Episode 077: The one with James Schramko

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  • July 9, 2012
  • James … “The first Australian” = great guy. Dave

  • Great episode. Love James work & recommend some of his other podcasts. The fast to market approach (rather than waiting for perfection) is a particularly timely remainder for us.
    Look forward to the next Aussie instalment (Ed, Pete…)

  • Hey James. I admire the way you’ve built businesses and used the internet as a way to market them rather than building “internet-based businesses.” I just picked up my first Drucker and Deming books a few weeks ago and it was encouraging to hear you mention both of those people in your interview.

    Dean and Joe, this is my first visit. I can’t think of too many times that I’ve listened to an hour-long podcast. Great job. I’ll be back.

  • Cool, thx Joe and Dean!

    Don’t forget to email.

  • Classic Schramko wisdom. I have been part of James’ Silver Circle mentoring group for the past year. I highly recommend to anyone looking to turbo charge their business.

  • Dave Hollis

    Definently some similarites in what James was talking about with stand alone businesses that have a form of integration with each other, similar to what both Joe and Dean have going in their various ventures.

    PS- Just saw this months issue of Success magazine (Aug. issue) with Branson on the cover, Polish on the inside, Kern on the inside, Dr. Amen on the inside, and a little Burchard on the inside…

    PPS- With the content from this show, I’m naturally picking up things from ads… for example I just saw an ad at the beginning of a youtube video for a travel agency here in Phx, but there was no compelling offer… just 2 phone numbers, some basic info via voice over, and a name basically.

  • gary

    loved this interview! buying a whiteboard tonight to be able to quickly get focused after coming home from the FTJ, great stuff.

  • Woke up last night from realizing I forgot to thank James…

    Thanks for the information James!

  • gary

    I’ve found the same thing, my lens for advertising has changed dramatically after consistently listening to this podcast..so many terrible ads!

  • great, I must get out and go to more conferences to meet more great people! Neil Mackenzie Photographer

  • Tony Finbarr-Smith

    YES! Loved the interview, specifically the tips about being able to
    Hit the ground running when you get back to your desk from your full time job, rather than wasting time figuring out where you left off. Awesome tip!

  • I’ve purchased a few of James’s products and they are all top notch. You can tell from his work and from this interview that he focuses primarily on solving problems and making other’s lives better.
    James Schramko is one of the best in the business.

  • I think what I learned here is all three of you guys never stop working on your system and yourselves. From the bottom of my heart I can only say is…thanks for doing this. As good ole Tony says…Live Life With Passion! Cheers Mate!

  • Yep another Awesome interview. This is the type of thinking I am trying to emulate. Selling is all about solving problems not about price. It’s tough to train your mind that way but it is totally true. I find myself slipping into price selling here and there and it pisses me off! Solving problems, Solving problems etc….

  • I know James personally and get the pleasure of hanging out with him monthly, talking shop in a small group and having dinner, so I’m a bit biased.

    I love the I Love Marketing podcast, but the last fifteen episodes, really dating back to just after the Frank Kern episode haven’t really done it for me. I mean, I can’t complain about free and certainly there are things to learn, but I just didn’t enjoy them.

    This episode though was the best in a long time. And more importantly the episode after it, about architecting breakthroughs is one of the best episodes you’ve done.

    It was like the episode James was in was a bit of a reboot and things are again awesome.

  • yazamo

    This is a excellent Podcast.

  • Thank you Nicholas !