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Episode 078: The one about Architecting Breakthroughs

  • 3 elegant questions that help you create breakthroughs
  • Dean digs deeper into ‘Before During After’
  • The biggest mistake you may be making when you architect your Before Unit
  • The tool you should use to get people to want what you offer
  • How to architect a customer experience that increases opportunity in your business
  • How to architect breakthroughs in your After Unit
  • Stuart Bell

    Another great episode guys & a timely overview of the relationship & purpose of each before/during/after unit. A useful reminder that ‘audits’ can be used in almost any business as a way to add more value in the before unit. One I’ll be revisiting.
    Looking forward to the conference & an exciting summer lead in.
    Thanks again

  • Carol Soares

    Great episode! Particularly liked the “BUD” -before unit deficiency and “ROR” – return on relationship.


    I use an architected process to help people improve their software excellence. Many people just hack together software. A better method is to follow a well defined set of actions that drive quality and features.