The one about ninja email strategies

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  • February 24, 2013

Episode 104:

  • Dean discusses the psychology of e-mail marketing that will get you better, faster, and more lucrative responses
  • The 9 word e-mail Joe sent to Sir Richard Branson and got a response in an hour (and how YOU can get a response from hard to reach people)
  • Dean shares his 3 part winning formula for e-mail marketing success
  • Why you must know your e-mail marketing outcome (and how it will make your autoresponders feel like a personal dialogue between you and your prospects)


  • andy0531

    Another good one guys. Love the power of the quick emails that bring a conversational tone rather than a bundle of whiskers!

  • Mick Cullen

    Hey Dean can you finish adding Profit Activator No.8 to your breakthroughDNA membership?

  • One for the ages. The marketing fish are swimming towards automated email. Those opening a dialogue are going to clean up…because it’s hard to do.

  • Dallas Alexander

    What about the can spam laws. Don’t you have to identify the email as an ad in the subject line? Having just their name would be deceptive. Feedback wanted. Thanks Joe & Dean.

  • Dallas! You’re only sending email to people who are expecting to receive it…or have opted in. It’s not about scraping emails, or capturing them. It’s about a way of communicating with people you have permission to communicate with.

  • You’re right Dan. It is a little bit tricky logistically…but the results are worth it. The toughest thing is to not let Logistics get in the way of Logic 🙂
    Dialogues make sense!

  • Very soon Mick.

  • Wow these podcasts are way to long. I found the 9 word email strategy quicker on Google: http://www.richcleaner.com/blog/tag/joe-polish/ LOVE THIS STUFF!

  • You’re right Dan. It is a little bit tricky logistically…but the results are worth it. The toughest thing is to not let Logistics get in the way of Logic 🙂
    Dialogues make sense!

  • wardstudios

    That was a great one, guys. Dean’s examples from his real estate email strategy was priceless. When you see the whole thing in action like that it really brings it home, because you can see where someone is strategically, happily guided down a path they really want to take.

  • Aalok! 

    Would you like to learn more about email? 

    Absolutely! Classic episode very useful in scripting my current sequence…thanks guys! 

  • Awesome stuff.  

  • Anael Verdier

    Hi, I’m just wondering something about the dialogue part of the stategy. Have you found a way to automate it or is it a real live dialogue where you (or Julie or anyone) answer every specific email personally?

  • You can automate the first part of it. We use autoresponders to start the dialogue…but the follow up is done by a real person. That’s why it works so well. At first they may “suspect” that it’s automated…but by the 2nd time you reply to their reply, they KNOW you’re really talking to them, and they open right up. It’s magic. (And PROFITABLE)

  • Anthony Idle

    Thanks for the episode guys. As always infinite value. Wanted to say I have a free email reduction training program that shows people 5 different levels of email control. 1. Is mindset 2. Is Administrative Controls, 3. Is Engineered Controls, 4. Is Substitution (My Favourite) 5. Is Elimination. I ask for a donation to charity for the value to you from completing it. (You know where I got that idea) It’s at http://www.balancecoach.com.au/time-management/ My copy and page layout sux but the content is solid. Hope it helps.

  • Richard Bacon

    Wow! Stunning!
    Sent out 1200 emails like this:

    “Hi Jamie,I just
    wanted to ask did you get our new free report, Four
    Fresh Organic Delivery Rip Off’s To Avoid?”

    I got 25 replies within 30 minutes, another 20 this morning, instant traffic to the website, 10 more subscribers within 1 hour and 4 personal connections with customers about related stuff.

    It took me most of the day to write the report, which is only 2 pages, but it just might be the best days work I’ve done in 3 yearsI (now) love marketing too!
    I (now) love marketing too!

    Organic Boxes (New Zealand)

  • Great podcast fellas. This one resonated with me.  Emails are about 1. The List; 2. The Relationship with your list and 3. The Offer you are making.  Also… 1 email = 1 message.  Kurt Johansen http://www.kurtjohansen.com – The Email Marketing Guy.

  • Dean, 

    Have you ever applied and tried the 9 word email to direct mail? For example, a hand addressed, handwritten note… “Hey Harry, Are you still looking for_______?” and then leave your name and phone number… Do you think that open loop/expected response would still work in direct mail, if they have to call in their response… Or is it the ease and instant communication of email that really makes it work?

  • Anael Verdier

    Awesome! I’ll start implementing these strategies right away. Thanks, Dean

  • Darren beecham

    Yes I too loved this podcast….especially that name personalisation followed by a question…just brilliant

  • Seth

    Hey guys, great episode. Got a best practice question for you. Typically I don’t ask someone’s name on my email signup forms, as the signup rate has been much higher when just asking for their email address only. So what’s the best way to approach the 9 word email if you don’t have the name of the individuals on your list? Thanks again for the great info you share!

  • Kris

    Your snail-pace slow talking + “um”, “uh”, “so..”, “you know” x 100s = severe speech disfluency that’s almost unbearable to listen to 🙁

  • Jason Mann

    First I’d definitely get their first name at least. Second, you could just use something intriguing in the subject, “Thank you!”, “Quick question.” Something along those lines. I’d get those first names though.

  • Would you guys look at the 9-word email versions I put together for SEO services? They are in a public Evernote note below.


  • Geetha Singhee

    Hey guys, amazing episode! Sent out 1000 emails and got 30 replies in 2 hours. Thanks to you!
    Also, I used eMail Prospector tool to find and verify email addresses before sending. Powerful tool!