Interview with Jordan Belfort: The Wolf Of Wall Street – Bonus

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  • January 10, 2014
  • chrishanlon

    I loved the movie. I think I saw this interview before, but it takes on a whole new impact after watching the movie. Thanks Joe & Jordan!!

  • StevenVargas

    While I can tell this guy was really not a great guy when he was younger, what he was saying makes sense in regards to the inner and outer game of creating wealth. Haven’t seen the movie (not a Di Caprio fan) but it seems to me it’s one of those where people emulate the wrong aspects of his cautionary tale, unfortunately. Hope he turns it around and is of service to the world the rest of his life…

  • Great interview, Joe! It’s inspiring to see Jordan’s transformation and how he helps empower entrepreneurs now. His Straight Line System is pure genius. Incredible how much of a role tonality plays in persuasion and influence.

  • Kieran McDonogh

    Really enjoyed this interview Joe – you picked your opportunity right with Jordan when you did. Appreciate you re-releasing this as Jordan is the talk of the internet right now with the Wolf of Wall Street.

    I got a LOT of value from the interview, which I really wanted to cement. So much so that I wrote up some summary notes (and doodle) you can read here…

  • Great interview! Just tells a story how sales/marketing can be a vehicle for good or evil. Its the person behind the marketing that makes it ethical or not. Watch Joe Polish’s video on youtube “is selling evil” . Yes I think people can be taken over by greed…make an error in judgement and change.

  • Yes. Great timing.

  • StefanSandin

    Thanks Joe for publishing this interview. Great insights shared and I think the 8 points that Jordan mention are very important.

  • StefanSandin

    I really recommend everyone to read the post from Kieran. He summarize the “8 Keys Of Wealth” very well.

  • Mary Bartnikowski

    Mesmerizing content – could not stop watching this. Jordan comes from an incredible world on Wall street. I’m inspired by him. I went to the New York Stock Exchange once with my cousin (who kicks ass on Wall street) and I stood with him while he worked right on the floor of the NYSE and I was astonished by the action, winning, losing, all in a few hours. It taught me a lot and made me admire what he did. It’s not easy. I like how Jordan breaks it down for us.

  • Mark Lyell

    I am quite surprised that Joe interviewed this criminal. Thousands of his victims have lost substantial amounts of money which has ruined their lives, the majority haven’t seen a cent back. Jordan got a slap on the wrist with a mere 22 months in a prison referred to as ‘Camp Cupcake’ I do love the marketing of his latest movie tho, seems like such a fun guy.

  • Wow so many golden nuggets here on how to be an entrepreneur. Great interview. I got a tip off from JVfocus about this video. Jordan knows his stuff.

  • I listened to the interview and thought he had some great insights…but when I saw the movie I was pretty much sicked out. Hard to believe it’s the same person. On another note, I cannot get the “I love marketing” podcast theme song out of my head!!! I’m literally finding myself humming it all the time.

  • Marty McDonald

    This was great… Thanks for sharing this

  • chrishanlon

    I get what you are saying Mark, but I think the underlying key is that Joe is showing his belief that “Your past doesn’t dictate your future”.
    We all have a choice of what we do. And all of us have made mistakes in the past. I would think that if Joe had any doubt about Jordan’s integrity currently, then he would never publish this.

  • Andrei Aminov

    Very interesting interview !