Episode 059
The one about Breakthrough DNA

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  • March 5, 2012
  • Over the years I’ve been spending a lot of time EDUCATING people, but after listening to this audio of the DNA.

    I realize that the MOTIVATING part of my marketing is really needs improvement. Can you do an episode on how to MOTIVATE, educated prospects.

    Or recommend a resource I could tap into. Thanks. I never miss an episode. 🙂

    I want to be the Dean Jackson and Joe polish of my city.

  • Dean,
    Thank you very much for investing the time in the audio format to compliment the report. I will say that visually looking at the report as you go through it brought more of the message to the forefront for me.
    As D.S. mentioned…with this content AND the “cheese and whiskers” mantra, I’m looking forward to purchasing your future book!

  • Guys, thanks for all you do. I started a marketing coaching biz last year and the professional development I’ve received from you all is just priceless. You’ve challenges assumptions and made me better at this gig. And I credit you constantly to others!

  • Dean
    Nice job on explaining the report. Clients want to be led is a powerful statement. Most clients like structure and want to be told what to do. Unlike entrepreneurs, who have to create value. Most clients have a structured 9-5 job that creates that structure for them and people telling them what to do everyday. It’s the same when you are selling them something.

  • Angela

    Dean, very well done. Looking forward to the Transcripts of this episode soon!

  • Angela!
    The transcript is the Breakthrough DNA report. It’s right there under the post.

  • Michael

    Hi Guys,

    I had a question. You talk about education marketing and giving away a free report. You talk in one of the audios about how in the carpet business you gave away a 4 page report.

    I’m building an internet marketing consulting business and I found a PLR 47 page report designed to build credibility in the way that you teach. It even looks like they might have had your coaching because on the front page it says “Do NOT Hire a Marketing Consultant Until You Read This! ” My question is this. Is a 47 page book too much or should we limit it to a 4 page report?

    Thank You,


  • Michael

    In the above comment I said a “47 page report” and I meant to say “47 page book”