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Episode 060: The one where Joe Polish interviews Dave Logan “Thought leader, author, consultant”

  • Dave explains what GENIUS is and what a leadership REALLY is
  • What the 3 Laws of Performance are and how to use them to LEAD
  • Why ‘how you occur to yourself’ can change everything for you
  • Dave explains what GENIUS is and what leadership REALLY is
  • The Dark Side of Leadership…and how to harness it


“Leadership cannot be built on a platform of lameness” - Dave Logan,

  • Gina DeLong

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  • Brian Kwong

    Joe, its an awesome interview.
    Love your question at 35 minute 35 sec, where you asked if someone who is watching this, their business is not working, life sucks and want to make a change, how do you really make a benefit shift in your life.
    I just want to acknowledge you for always having your viewers in mind, not only in this interview, but all the contents you create. Thank you =)
    Brian Kwong

  • kev

    Big fan of Joe/Dean .Great weekly sessions
    Kev -London

  • Paul Kemp

    What a deep, stimulating interview! I took a page and three-quarters of notes that convinced me that I should read one or more of Dave Logan’s books. Great stuff. Thanks for the value!

    Paul Kemp

  • Kevin Deal

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  • Michael

    This interview was incredibly revealing. Particularly the part about the dark side. I had a lifelong friend who was a genius in the arts and had the attention of international companies. He died at a young age – he “walked the line”… After he passed his father kept on asking me over and over, “why did he live that way?” I tried to explain as best I could.. This interview helped me articulate it to myself, further.

  • Mark Mitchell

    I LOVED this interview! Thank you, Joe for introducing us to Dave.
    Can’t wait to start delving into his books. Wow.

  • David Justiss

    Great stuff, and yes being born again is what a life is supposed to look like, radical transformation.

    Clear concise, resonating, for this old guy.