The one about Free Recorded Messages

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  • October 10, 2011
  • Tim


    Does anyone know of a service that I can implement the free recorded message in the UK, COA Networks is only for the States.


  • Fantastic episode guys, especially following the single target market one, they really build on each other.
    I was at a BNI meeting yesterday & none of the attendees or the regional co-ordinator had heard of the show. They quickly got a link to the Ivan Misner episode, with the strong suggestion to get on board!

  • Great show fellas! Sound was great. First ILM – Columbus, OH getting ready to hit the schedule. Yippee!

  • Good episode. Sound quality was great – a big improvement IMHO.



  • Fantastic episode! Signed up today and will be creating our Free Recorded Message tomorrow with our team. Test possible Yellow Page ad copy over the weekend with Google Adwords (at least its some data) and then submit the best for the Yellow Page deadline on Wednesday.

    The timing of this episode was serendipitous to say the very least. Thank you Joe and Dean, you guys are making the world a better place.
    – Casey

  • You guys are awesome! I’m so glad you spoke about the free recorded message. I was right in the middle of writing my script when I listened to the podcast and it made writing the rest of it sooo much easier! I was worried about it being too long at just under 3 minutes but after listening to you guys I realized I can make it as long as I want. I’ll definitely check back in when I have some numbers to report- just have to finish the back end and I’m ready to go. I feel like I’m earning my Ph D in marketing by listening to the podcasts every week. And by the way, terrific improvement with the sound quality. Keep up the great work- you guys ROCK!

  • Martin

    Crackling in the background? At first I thought water is leaking somewhere in my house…

    But then I realized you grabbed this podcast from an old LP record! How cool is that… Joe leaked the secret in 48th minute – he hasn’t recorded anything last 12 years (don’t quote me on this one) 🙂

  • You both are to be awarded medals of marketing honor by the powers to be; let’s say from the UN or a possible Nobel Prize. No other leaders are putting us on the spot to build our business, hire employees, reinvest our profits, and unify ourselves to pull out a win for economic growth. This week is a reminder of how to actually win friends and influence people with grass roots common sense.

  • G’day

    Great topic guys.

    Does anybody in Australia know of companies that provide this service.

    I have a feeling it goes by the name of something else over here. Perhaps free voicemail info or something.

    I’ve never noticed it being done here anywhere.

    Any clues?

    Cheers Grant

  • Dan Felix

    Love this info. Just got my account from iTele. Time to learn how to walk/run! Thanks Dan & Joe. -Dan (Brooklyn, NY)

  • glad to have you here Dan. Thanks

  • DHoehne

    is there any companies in Australia that does this?