Episode 031:
The one about applying the 8 Profit Activators in your business

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  • August 15, 2011
  • Hi Dean – it looks as if the post time is off (it’s in the future). You can correct this by going to your WP admin section. It’s under “Setting” then “General” – it should be “UTC-4” for Toronto / EST.

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    Speaking of posting time, Dean mentioned that many peeps have a Sunday night ritual of downloading the new ep, but it posts well past midnight and into Monday morning, at least this is the case for the Pacific time zone, unfortunately.

    Maybe I better not complain, this is all free, after all. Take this as a heads up, not a complaint.

  • Marketing is a system of selling it is the system that does the selling and no you.

    When you do testing you know exactly what your results will be. People think marketing is a game of chance. When you do certain thing you know exactly how much you are going to make.

    So if you know how much you are making per sale and if you know what has to happen in order to make that sale at that point you just print your own money legally.


    Thanks again Joe and Dean =)

    Chris Brown

  • Another home run, gentlemen!

    See you in Phoenix!


  • apl

    People should take note not only of your sales letter for the event but also this episode and how it is used as a conversion tool. Great ep and well done example of conversion expertise.

  • Sexxy Curlz For Joe Polish

    ELFamatize your business

  • The story about Gary Halbert and the sales people is FANTASTIC. That has to be the best example of narrowing your focus. Thank you for the Great information.


  • Jay

    Thanks for another excellent episode!

    It goes to show that when you are providing content as useful as you guys do, by the time you go to sell something it’s almost like the audience heaves a sigh of relief…”finally! these guys are selling something I can buy, and I can start scratching this reciprocity itch!”

    Raving fan.


  • Jay

    By the way, I picked up a cope of your Pirahana marketing course Joe and I’m loving it!

    I swear that you will be receiving a testimonial from me in 4-5 months talking about how I quadrupled my turnover through following the principles taught in that course.

    I’m sure you must be crazy busy but I had 2 questions for you Joe if you have a spare moment.

    1. You talk a lot about the Consumer Awareness guide that you used in your carpet cleaning business. Do you have a copy of the actual report you used available online? I’d love to study it, get copy ideas from it etc, if I can 🙂

    2. I noticed an important element of your ELF marketing philosophy is the 100% money back guarantee. My business is also in the services industry and like carpet cleaning, my ‘product’ involves providing an actual service and incurring real cost on fulfillment etc.
    My question is, if you were hired to clean all the carpets in a 15-bedroom estate, did you allow your client the option for a full refund after finishing the work on his house if for some reason he wasn’t ‘happy’?

    I’d love if you could explain your philosophy on this as it relates to business that incur tangible, significant cost in delivering their ‘product’ (as apposed to an information product where the cost of delivery is negligible compared to the increased conversions a 100% money-back guarantee provides).

    I’m guessing your answer will be that an iron-glad guarantee wins in any situation but it would be cool to hear your thoughts on this.

    Thank you in advance and I hope you have a great weekend!


  • Ben

    Joe and Dean, thank you so much for making this amazing website!

    I’m a university student (physics) from Belgium and lately I’ve developed a strong interest in direct response marketing. These podcasts have helped a lot in that!

    The exciting news is, I built my own marketing system (everything online because this is easy to get started) for selling a dating product as an affiliate (50% commission) and I made my first sale today! $13,5 whole dollars! 😀 Making that first sale is really exciting, it’s not really about the money.

    Again thanks a lot for sharing all this information it’s really amazing!

  • selling on on line – that is very interesting – what about a shop for houses ! on line ?? looking forward vichente

  • thanks