The one about postcards, from the car. – #75

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  • June 25, 2012
  • Dean,

    Run! Debbie’s coming!

  • Hi, Dean and Joe! Happy Diamond Jubilee! I’m commenting because I’m one of the people that has listened to all 75 of your amazing episodes. The funny thing is, I don’t even have a business of my own yet! I’m working on it, little by little (just turned 30 and it’s part of my plan for the new decade), and I’m treating your podcast like the MBA for my future life. Keep the excellent content coming — I feel like I’m already light years ahead!

  • Not only have I listened to all of your shows, but I try to make it a point to take one day a week to listen to as many as I can again just to see if I can pull more out or find something I may have missed. You guys rock and have helped so much! Keep up the awesome work and I Love Marketing!!

  • I wish you guys were able to recommend someone we can use for buying a list for the Canadian and the US market.

    Really useful episode, though,I’m confused about the Breakthrough DNA Blueprint as there wasn’t much information on the actual curriculum

    Anyway…forward to seeing the postcard samples and videos you guys mentioned.


  • Joe Polish

    Thanks for the comments! Sarah and Stephenson, I’m so happy you guys have listened to all the episodes! That’s awesome. Also, Sara, why don’t you start a business as a marketing consultant! ๐Ÿ™‚



    PS Chung, what do you mean about the DNA report? Not sure what you mean about actual curriculum…

    And I’m waiting for Dean to upload the videos, he has them…and I think he is a bad person for not having them up on the site yet!

  • We need some transcripts up in here! I’m getting behind on episodes…

  • Jeremy

    Love the idea of how to use post cards even if you don’t have a website. Thanks!

  • Hi guys…
    Videos will be up a little later today!
    Transcripts on their way!
    Cool postcard ideas available RIGHT NOW…just press play ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Ha, great idea! I just started a new job where I do a lot of marketing (I’ve already increased the program membership by 25%!). I think it helps my street cred here that I spend my lunch breaks eating sandwiches and reading Ogilvy on Advertising or Claude Hopkins. Love it!

  • I would love to hear some ideas from the ILM community on how to use post cards for my SEO company. We’ve “tested” a number of postcards and never had any response.

  • I’ve listened to every episode to date. Even started my own meetup group in Vantaa Finland ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Great content as always guys. Specialist ‘Postcard’ companies are not so common in this part of the world, it seems. However, I found vistaprint has a good offering of templates at a reasonable price. I will be acting on this episodes advice in the very near future.

  • Oh…and I have also listened to every episode!

  • Thanks Dean & Joe for another fantastic episode. I have recently niched down my video business into several specialized websites, as a result of listening to your show. I think this post card technique is going to work a treat for my business.

    Thank you for showing the post card example, very helpful!

  • Hi JOE!

    57:51 – It’s about the “Breakthrough Blueprint Program” you guys are launching on July 15th where you’re looking for a handful of people to turn into case studies for you guys to brag about at the ILM conference in Oct — I watched another video and found the info I’m looking for. Thanks for the reply.


  • gary martins

    I’ve listened to every episode so far, best podcast out there for marketing and business owners. Talk about moving the free line!

  • Glad the meetup is going well Dave. Don’t forget to give me a shout if you make it out of Helsinki to London.

  • I am implementing the postcards this week… I have written my headline – I am sending it to business owners in 1 local area is it better to address them or is it ok to hand deliver them?

  • Travis

    Hey Dean,
    Love your stuff! ๐Ÿ™‚
    I didn’t catch where you’re getting your lists from… can you please advise where we can access lists? List broker? Nextmark.com?
    This is the main pt. I’m missing to actually put this episode into implementation mode! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Travis!
    Everything I do postcard wise is with PostcardsPlus.com in Sarasota.
    Talk to Jim Studebaker, and he can point you in the right direction.

  • I have listened to every podcast since the start. Most of them more than once. A couple of them, including those about “cheese & whiskers” and the audio version of your report, probably 10 times. Keep it up, this is awesome.

  • Sara, I am in the same spot. Every episode I am supercharged with ideas and looking to turn them loose, but haven’t settled on a business idea yet.

    Hello Dean and Joe, love your material. Ed Dale recommended the cheese and whiskers episode and after that I just can’t get enough, 75 episodes strong.

    BTW will Ed be making a visit to the show anytime soon?

  • Tim Hennessy

    Guys love the podcast, have been a loyal listener since the start. I am about to send out my first batch of postcards for my house painting business. Some of the addresses i am mailing to have multiple last names listed under the white pages. How should I go about this? Mail it to current occupant or current homeowner?? I feel like that makes it look more like junk mail. The postcards are being mailed inside an envelope also. Thanks guys.

  • Why would you send Postcards in an envelope Tim?
    The good thing about postcards is that you don’t have to get the envelope opened…and the message is immediately visible.
    The address really doesn’t matter so much, because they see the message anyway.

  • Tim Hennessy

    I figured by putting a postcard in an envelope it would have to be opened and read, lowering the chance of ending up in the junk mail pile.

  • Roman

    Yep, every episode from the beginning ๐Ÿ˜‰ Roro
    ps: thanks

  • Hey Guys,
    Thanks for this episode! Did anyone comment on the whales on the leash welcoming the new pets to the area? I didn’t see any and I want to let you know it’s cracking me up and I would definitely go a vet that sent that postcard!

  • Bruce

    I have 2 questions about services mentioned in the episode:
    1) What service do you recommend for personalized URL postcards and the associated tracking?
    -e.g. if I get a list of 1,000 names & addresses, can I simply upload a spreadsheet to a postcard marketing firm and have them produce and mail everything out?
    2) Experian and Axiom were mentioned as sources to buy leads from. Do these services have coverage for Canada and what is the quality/accuracy of their data?

  • Bruce

    Hi Dean,
    I’m curious about your comment “The address really doesn’t matter so much.”
    Do you see merit in using “unaddressed admail” that Canada Post and USPS offer (i.e. send postcards to all the businesses or all the residences in a given ZIP or postal code)? What kind of results do you see from an unaddressed vs addressed postcards?


  • Joshua

    I am catching up, I have now listened to episodes 1-75. Thank you Dean and Joe for the great education.