BONUS: A Special Google+ Interview

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  • July 16, 2011
  • apl

    Whatevr you may think of google, and you may revel in some of their failures, but they are the greatest American company ever. Real artists ship and google is Picasso.

  • I’m loving Google plus so far (great interview btw Joe – Mike’s a smart mofo from what I hear, though I’ll admit that the one time I met him at Underground he was in party mode and only seemed moderately brilliant) Anyway, I love this podcast, and I love Google+. I linked to my profile in my name to the left over there, so come hit me up and lets talk marketing… or let’s share stupid pictures of cats… you know… whatever 🙂

  • Lorenzo

    Thanks Dean & Joe! Another killer teaching lesson. Where did you find these guys? It’s about time someone was able to make this google+ phenomenon make a sense to me. I have been trying to translate value of such a service to my business, as I can see this as an important channel moving forward. Matt I think his name was, talked about how this ‘social discovery’ is closer to my own, personal human experience today, compared to other stages of our evolution. That made it click for me. I can apply that to the way my potential clients may want to communicate. Hats off, your lessons keep getting better and better. Do you know how to get in touch with that guy? A website would be great. Thanks again.


  • I love the presentation of these guys.
    I have known them last week and I am trying to put their advice to work for me in Belgium.
    I have not start trying out Google+. In the podcast it was indicated that you have to be invited to start using it. Can someone help me with such an invitation.