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Episode #386

Your Miracle Morning: The I Love Marketing Live Virtual Q&A with Joe Polish, Dean Jackson, and Hal Elrod

Episode Summary

Are you setting yourself up for SUCCESS by starting your day off right? Listen in as Hal Elrod, the Author and Creator of The Miracle Morning, shares his winning formula and the incredible results millions have experienced from implementing it.

 In this episode, Hal, Joe, and Dean discuss the secrets to attaining inner peace and LASTING transformation. Hal shares the 6-step Miracle Morning S.A.V.E.R.S., a better way to say affirmations that lead to actual results, and why we must never confuse temporary circumstances with who we TRULY are.

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Here’s a glance at what you’ll learn from Hal, Joe, and Dean in this episode:

  • Hal’s  incredible story of going from three different ROCK BOTTOMS (including cancer and financial ruin) to TOTALLY TRANSFORMING the quality of his life.
  • What you (or the people you love) can do when you (or they) feel hopeless, like giving up, and even suicidal (AND: How Hal overcame losing the will to live).
  • How to gain the UNWAVERING FAITH and “IRRATIONAL CONFIDENCE” needed to help make your biggest dreams come true.
  • The SIX PRACTICES OF A “MIRACLE MORNING” for upleveling your mind, emotions and results (Do these every morning and be amazed!).
  • A HUGE MYTH about “Affirmations” that ensures they WON’T work (Hal describes a better 3-Step Affirmation Formula that COULD work).
  • THE ONE THING we ALL have control over NO MATTER WHAT (This can help you when you’re going through your toughest, darkest times).
  • The ULTIMATE GOAL OF LIFE and how it can not only help you develop your SUPERPOWER but also get you what you REALLY want.
  • The 3 MOST POWERFUL WORDS you can say to yourself that can help rid you of self-loathing, feel down on yourself and other negative feelings.
  • THE SECRETS to: Inner peace; emotional well-being; TRULY knowing yourself; getting the best sleep you’ve ever had; and MORE!
  • How to set up the start of your day with Your Miracle Morning to CONSISTENTLY experience peak physical, mental and emotional states.
  • The “5 Step Snooze-Proof Wake Up Strategy For Recovering Snooze-A-Holics” (What to do if you don’t consider yourself a morning person).
  • Hal’s BEST ADVICE FOR ENTREPRENEURS who have a product or service and want to build a successful, meaningful, FREEDOM-based Business.


Show Notes

  • Rock bottoms and wake-up calls are one in the same. 
  • Hal’s had three heavy rock-bottoms; he created The Miracle Morning after the second.
  • No matter what’s going on around us, we can control what’s inside us. 
  • Irrational confidence and unwavering faith increases your chances of success.
  • Expect the best and accept the rest.
  • We crave certainty, fear failure, and hold back faith and confidence if we don’t know. 
  • Hope heals; 12-step programs give hope to people with addiction. 
  • There’s always someone that needs help, and that helps you pull out of darkness, too. 
  • There’s a balance between wanting and not wanting to control. 
  • S.A.V.ER.S.: Silence, Affirmations, Visualizations, Exercise, Reading, and Scribing.
  • The wrong way to do affirmations: Lie to yourself and use flowery language.
  • Affirmations need to be rooted in truth, practical, and actionable so they are results-oriented. 
  • Affirm what you are committed to, say things that are true, and actively use affirmations to replace fear. 
  • Affirmations should include: what you’re committed to, why it’s meaningful/important, and which actions you’ll take and when. 
  • Inner freedom: The ability to choose how you experience every aspect of your life at any given time.
  • The 5-minute rule: Feel whatever you need to for five minutes, then say, “Can’t change it.”
  • Be at peace with what you can’t change and be grateful for what you have; don’t confuse temporary circumstances with your life and who you are.
  • Your first thought in the morning is almost always your last thought before bed.
  • With The Miracle Morning you wake up, calm your nervous system, and focus on what you want to experience. 
  • On being a morning person: Make progressive change and do your S.A.V.E.R.S. in the AM so the benefits last throughout the day. 
  • There are a bunch of different Miracle Morning books.
  • The big obstacles: The limiting belief “I’m not a morning person”.
  • To overcome that limiting belief, set your intention before bed, move your alarm further away, and hydrate before you caffeinate. 
  • Hal’s miracle evening: Positive, grateful thoughts until he falls asleep. 
  • Marketing: Hal did 150+ podcast interviews, made a podcast, went on TV shows, and gave 36 speeches the year it came out; he didn’t know what it was going to become.
  • He still does interviews weekly to talk about the miracle morning.
  • He was committed to change lives no matter how long it takes. 
  • The Miracle Morning became a word-of-mouth phenomenon.
  • If people’s behavior is changed in a positive way, their results change positively.  
  • Every successful person attributes their success to at least one of the S.A.V.E.R.S.
  • His Miracle Morning film: It gives the mindset shift, tools, and strategy to take control of your life one morning at a time. 
  • Hal scribes by prompt-journaling or free-journaling which provides self-therapy; he usually resolves whatever state he woke up in by doing that. 
  • Back-test your decisions by asking, “Does this support my mission.”
  • It’s all part of the process, and you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be right now.

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