a ‘broken system”.  I think the thinking Joe is facilitating at ASU and the echos or a results-based guaranteed education is a highly valuable philosophy.  I’m looking forward to the follow-up on this!

    Dean, I put into action your powerful, yet simple, one sentence e-mail question to a specific, segmented, yet inactive, list last week (i.e. Are you still interested…*specific benefit outcome*)…AND I can enthusiastically report that I received a 63% response rate 2 of which turned into booked clients.

    If these and other strategies talked about on ILM can work for a youth fishing guide, they can also work in your business if you can synthesize and make them unique to your business and put them into action at the right time!  Thank you!

  • Hope I’m not repeating my comment after it disappeared, BUT…(if it is in there twice moderate as you see fit)…
    Thanks for he episode guys.  As a former public school educator, I became disenchanted by teaching within a ‘broken system’ of education.  I think Joe’s philosophy and ASU’s interest in a results-based, guaranteed educational offering is remarkable!  Look forward to the follow-up on that!

    Also, Dean, I put your simple and targeted one sentence e-mail into action last week in the form of a question to a segmented, and inactive list last week (i.e. Are you still interested in *benefit outcome*?) AND I can enthusiastically report that I received a 63% response rate (2 of which booked my services).

    If the tactics and strategies discussed on ILM can be implemented successfully by a youth fishing guide, they can certainly be applied to your business as well if synthesized in a manner unique to your business, and put into action at the right time.  Thank you!

  • Thanks for the mention of StagingDiva.com in your podcast!

  • A very informative and valuable episode!

    In this podcast … Joe: “Obama won because of [effective] marketing”.

    That is partly correct and …

    Romney lost partly because of ineffective marketing … lack of a clear, compelling, CONSISTENT marketing message.

  • A very informative and valuable episode!
    In this podcast … Joe: “Obama won because of [effective] marketing”.

    That is partly correct and …

    Romney lost partly because of ineffective marketing … lack of a clear, compelling, CONSISTENT marketing message.

  • Hey Joe & Dean,
    Great information as usual and very timely as I prepare for my learning moment at my local chamber of commerce next week.  We have had great success through education based marketing in the past and I hope to use this podcast to energizer our marketing once again.
    Thanks so much!  Rob Stewart 

  •  I’m glad this topic has been revisited.   I’ve been offering a free report on my website but after more than a thousand visits only 3 people have opted in to download it & none have bought.  I also ran a AdWords ad but it only got a 1.64% response rate at a cost of $1.44 per click.    Anyway what I’m confused about is whether you need to have an opt-in process in order for the prospect to get the report.   Joe I’ve been looking at a lot of websites that I assume are your carpet cleaning clients.  I assume this because they’re using your report.   I could only find one that actually had an opt-in form.  All the rest you can just download the report directly.   I thought the whole point of having a free report is to get customers to “raise their hand” by giving you their contact details.  If they download directly that bypasses profit activator #2.   Cheers, Lee.

  • Scott @ TwitterHQ

    Thanks for another great podcast!  I certainly need to expand my education based marketing, I have an ebook but I know I need to go deeper.  


  • Oskar Andermo

    Loosing weight with Dean and Joe!!! (and education based selling)

    Greetings from Dubai!
    Today I got a comment from one of my clients – hey, you lost weight… I said thank you and gave credit to my Japanese wife that makes healthy Japanese food for me. In the afternoon I realized I was wrong! I am loosing weight because of this podcast!
    I discovered it 11 days ago and every night I go for a walk around the block for 45 minutes while listening to your podcast (I use the speed up app so I listen you guys on 1.5 speed the speed, which works great except in the Gary episode where I had to go down to 1.2 as he talks so fast…).

    So I am now on episode 11. Imagine how much weight I will have lost when I have catch up on all the episodes!

    So how have I used direct marketing so far? My background is sales and I started a franchise of a US business in Dubai 3 years ago. We are helping companies negotiate group rates with hotels for conferences and events. The first 2 years I focused strictly on sales. It went ok but I could not get any leverage to reach the result I wanted. This year, inspired by Chet Holmes, I set up a presentation – how to negotiate the best hotel deals for groups in Dubai 2012. It was a 30 minute presentation in where the first 25 minutes it was pure education – not even mentioning what I did.  When I did this presentation I cant believe what happened-  clients suddenly opened up and start sharing things that I never heard from any client. Their frustrations and challenges etc.

    Now, inspired by you guys I will in 2013 focus on doing this in the form of direct response marketing meaning I can leverage my time.
    Educating worked damm well in direct face to face selling so I am excited to see what it will do for my business in 2013 when I will incoparate this in direct response marketing.
    thanks for helping me loose weight and reach my business goals in 2013!
    Regards from Dubai


  • Danl Lipp

    Hi Joe and Dean. Thanks for another great podcast. Working very hard on converting my colleagues in a marketing firm from clever headline and design ads to direct response advertising. Not easy!
    I wanted to ask you about the article Joe referred to regarding the Obama campaign and the results they got from direct response advertising. Any idea where/how i can get my hands on it? Cheers, Dan

  • Great episode, I was wondering what you think about, education based marketing to a market that is not very fond of education. They don’t like being educated, because they think they know everything? How would you approach that?

    Would you say just find a different market, or what?