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Archive for May, 2012


Tuesday Space Mission UPDATE!

Tuesday, May 29th, 2012

From: Toronto, Canada

Just got word from Launch Control that our book has successfully made it’s journey into space and returned safely!

Here’s a couple of photos from Launch Control.

First…here’s a picture of our Action Figures being secured and prepared for flight:









And, here’s the path from the launch site where we took off for space…to the landing zone almost 100 miles away:











Launch control tells me we landed just 50 feet from the highway! Yikes!

We should have video and pictures by tomorrow night…so stay tuned :)

We’re going to print with the Space Edition I Love Marketing Yearbook on Tuesday…so reserve your copy today!



Episode 071: The one about answering the important questions

  • Dean and Joe have answers to some of the most important questions in marketing (and life).
  • Including: not having to do sound checks
  • Selling by teaching
  • Having great questions for yourself
  • Having a not to do list

Download MP3 | PDF


First Look at our Ready-For-Space Action Figures!

Things are heating up in the I Love Marketing Yearbook Space Race!

Hot off the press…these are our Ready-For-Space Action Figures!

On Sunday morning these bad boys will be shooting into orbit, and you can be a part of the mission!

>>Click here to join us<<


Episode 070: The one Live from the Phoenix Platinum 2.0 event

  • Dean and Joe start off with some galactic news
  • Taking live questions from the Phoenix Platinum 2.0 event
  • The law of self appointment
  • Getting what you want by helping other people get what they want
  • Getting stuff done by elimination to deal with only 8-9-10 opportunities
  • Having a long term sustainable income base that is going to provide for your lifestyle needs

We’re launching our very first
I Love Marketing Yearbook


Episode 069: The one about creating dream-come-true experiences

  • Dean & Joe share an intimate moment
  • They talk about their remarkable experience on Saturday night
    (it’s not what you think)
  • Spending money in all the wrong places
  • Having a vision for what the experience could be
  • Looking for ways to surprise and delight
  • Plus some ‘dream come true’ homework for you

Links mentioned in this episode:


Episode 068: The one about reading minds

  • Joe talks about entering the conversation that’s happening in people’s mind
  • Dean exposes Ken Fisher’s pitch
  • Great examples of profit activator #2
  • How to figure out what’s going on in people’s head
  • Joe talks about the importance of making it about your consumer
  • Dean talks about his process

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