The one about even more Branding

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  • February 12, 2013

Episode 102:

  • Why understanding what ‘Brand’ is doesn’t matter (Here’s what DOES matter: R _ _ _ _ _ _ )
  • Joe discusses why ‘awareness’ isn’t enough and points out a controversial documentary you should watch
  • Dean tells you “The Most Valuable Thing(s) You Can Do” to strategically get your message to the right people
  • Dean explains how to make an automated offer that is easy, lucrative and fun
  • Joe and Dean share the most important elements of Direct Response that help you make more money


  • Another classic.  Definitely going to make this topic the focal point of an upcoming meetup group… and it’ll be the meetup group I invite all my close personal friends, and friends in the big ad agency biz to.  Can feel the heated debates already… but that’s a good thing because we can all learn from each other.  It almost goes without saying, but thanks again guys – this content is gold!

  • Joe, building a brand is NOT about getting your name out there, that is called building awareness. Building a brand has other functions which affect sales indirectly, just like hiring good people does.

  • Matt H

    Joe, I just wanted to say Thanks for sharing your experiences with Narcotics Anonymous on the podcasts. I always thought those meetings were a waste of time, and only for people who were addicted (because of course, I wasn’t lol).

    After almost a year of wanting to get clean but never doing anything about it, I’m going to my first meeting tomorrow.

    Thank you for the inspiration.

  • karatoon

     An insightful look at the issues surrounding branding, and a great overview of Direct-response marketing. But… No mention of Dan Sullivan!?!?! Although Joe did mention Dan Kennedy quite a few times… Fantastic stuff, please keep it coming.

  • Joe & Dean, thanks for the branding episodes.  Here’s a way to look at it … “Branding  = When your top SEO keyword is your company, slogan, or product name & that keyword actually GENERATES your company revenue.” Then, you have a quantifiable brand!