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Episode #300

Supercharge Your Business and Health | Harry Massey

How to Supercharge Your Business and Health with GeniusX and Genius Network Member Harry Massey.  

Harry Massey is the co-founder of NES Health and co-creator of the world’s first practical system for reading your body field and then offering solutions to optimize it – giving you the ability to have more energy, vitality, and optimal health.

Here’s a glance at what you’ll learn from Harry in this episode:

  • Supercharge Your Business and Health: How to increase your energy and transform your business
  • How Harry overcame 8 years of chronic fatigue and started experiencing more vigor, vivacity, and vitality
  • Joe and Harry discuss ethical marketing and using it to create more good in the world
  • Feeling tired? Here are 2 simple actions you can take right now to quickly increase your energy…
  • Joe and Harry tell you what you can do to turn any struggle into success
  • Decoding The Human Body-Field: The new science that is helping read and correct the energy of the human body
  • Harry shares why films are so powerful for spreading ideas and sharing impactful stories
  • A strategy for getting famous, well-known, connected people to help you with your initiatives, movements and/or projects
  • The #1 job of any entrepreneur (Focus on THIS if you want your company to thrive)

  • Who the heck is Harry Massey? 01:38
  • Harry ended up pioneering bioenergetic medicine via his company NES Health. 03:07
  • Emotions, drugs, and viral infection led to Harry’s diagnosis of chronic fatigue syndrome. 04:25
  • “The best way to help yourself is to help others.” -Joe Polish 08:36
  • People are in a perpetually flawed state, that shouldn’t stop you from making progress. 10:27
  • You never arrive at success. 11:08
  • Marketing and innovation are very similar and have a lot of overlap. 12:51
  • If you ask a hundred people “what is marketing?” you’re going to get many different answers. 13:22
  • Everybody uses marketing, not just entrepreneurs. 14:25
  • “The primary purpose of business is to create and keep customers, marketing and innovation produce costs, all other business functions are costs.” -Peter Drucker 14:46
  • Marketing is just a thing, it’s the character of the person that determines what they do with it. 16:02
  • “If you send an asshole to an empowerment seminar, he’ll just come back an empowered asshole.” -Joe Polish 16:10
  • You create customers with good marketing and you keep them by doing good work. 17:46
  • Preselling was how Harry got his company off the ground initially. 19:36
  • Every company starts at the same stage where you need to hustle. 20:12
  • “Money can often allow you to multiply mistakes.” -Harry Massey 20:56
  • Being well funded at the beginning of a venture will often allow you to fail in different ways. 21:17
  • Get a product and work out how to sell it. You don’t need money to figure these two things out. 22:30
  • Once you have investors, you no longer own your company. 24:36
  • Everything in medicine for the last 100+ years has been about biochemistry. 27:03
  • The basic truth of the human body is it’s the intersection of chemistry, biology, and physics. 27:48
  • Modern medicine looks at physical fields in the body in a very isolated way. 28:52
  • Interacting with a body’s field can have effects on the physiology. 28:45
  • The Living Matrix 30:26
  • There are incredible amounts of information and misinformation available online today. 33:35
  • Everything in reality is an energy exchange. 33:35
  • Food is not the only source of energy. 38:05
  • All you really need to produce a film is a really good camera, a good editor, and a good concept of what you’re trying to make. 41:05
  • Don’t make a film unless you really want to make a film, focus on short videos if you want to promote your business. 44:10
  • 99% of the molecules in your body are water and has a great ability to convert energy from the sun. 46:07
  • Movement increases your oxygen exchange, flexibility, and blood flow which will increase your energy. 47:02
  • Surround yourself with people with capabilities and ambition and a desire to improve. 49:45
  • You need to have a value proposition if you want to meet well known people. 51:00
  • “No just means no today, it doesn’t mean in six months or a year.” -Harry Massey 54:02
  • Being too pushy without being useful will actually be repellent. 54:24
  • Don’t be afraid to spend some money if you want to meet people. 57:50
  • To build rapport, simply be useful and genuine and caring. It’s okay if it takes some time. 1:02:34
  • The number one job of a CEO is hiring a great team. 1:04:57
  • Harry won’t even interview someone that hasn’t gone through a profile test. 1:05:48
  • Hire for what you need, don’t delegate the chequebook, retain your power. 1:06:38
  • If you know what your problem is, reading books is a good start, start talking to knowledgeable people 1:10:43
  • Not every reader is a leader, but nearly every leader is a reader. 1:12:23
  • If you are not committed, learning isn’t useful. 1:13:33
  • You can’t really hire vision. 1:15:48
  • Unless you’re getting no traction with your project, have faith, be persistent, and keep going 1:18:13

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