Eben Pagan on Words That Trigger Emotional Responses

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  • March 18, 2012

Episode 61

Show Notes:

  • Eben talks about words that trigger emotional responses
  • How to move the free line
  • The pitfalls of putting your image over results
  • Why most people hate marketers
  • The importance of overcoming human psychology and the scarcity mindset
  • Joe probes Eben about being cocky and funny
  • marcus

    Love to know more about trigger words, Shark was the one you used in the audio, Piranha ? so I searched google raw emotional trigger words and found this blog page http://www.copyblogger.com/trigger-words/
    they discuss different keywords for different situations, keywords like anger words are Arrogant, Cruel, Greed, Hate, Unscrupulous. Frustration:- Had enough? Never again…, Pointless, Temporary fix, Tired. Betrayal and Revenge Burned, Conspiracy, Disinformation, Fleece, Swindle, Avenge, Payback, Reclaim, Turn the tables, Vindication. Thanks for putting all your efforts in, it will not go unrewarded :-)

  • Steve

    Hey guys,

    Great interview!

    In this episode Eben talked about the interview that Tony Robbins did with Jay A

  • Steve

    Sorry… My Ipad had a little freak out on me..


    Here is the link to that interview over on the thegaryhalbertletter.com.


  • http://www.wardstudios.ie Stephen Ward

    Yeah, that one could’ve gone on much longer, weird and hilariously bizarre ending notwithstanding. You guys mentioned one time never really addressing web marketing specifically – but I’d love to hear an episode dedicated to that. I Looove I Love Marketing. Listen to it so much that my two kids kick into a silly dance when the theme tune starts up then they segue into “I’m Dean Jackson… He’s Joe Polish…” Gotta get out more. Love these podcasts, guys. Thanks a bunch. Keep pushing that free line! You’re playing the long game and people don’t forget!

  • http://trafficplayground.com Shaqir Hussyin :)

    this was totally awesome. Joe & Dean YOU ROCK!!

    and also Eben too, just implementing your 8 Profit Activator’s

    Thanks gang

  • Roman

    thanks Steve, for the link!

  • Roman

    i also dance, but I am 38 years old 😉

  • Roman

    Eben is the second “Guru” I have known and I love what he does and who he is.

    I felt kind of weird, because on this interview, he seems to be “too” serious and stressed… (respiration).

    I know he said he is on following “weird” stuff, but I “known” him more joking and fun, hope we will have him back on the “fun” track soon…

    Anyway, I was very excited to listen Joe and Dean interviewing Eben, I already listened it twice and now go work on things I learned!

  • Joe Polish

    Thanks for the comments everyone! Really appreciate it! And Eben is weird and smart as heck :)


  • http://www.hongkongmarketingconsultant.com Ellery

    Hi Dean & Joe

    Just want to ask a question: how do you record each episode of ILM? What equipment you use to record it? I would like to do the similar thing so, if you don’t mind do you think you can share this to us?

    Thank you

  • Roman

    actually, I listened the episode for the third time and I do apologie…
    Eben was just fine, I was maybe on a weird day myself… 😉
    Dean, Joe, Eben = Rock Stars!

  • Oh Wow

    The Mic is this:


    They each run it into GarageBand.

    Check out: “http://ilovemarketing.com/joe-polish-dean-jackson-and-ryan-deiss-in-hotel-room-atlanta-recording-on-luggage/” for video (Details around minute 1:00).

  • Oh Wow
  • http://forkliftqualitytraining.com Rod

    Hey Guys, really great episode. Enjoyed it thoroughly. Really liked the analogy of the $1 word vs $100 word. Thanks again

  • http://www.japanesethroughanime.com/ Ken Cannon

    Great episode! Almost as great as the greatest thing ever! (The podcast after this.)

  • Brian

    I heard Joel Bauer mentioned in this.

    Hopefully, he’s in line for an interview.

  • Brian

    BTW, yes, the episode was great. I didn’t mean any disrespect to Eben by talking about Joel Bauer.

  • http://www.wildthingsseafood.com Jeff Moore

    Thank you Professor Pagan. Another great interview.

    For some reason, I always seem to hear Dean laughing under his breath. It sounds like he is just loving every minute of these interviews.


  • I’m just saying ;)

    Sounds like Joe is a bit jealous to have found out that Dean and Eban had spent so much time together 😉

  • http://www.SouthFloridaMaidServices.com Zsofia

    It was Eben and his Altitude DVDs when I first heard about marketing. Than Joe came with his Piranha and than I Love Marketing. Anyway I just wanted to say that it is the three of you I can say mainly thank you for all the wisdom I learned and there are so much more to learn!
    I thank you for this episode mainly because the cars next to me must have thought while I was driving and listening I am tuned in to the comedy channel. You guys are the funniest teachers ever! Thank you.

  • Richard Wilson

    Thanks for the link to that interview with Tony Robbins, I was looking all over Google for that.  

    Eben Pagan has changed my entire life, he introduced me to influence and persuasion, that led to me starting my first business…that led to me moving from a $80k a year job to running a 7 figure business.  If it wasn’t for Eben’s serious study for marketing best practices and implementation of them through his great live events and training products I wouldn’t be as successful as I am today.Nice Interview Joe & Dean – keep it up.Richard Wilson

  • Anders

    I loved the interview and until this point I didn’t know much about Even. After hearing the interview I know I will look into his stuff. He sounds very intelligent and his talking points are well thought out.
    It was great to hear the mention of Joel Bauer. I have trained with him a number of times. The story Eben tells of his tailor is actually about one of his magic mentors Tony Slydini. “First you do it my way, then you finda your owna way”
    Loving the podcast. Trying to catch my way up to the present day.

  • John Snow

    Taking responsibility of everything relating to your life is a process of healthy mind. It is honestly hard to believe that Eben gave such advice – that it is okay to go on the path of “not taking” responsibility if you don’t “want” to take responsibility. Because the question, such as, “Do you want to take responsibility or not?”, is like asking, “Do you want a better life for yourself and others, or not?”.

    And, because doing the behaviors of an entrepreneur, requires taking responsibility, Eben took that further and said something like, “It is okay to have a job, it is honorable path to take.” But now, if you really think about it, living life through a job is a much lower level of being, than living life through the behaviors of an entrepreneur, isn’t it so?

    Plus, it is not about losing or winning in life, but getting worse or better results in life. And the doing of behaviors of an entrepreneur, serves all of our lives better than just having a job and not taking responsibility, and being a child, having a parent-child relationship. And, remember where the word “employ” originated. It is the word “ploy.” It is that old system.

    And moreover, none of the most successful people, none of them say that they created their success through “luck”. No. What they are likely to say is that first, they created their own luck, and second, they created that luck through not just working hard but also working smart. Just about.

    Eben, I like you. And if you read this, I am telling you: It’s one of those very rare exceptions where criticism someone publicly is actually a very cool thing and actually good for you, so listen, drop this “luck” thing. Drop this “talent-gift” thing. Those old religious perspectives won’t serve the evolving you and others. And you know you have got some old people around you, in their very old age, and they think they are at the end of their life-line, and what they do is justify their own lack (of not having achieved certain things in their life) with particular beliefs, perspectives, models, and so forth. And if they are intellectually sophisticated people, these people could very well influence you to the point that you convince yourself that growing, archiving, and evolving is not that important. But if you really want to evolve further, if don’t want something in your life that’s just going to stop you evolving, you need to replace those people with better people. And let the old go. That’s what you need to do.

    Thank You