Interview With Sir Richard Branson – #25

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  • July 8, 2011

Virgin Unite is the non-profit foundation of the Virgin Group. They unite people to tackle tough social and environmental problems in entrepreneurial ways. As the overheads of Virgin Unite are covered by Richard and the Virgin Group 100% of additional donations go to the front line where they are needed the most, for example, to support young entrepreneurs in South Africa, or homeless teenagers all over the world, or to stop young girls from suffering with fistula.

We support Virgin Unite, please get on board and do the same at http://www.VirginUnite.com. Still need to be inspired? You can join Virgin Unite and Richard for their incredible leadership gatherings around the world.

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  • Michael Liu

    3 important lessons I’ve learnt from this eye opening interview with Richard Branson

    1. You can become a good delegator and people’s person in place of understanding the technical aspects of a particular business or industry.

    2. Once you’re able to “climb over that wall” and feel secure, that’s when you can really start to have fun with business.

    3. Asking yourself the question, What business activities would you do on an on going bases that would allow you to self sustain and make money even if you get eaten by a shark tomorrow?

    Thanks for the eye opening interview Joe. It’s always great learning and gaining insights from those who have a passion for business and just from the vibe in the room that day when you recorded the video, it really helps instill a lot of confidence to any business owners/entrepreneurs who are going through this endeavor in their lives right now. Thanks so much

    Michael from Sydney

  • Thank you for this brilliant interview – so much good advice!

  • Love this video!! I am only 12.13 minutes through AND inspiration is flowing through my veins. Thanks for getting it together AND what an awesome new site you have. Cool!

  • Thanks so much for putting this together for us! What a resource!

  • Joe, thanks for making this happen. I appreciate how much you put into it. Well done!!

  • Rachael

    Thank you so much for putting this together for us and for giving me insight that I know is going to lead to a much better quality of life. One of the biggest ah-ha moments was his distinction between manager and entrepreneur. I thought I had to be both! This (along with the rest of the interview) is a life-changing lesson and I’m very very grateful that you worked so hard to share this with us.

  • Melissa

    Great questions! Thank you for putting this powerhouse together 🙂

  • Sarah Pike

    Fabulous and inspiring interview – thanks so much for organizing this! And big thanks to Marie for leading me here!

  • Sometimes it isn’t what you learn, but what you feel. Thanks for re-energizing the BIG WHY behind the dream.

  • Joe, Thank you so much for the amazing interview and the work you are doing. Not only educational for my work as an entrepreneur, but completely inspiring as a human working to make a difference in the world. Thank you, thank you. ~Kathleen

  • Thank you all for the comments! I really appreciate it!

  • Great job. The Joe and Yanik show is always entertaining, educational and fun, especially in Necker.

    Richard is spot on: be in service, care more about others than yourself, inspire, support, develop your team and of course, be outrageous.

    With gratitude, Tourism Tim Warren, Founding Maverick

  • I loved this column thank you for sharing!!!

  • John Duncan

    Thank you for the reminder that, it’s not really about us, is it?

  • Claudia

    Thank you so much for this! So informative and a wonderful way to get in on some of those really fascinating and important conversations.

  • Diana

    Hi Joe, totally loved the interview, I am a fan of Richard and his life philosophy, you really dived deep into his values and beliefs with this interview and I thank you for sharing that with us.

  • Jenifer

    Thanks for putting this together. I found it very inspiring. You forgot to mention that your great charm is key to your success.

  • Thanks so much for this amazing interview! Took away so much 🙂

  • That was incredibly insightful and inspirational. I love his “fun” philosophy, because so many of us as entrepreneurs forget to actually enjoy our work.

  • Awesome interview, Joe! I felt like I was right there with you guys. Insightful questions…valuable responses. Thanks so much for putting it together!

  • Joe,

    Great seeing you last week in Malibu and Hollywood. This was a great interview and it exposes a lot of Richard’s candid feelings on business and life. Thanks for serving bro.

    Remember… be a servant,

    Cory Boatright

  • Sir Richard Branson is a great role model. Thanks for sharing this great interview.

  • Thank you all for this wonderful interview. You have opened my eyes a bit. I am now asking myself “What can I do as a leader top create an environment where we can have fun in my business.” I Thank you! and my employees will too!

  • Well done Joe for asking some solid key questions. I really thought that if I was in your shoes, they would be the kind of questions I’d like to see answered. I think you got some great answers out of Richard that the collective audience want to tap into.

    Great job!

  • WOW!!
    Thanks for publishing.. Sir Richard BRANSON is one of my role models in life and in business 🙂

  • Great work, thnx for this video

  • People, fun and delegation…a great reminder of where to put your focus when overwhelmed with daily tasks. Can you afford the worst happening? Thanks for sharing!

  • Great interview. Richard has so much wisdom that we all can benefit from. Thank you.

  • Amazing stuff as usual. Thanks for this great bit of information and information guys!

  • Wonderful stuff.
    Always love listening to Sir Richard – he is so laid back and so inspirational. He talks so much sense and I love the piece about lavishing praise and inspiring your staff.



  • Veronica

    Thank you so much for generously sharing this amazing interview, Joe. Sir Richard Branson is a hero of mine. I have emailed this on to all my nearest & dearest. I feel so energised and inspired. Gratefully, Veronica

  • While seeing all this i could barely hold myself from making things… What an energy, seriously, being around people like these really starts up the inner engine in you. =) Nice Island!

  • AWESOME job guys! Way to rock it out and make a positive difference in the world by doing it! VERY inspirational and influential in all kinds of GREAT ways!
    Jason Oman
    #1 Best-Selling Author
    TV Success Story (With Joe Polish actually! 🙂 )

  • Great video, thanks for putting this together guys, Joe particularly. It is worth a whole lot. I love the simplicity of Sir Richard Branson. Good job!

  • Dan

    Amazing interview. Well done Joe for putting this together.

  • Super video.

    Sir Richard is a legend and sooooo inspirational. Great that he is also a Brit too! Shows you that with the upbringing he had it is possible for anyone to make it big.


  • Thanks JOE!! this was an awesome interview, i learnt quite a few golden nuggets, you the man!

    See You Soon Buddy
    Shaqir Hussyin 😉

  • William C

    hey Joe just want to thank you for that real treat. Appreciate you putting that inspiring video up. Keep on brother!

  • Excelent interview… and a quote from him “We all need to start looking beyond the emergencies, to stop constantly trying to save the world and instead look at reinventing how we live in the world”

  • Hello Joe,
    I loved the interview and appreciated Richard taking the time to sit down with you and continue to inspire entrepreneurs. I had the pleasure of meeting him in London in 2000 and introduced my dream to him. He was so gracious and took the time to speak with me, which was truly inspiring in itself. I continued on with my dream and 12 years later now am Founder, CEO of Vitalah, creators of Oxylent, an award winning daily multivitamin. It was initially created for travelers and has become the ultimate supplement for every day life. It was created out of a need as nothing like it existed. Thanks for letting me share. Don’t stop giving everyone!! Joe, if you send me an email info@vitalah.com I would be happy to send you a box of Oxylent! Lisa

  • x

  • Hey there Mr Polish, first of all amazing interview with Sir Richard,
    thank you for taking the time to put this together.  Not quite sure I am
    on board with Sir Richards definition of what makes an entrepreneur
    though, I see what he is saying.  But just because a business man
    decides to focus on one venture doesn’t make him less of an entrepreneur
    in my eyes, just because he has decided to focus on one business rather
    than 350.  Although you could argue the contrary that because Sir
    Richard has a lot of companies, it is a sign that he doesn’t possess the
    confidence of that initial company making it big, unlike Apple or
    Microsoft.  However that being said and sounding like a complete
    hypocrite, I would personally choose Sir Richards approach and build
    many an empire, than choose to be swallowed whole by a crushing
    recession.  thanks again Joe…..Conrad Moore  

  • MelissaMOJOHunter

  • MelissaMOJOHunter

    Thank you so much for sharing this valuable informative interview Joe!  I
    truly enjoyed Sir Richard’s advice to focus on helping solve social
    problems and pushing our beliefs past what most deem impossible.  From
    this single interview alone, I better realized that the social problem I
    want to tackle is helping empower young ladies to receive and demand
    the respect they deserve.  Many in my target market (young women 13-35
    in low income neighborhoods around the world) are struggling with
    society to overcome the temptation of using their sex appeal vs. their
    beautiful mind to get ahead in life.  I want to teach them they do not
    have to sell their souls to gain success.  It may be the road less
    traveled, but well worth it.  I want to teach these young girls how to
    work their MOJO (the powers of their mind) and manifest their dreams
    come true…as I am living proof…I went from growing up on foodstamps
    to living in a real life CASTLE in Paris, France!  Again, truly
    inspiring.  Thank you so much for sharing. 😉 

  • disqus_B8HtHGysSH

    Thank you so much for making this video. I saw it over at Marie Forleos website. And thank you for bringing her to Necker Island so that I could get to see this interview too!!!

  • Katy Ramos Borges

    Thank you for sharing this video, I <3 Sir Richard Branson, I follow him everywhere on social media and….great blog you have here 🙂 Hope to read you soon, cheers 🙂

    Katy Borges
    My blog: http://gestionholistique.blogspot.ca/