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Brendon Burchard on How To Structure Your Expertise So People Pay For Your Knowledge – #66


Joe and Dean interview  Brendon Burchard, in this episode they discuss:

  • Brendon talks about learning how to market a message
  • Seeing yourself as an expert
  • People’s willingness to pay for knowledge
  • Succeeding more and demanding more
  • Raising people’s level of ambition
  • What makes great videos
  • Structuring your expertise in frameworks
  • Activating the 10 human drives that make you feel alive

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Show Notes



  • Shaqir Hussyin :)

    thank’s Joe & Brendan! this totally ROCKED!!! i loved this podcast,
    Brendan is awesome, picked up many golden nuggets here,

    i’m deffo coming to your august event Joe,

    see you there :)



    I’m doing something similiar to you guys in the consulting field. I taught computer classes for 7 years and it sure is great to help others.

  • Shawn

    Joe and Brendan this was Awesome! I’ve been listening to Ilovemarking for a long time now and have learned and least one thing and in most cases many many things. This one really made sense though. Brendan keep up the good work you have a great story. Joe keep being Awesome and make sure you do another one with Dean because he is brilliant. I too am looking forward to the August event!

  • Shawn

    Correction! I meant to say I have learned at least one thing and in most cases many many things from each podcast!

  • Julian

    I just had to make a comment, Brendon deserves as many commments as frank and Eben on this one, great cast with lots of useful content, I got 2 FREE books out of this, some amazing advise, I had not heard about optimized press and it is exactly what I needed and wanted. His free videos are packed with great information, enough to have now set up a squeeze page, and have the whole web page wire frame set up for my first campain!
    You guys truly do rock!
    thanks a million : )

  • Juho Tunkelo

    This interview was just pure gold. An unexpected gem, actually made me look at my life, work and business differently. Listening to Brendon sure challenges you to aim higher and do better and better… Thank you.

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