Episode 055:
The One Where Dan Sullivan Talks with Dean about Cheese and Whiskers

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  • February 6, 2012
  • This was LEGIT, as always, U guys kick butt. I just signed up for Strategic Coach. Joe & Dean, you guys intro’d me to Dan in NYC and the short time that I got to listen to Dan and go through some of his exercises were awesome. I am psyched to keep learning from all you guys! PSYCHED!

  • Sherena

    Great podcast!!! One of the bullets says, cheese and “WHISKEYS”. Dean you must have just came from a Napa Valley Tour…lol

    Great job guys 🙂

  • Just trying to keep you on your toes Sherena 🙂

  • Kevin

    DJ you are the Navy Seals of marketing .This episode plus the 50-20-50 and 8 Profit Activators makes y a true pro bud .Y can be proud of yourself


  • Chuck

    Would love some transcripts 🙂

  • Hey Dean, I am really really looking forward to your book and will DEFINITELY buy it.

  • Julian

    Great episode Dean, cant wait for that book.
    Im in the process of building a business and I cant say how much you and Joe have helped me see and clearly define the path to getting a successful money making machine off the ground.
    I look forward to showing you both how I have implemented your strategies and look forward to hearing more of the giant gold nugget that is I love Marketing!
    Thanks to you both I now LOVE MARKETING

  • Henry

    Just started listening in a week ago – I expected the typical “marketing is great buy our crap” drivel, but after 20hrs of podcasts I had to admit that you’re presenting outstanding material, for free nonetheless.

    One listener request: I know that you, Joe, have been at Dan Peña’s events, and should have some familiarity with raising money, growing externally, handling equity – how about you do an episode for megalomaniacs who want to grow really big fast or build billion dollar enterprises? I know it might not appeal to the majority of your audience who just want a nice business to support their life(style), but I’m sure that there are a few guys listening in who want to build an empire to seriously have an impact in this world.

    I don’t want to do consulting gigs or rev-sharing and sip white russians for the rest of my life; I’m happy to work my ass off as long as it actually builds the foundation for leverage that’ll help me achieve my long-term goals.


    Do I seem a little impatient? 🙂

  • Thanks for giving me the right perspective on how I need to approach my whole business!! It’s crazy, while listening to these podcasts my brain starts bursting with ideas and ways to implement what you are teaching.

  • Another trip to college where I was more educated on the drive there then I was in the 9 hours I spent in class. Thank you guys!!!

  • Great episode! Here’s an idea to provide content for your book. Hold a contest for listeners’ best all-cheese offers. You’ll get some great examples and everyone else will benefit from going through the exercise of crafting an offer for their own business. It’s easy when you’re in the revenue creation business like the birthday party example but a bit more challenging if you sell consulting services with fairly high sticker prices and high marginal costs. (White papers may be part of the answer but not enough by themselves. Anyway, keep up the good work!

  • Matt

    This is such a brilliantly simple paradigm shift. The cheese & whiskers concept provides a completely new lens for marketing efforts.

    Might be the most powerful episode yet.

  • How something so simple can be so powerful.

    It’s great to see an idea at it’s birth.

    Dean, you are the man, thank you.

  • Great to see all the comments!
    I like Andy’s idea of sharing our Cheese Stories…let’s start right here.
    Check back soon and I’ll show you a postcard that gets 32% response rate 🙂

  • I love this concept. It get’s the point across so clearly.

    I met a dentist the other day who is offering a $185 smile consultation for free. It’s working for him, but to me it screams “sales consultation” and shows too much whiskers. On the other hand, I got the meeting with this dentist by explaining that I want to promote his practice for free, as part of a special JV promotion with another client who is a removalist. I explained that we can promote his practice for free on the premise that he make a special one time offer to the removals customers. Since he’s paying more than a $100 to get new patients now, he was happy to give $100 voucher for new patients who want a check up and clean after they move to the area.

    I’ve positioned this based on how I can help him achieve his objective. And now it’s opened the door to further conversations about how I can help him in other areas of his marketing.

  • gary

    WOW another awesome podcast. Dean I really think you should make the yellow pages roulette a regular event. I loved it.

  • Mark

    Super, Super, Super. It really is KISS at its best. Gee we really try to over complicate things and this Cheese/Whiskers approach reminds us to put the client first and foremost in our overall strategy.

    BTW Dean are you able to share the postcard that you got a 32% response rate from? I appreciate taking a look.


  • Thanks Mark!
    Just look right below this episode and you’ll see the postcard…plus look in the comments and I explain what we did to follow up.

  • I just love the podcasts and the banter! The wisdom you guys and your guests are giving out is just incredible. Thank you so much. The Focus video has changed my productivity. The cheese & whiskers concept is so powerful but I was worried about it’s validity when I saw this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=deLIcUOjszw ;>)
    Keep up the great work!

  • Steve Knott

    Great podcast! All these podcasts are so valuable. I had an experience today that made me think of the “cheese and whiskers”.

    A couple of days ago we bought our 8 year old daughter a cat for her birthday! So far the cat loves to sit by our back window and watch the bird feeder that’s just outside the large picture window. Of course I had to apply this to marketing, and take it a bit further. I still think cheese and whiskers is better but in this case its seeds and whiskers 🙂

    Watching the cat crouched down ready to pounce then seeing the birds spot him and fly away made this concept even clearer.

    Our bird feeder is one of those that have a clear cylinder with holes in it and little pegs for the bird to perch on while they eat the seeds. Then around that is a wire screen that is only large enough for a small bird to fit through. This made me think of focusing on a specific target market. We buy bird seed that’s for small birds and put it in a feeder that is only for small birds. Large birds and chipmunks will eat the same seed, but the screen will keep them out. We only want the small birds at that feeder.

    So what have I learned from all this? I guess I need to move the feeder further away so the birds won’t see the whiskers. Otherwise we have wasted our money on the feeder and seed.

    Sorry if I took it too far.

    Thanks for all your great work with these podcasts.

  • So if I work with Realtors.
    Should my 1rst email say :
    “Do you do open houses?”

    Then the 2nd email :
    “We have been working with some agents in xxx with a new open house marketing program, people have never been happier to give their email address, you can be part of the free pilot program in yyy, there are only 30 spots available”

    Is it “cheesy” enough or am I missing the point?

    PS : Dean I really do work with realtors, and I would love to have your feedbacks on our product 🙂


  • I love this podcast. It’s probably one of the most powerful piece of advice on marketing I got in years!!!
    I loved the birthday card example. As I advise my expat clients, rest assured that I will be mentioning the Cheese and Whiskers techniques!!!! I am on my way to prepare a new training session just on this! Thank you so much!

  • Awesome episode guys. Still working my way through the back catalog and probably going to listen to the whole thing again once I finish. I’m going to drill this framework into my brain architecture.

  • Corrine Casanova

    This is just a whole new way at looking at marketing. Cheese and whiskers, what a genius way of looking at this. Thanks Dean!