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Archive for February, 2013


Episode 104: The one about ninja email strategies

  • Dean discusses the psychology of e-mail marketing that will get you better, faster, and more lucrative responses
  • The 9 word e-mail Joe sent to Sir Richard Branson and got a response in an hour (and how YOU can get a response from hard to reach people)
  • Dean shares his 3 part winning formula for e-mail marketing success
  • Why you must know your e-mail marketing outcome (and how it will make your autoresponders feel like a personal dialogue between you and your prospects)

MP3   Transcript


Episode 103: The one about contests

  • Joe gives you a behind-the-scenes peek at the exclusive X Prize Foundation Adventure and Innovation Trip he attended
  • How to use prizes, incentives and crowd sourcing to get the most successful people creating breakthroughs for you
  •  Joe explains the Deep Psychology Of Contests that can transform your business, your health, and your life
  • The one book (and video) you should read (and watch) to discover how to create competitions your customers will love being a part of



Episode 102: The one about even more Branding

  • Why understanding what ‘Brand’ is doesn’t matter (Here’s what DOES matter: R _ _ _ _ _ _ )
  • Joe discusses why ‘awareness’ isn’t enough and points out a controversial documentary you should watch
  • Dean tells you “The Most Valuable Thing(s) You Can Do” to strategically get your message to the right people
  • Dean explains how to make an automated offer that is easy, lucrative and fun
  • Joe and Dean share the most important elements of Direct Response that help you make more money



It’s Joe’s Birthday today!!

This could possibly be the best day ever!

Happy Birthday Joe from all of us :)


Special Edition:
10xTalks Podcast with Joe Polish and Dan Sullivan

This week we’ve got 2 new podcasts to introduce!

First up, a new podcast with Joe Polish and Dan Sullivan called 1oxTalks. Joe and Dan share talks about growing your business 10x.

Listen to episode 2 with Dean Jackson…then check it out at





Special Edition:
a perfect life podcast with Dean Jackson and Richard Rossi

Here’s the second new podcast from Dean and Joe.

It’s called a perfect life…and it’s about life and lifestyle design. Richard Rossi joins Dean to talk about one of their favorite topics.

If you like the idea of removing friction and designing a “perfect” life for yourself…you’ll enjoy this :)