Episode 071: The one about answering the important questions

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  • May 28, 2012
  • Great episode guys & very timely for a current project.
    I’ve also just scheduled the next ILM London meetup to talk about ‘Dream Experiences’ & we’ll be sure to start by thinking about what questions are really in our clients minds, not what we think they should be asking.
    On a personal note, the ‘not to do list’ is something I need to get better at managing. So many opportunities…
    Thanks & have a great Memorial Day.
    btw – ILM London Members are ‘Space Cowboys”, is that what inspired you to look for a balloon? 🙂

  • Kev

    Excellent work Joe/Dean .

    Establish your own Definiteness oF Purpose see eg http://www.cbsnews.com/video/watch/?id=7402645n&tag=contentMain;contentBody

    and then apply the 8Profit Activators in a GOLF (50-20-50) Just do it .Stop been a pussy .Chaps it works Its the equvalient of doing squats/benchpress/dead lifts when building muscle strenght

  • Kev

    In actual fact as an ex special forces member i want to thank Joe/Dean BIG TIME .They are the SEAL6/SAS team of marketing .No bullshit but stuff that works .I think the ECHO/LIMA/BRAVO business ELF that Joe/Dean practise is a must

  • Kev

    Plse replace BRAVO with Foxtrot

  • I don’t get any emails from you.

  • Great Podcast Guys! I wanted to share my solution to the “Pick My Brain” request. I created a Consulting Item called Pick Hepp’s Brain – here is the link: http://www.funeralfuturist.com/pick-hepps-brain/

    Since most of the requests (and some of them actually say Can I Pick Your Brain) come through email, I have a Canned Response set up in Gmail ready to reply to those requests. Here it is – feel free to use or share:
    I would definitely be able to talk to you about this further, but I am very busy right now working with other clients and developing other projects. If it is really important for us to talk sooner rather than later, I would suggest that you book one of my 45 minute “Pick Hepp’s Brain” consultation packages for $197.

    Past clients have said that this focused session has short-cut their research time saving them hundreds of dollars and hours of wasted time. (Click here for more details and to purchase this block of time).

    After the session if you decide to purchase a complete consultation, marketing, or website packages, then your initial investment of $197 will be put towards it. I can schedule a time for you in the next couple of days. I will also record the session if you wish so that you can refer back to it in the future.

    Should our meeting not prove to be beneficial you – I will gladly refund your money.
    (Organizer of I Love Marketing Victoria BC)
    1st MeetUp next week

  • Nice ‘easy to get started’ risk free offer Hepp. All cheese.
    Canned Responses are a great time saver. There is also a gmail service called Boomerang (www.boomeranggmail.com) that will bounce the message back to your inbox if you don’t get a response etc (if you wanted to go that far with follow up).
    Good luck with the Victoria meetup next week.

  • Just spent first day in my “Hatchery.” There is no music so I decided to listen to this ILM episode. You guys kick ass! These conversations are as valuable as they are timeless. Thanks for inspiring me and encouraging me to take it to the next level with my marketing and strategy… and then go for it all again.

    There is another level… there is ALWAYS another level.

    Eternally grateful for you two…


  • Great stuff…here are my few comments:

    On what I would recommend someone to do if they have NOTHING, I would tell them to learn how to search and find niche groups in Facebook. It’s simple and a GOLD mine. My son make less that 10 personal messages to target owners of a fan page and ended up with a $85k contract, 10% ownership of a new Company and income of $5k per month and possibility to $25k per month. Based on this we had a software program written to make this easy! See http://www.InternetOilWells.com/facebookminer

    Now onto “time management”. I believe that time management is directly tied to task & project management and without a great system for this you loose. I manage about 15-20 people for my various businesses and they are all over the world and being able to prioritize tasks for my team is crucial. I use http://www.bizpad.com to accomplish this.

    And last but not least your idea of a “not to do list” is practically impossible for the “entrepreneur” and is a brain freeze (because we always think everything should be done), so I recommend that list all TASKS needed to be accomplished and then every day start with what are the Top 5 that MUST be done, making sure that “money making activities” are “always” part of the top 5. This way items are archived and as Dean said if is a great idea and needs to be done eventually it will get to the top 5!

    Just my thoughts….

  • D. Smith

    Just settled on my “3 amigos” … Polish, Jackson, and E. Nightingale.

    Some great gold nuggets in the MarketingMonday podcast archives