Episode 053: The one with Perry Marshall and Tom Meloche

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  • January 23, 2012
  • steve

    this is gold. get the book , i got it

  • Great stuff! Thanks for the info. Cool concepts on targeting different people on FB.

  • Robert

    Loved it and genuine thanks to Joe and Dean – the podcasts are actually very informative and entertaining at the same time –
    however, with this one, yes the book’s great but there is no concrete info on how to get access to the software from listening carefully to the discussion. So plenty of theory and elegant concepts but we really need to be able to get access to the software and implement to see ourselves whether “right angle marketing” theory really works in the real world. My business would try this out in a heartbeat if I could try it.

  • James Pierce

    Great episode! I’ve tried different things on Facebook and now I know why it didn’t work. I have created my own product and it’s in the entertainment industry. Without this episode, I would have marketed this product completely wrong. So, thank you very much!! I’ll let you know how it goes once it launches, which should be in summer this year.

  • Joe Polish

    Thanks for the comments guys!!!


  • I’ve had his book for years.

  • This was a great episode and once again, Perry doesn’t fail to deliver, however there is one insight I feel I should throw in.

    Recently a friend of mine has tried to place ad on FB & GA and has been consistently rejected due to both companies having such stringent rules regarding direct response.

    This brings me to recommend that those of you who like Perry’s work on PPC using Google and Facebook, would actually be better served looking into one of his other products – his whitepaper course and using the internal PPC systems of individual trade magazine websites or buying ad space in their e-newsletters.

  • This was a great episode. I was amazed at how much I didn’t know about Facebook 😉

    For me the $1m line was, “Google is all about entering the conversation in your customer head, while Facebook is about enter the conversation their heart”. Mr. Collier would be proud!


  • OK. Went to FBforme.com as suggested in the podcast – says the website is suspended. Where is the quiz now? I can’t find it.

  • Any news on the software he was refering to in this postcast? I think he called in Fanalytics. I have been looking for it and I have not been able to find it anywhere.