Episode 047: The one about your annual marketing calendar

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  • December 5, 2011
  • Exceptional episode, lots of golden nuggets that I’m going to implement!

  • Jim Zboran

    A number of great take-aways in this video, Joe and Dean! Thanks for making them available to marketing lovers. My 2012 calendar is my prime focus this month and I appreciate the chance to pick up some experience-tested ideas to implement right now while I’m on-task.

    Dean, thanks for pointing out your “50 Minute Focus Finder” video. I was very happy to learn those very powerful and actionable ideas you presented. I’ve adopted them as part of my shift from a multi-tasking-reactive orientation to a focused-proactive-action orientation right from the start in 2012. Lots of time left in December to work on my “focus muscles” with your 50-20-50 to put me in great shape for a powerful year!

    (As an added bonus, while working my way back through past posts to find your video, I ran across a whole bunch of ILoveMarketing episodes I need to work into my schedule!)

    Thanks again, Joe and Dean!


  • Since I’m moving into a new office in Toronto tomorrow and re-evaluating my marketing initiatives for the next several months to a year this episode was very helpful!

    I liked Joe’s idea of getting his calendar up and on the wall. I am going to buy a white board for my office wall and I think I will buy a laminated calendar (or three) as well to go with it.

    I read the 37signals book re-work and agree that they are an awesome company. I really liked Deans explanation of Base Camp, it sounds like a great tool to use once my team grows to a few more members. I remember hearing Pete Cashmore say in a video that he uses Basecamp to manage tasks for Mashable.

    Keep up the great stuff guys! I Love Marketing is officially my favorite podcast. 🙂

  • WE love I love Marketing! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oBEjIBklQow

    We started our company right as you guys started your podcast and have been avid listeners ever since. Our company is outfitYOURS.com and we sell all the best Apple accessory brands. We pride our selves in customer service and with your techniques we have been able to help potential customers know, like, and trust us before ever ordering. We have built our entire company around the I love Marketing Techniques and our company has done very well. Our new mafia offer of “If an item is not in stock or you do not receive your item in 4 business days or less, it is FREE!”, has been very successful. Keep up the great work!

  • Chuck

    Have been playing catch-up for months with your podcast. I usually ignore the recent ones but this one was just too timely. I immediatley downloaded it so I could listen to it in the car — it was GREAT! I started my own Evil Scheme Hatcherty and started in on the recomended 4 50 minute focus finders. Here’s my video on what I’m getting out of I Love Marketing and a view of the starting board for my “After Unit” focus session — http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6T1VWUH-xA0