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Episode 97:
The one about Breakthroughs

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  • Dean and Joe sit down with some of the participants in Dean’s Breakthrough Blueprint event in Orlando
  • What makes some emails get over 60% response rates
  • Why narrowing your “territory” almost always increases income
  • How to join Joe and Dean in Phoenix January 10th – 12th


Episode 96: The one about education based marketing

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  • Dean and Joe talk about why education based marketing works
  • Joe eats an almond while he’s talking about it
  • Why it’s important to not just educate but MOTIVATE prospects
  • How education based marketing could change the college system


Breakthrough Blueprint LIVE!
Join us in Phoenix January 10th to 12th

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Ready to plan the best 2013 you can imagine?

Join us in Phoenix and spend 3 days going deep in the Before, During and After Unit and applying the 8 Profit Activators to your business.

We’re looking for just a handful of entrepreneurs to spend 3 days with us in Joe’s office in Phoenix in an intimate setting where we can really spend personal attention on creating breakthroughs in YOUR business.

This is going to be different than the events we normally do with hundreds of people. We’re limiting this event so we can spend one on one time with YOU focused on identifying and creating a plan to unlock the breakthroughs in your business.

Send an email and we’ll get you all the details!