Episode 92: The one about “intuition hacking” (With Michael Drew)

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  • November 2, 2012
  • Michael reveals the discoveries in his research for his book Pendulum.
  • 1 principle that has increased top-line revenue for Michael’s clients by 30%
  • A study into trends over the past 3000 years and how consumer behavior shifts in 40 year cycles
  • Why a new generation will grow up blaming technology and the IM industry around 2033
  • The Alpha mindset the Eminem and Elvis have in common, and how you need to adopt it to be successful in the current “we” cycle


Get a free hardcover copy of Pendulum (just chip in $7 for S&H)

  • Hi Joe and Dean,

    I think I’ve listened to every episode. Last week’s episode with Ed Dale was excellent. Changed my mind about him.

    But this week’s episode… I’m not convinced. Strikes me as way to simplistic to say that society can be boiled down to Me and We cycles. There is too way much wiggle room in Michael’s analyses and interpretations.

    Listening to this one I was reminded of Robert Louis Stevenson’s observation that “Man is a creature who lives not upon bread alone, but principally by catchwords.”

    Dov Gordon

  • Kevin Deal

    So what is ILM going to stand against?

  • Dov,
    I certainly can understand your skepticism about the simplicity of human cycles.
    As a student of science, history and psychology, I can tell you that the research we did is sound.
    In fact, let me challenge you to buy the book (we are only charging S&H) read it, watch the presentation and then make your decision if our hypothesis reaches your standards for scientific rigor.
    I am confident when you read the book you’ll agree with our findings.

    Thanks again,

    Michael R. Drew

  • I am also interested in finding out what ILM is going to stand against

  • Tim

    M P 3 !!!!

    M P 3 !!!!!

    M P 3 !!!!!

  • Are you saying your for or against MP3?

  • Intersting, very good content about marketing online. Can U do more videos please…?

  • Like others have commented this was a good discussion about consumers. Also, as others have stated it does leave “wiggle room” and too many ways to dismiss it. In the end, it makes you think more about the topic which is good. Thanks, ILM.

    -GO OBAMA!!!

  • Mike

    Hey Joe fantastic Episode!

    I’ve noticed in past episodes that your mention Fishing are You a Fisherman?

  • Hi Michael,
    In the Facebook comments on this page you wrote:

    Individuals who are fighting the concept of global warming have adopted the “I’m ok, your screwed up mindset”.

    The problem with those who believe in Global warming, or other liberal causes, are that they aren’t willing to demonize the other side.

    Liberal ideology is to allow others their own belief, what is needed by those interested in environmental and liberal beliefs is to come together under common values and be willing to be as harsh as those against the environmental and liberal causes.
    Is this an example of a conclusion you’ve reached after objective, scientific analysis?

    Dov Gordon

  • Excellent! Hey guys.. can we talk about VALS -2 ….a study conducted by the Stanford reasearch institute back in the 80’s..? I think it’s been updated since… Values Based consumer buying habits … It would seem to dove tail nicely into this discussion…

    Enjoyed the conversation!

  • Ron Nakamoto

    I’d like to witness a dialogue between Michael Drew and Peter Diamandis about how to best approach and influence the path towards the future.

  • When will you add the mp3 to download?

  • This was a profound episode. Just amazed me. I think you should ask Michael to come back and talk about how he has changed his marketing messages as a result. Mind you I signed up for the compelling offer so more education and motivation on the way..

  • Rich Shalloo

    Anyway to still get the book deal???
    MP3 Get a free hardcover copy of Pendulum (just chip in $7 for S&H)