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The one about ninja email strategies

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Episode 104:

  • Dean discusses the psychology of e-mail marketing that will get you better, faster, and more lucrative responses
  • The 9 word e-mail Joe sent to Sir Richard Branson and got a response in an hour (and how YOU can get a response from hard to reach people)
  • Dean shares his 3 part winning formula for e-mail marketing success
  • Why you must know your e-mail marketing outcome (and how it will make your autoresponders feel like a personal dialogue between you and your prospects)


Behind-the-scenes Peek at the Exclusive X Prize Foundation Adventure and Insights About Contests

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Episode 103:

  • Joe gives you a behind-the-scenes peek at the exclusive X Prize Foundation Adventure and Innovation Trip he attended
  • How to use prizes, incentives and crowd sourcing to get the most successful people creating breakthroughs for you
  •  Joe explains the Deep Psychology Of Contests that can transform your business, your health, and your life
  • The one book (and video) you should read (and watch) to discover how to create competitions your customers will love being a part of


The one about even more Branding

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Episode 102:

  • Why understanding what ‘Brand’ is doesn’t matter (Here’s what DOES matter: R _ _ _ _ _ _ )
  • Joe discusses why ‘awareness’ isn’t enough and points out a controversial documentary you should watch
  • Dean tells you “The Most Valuable Thing(s) You Can Do” to strategically get your message to the right people
  • Dean explains how to make an automated offer that is easy, lucrative and fun
  • Joe and Dean share the most important elements of Direct Response that help you make more money


Special Edition:
a perfect life podcast with Dean Jackson and Richard Rossi

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Here’s the second new podcast from Dean and Joe.

It’s called a perfect life…and it’s about life and lifestyle design. Richard Rossi joins Dean to talk about one of their favorite topics.

If you like the idea of removing friction and designing a “perfect” life for yourself…you’ll enjoy this 🙂