Episode #259

Separate Yourself From The Circle

Interview with Clint Arthur

In this episode Joe Polish interviews Clint Arthur. Clint is always TV-ready: he’s an expert at manufacturing celebrity and teaching everyone from plumbers to politicians how to book TV performances and create authority. Listen in to learn how to get yourself on TV any time, for free; the secrets behind why Donald Trump is so successful; and the best New Year’s resolution you can make to transform your life.

Here’s a glance at what you’ll learn from Clint in this episode:

  • How any entrepreneur can raise their status, elevate themselves above the competition and be seen as a celebrity in their industry
  • “HE’S NOT YOUR REAL FATHER…”: The most shocking event of Clint’s life and how it impacted him
  • What you can do to overcome fear, break free from doubt, learn from failure and keep going when times get tough
  • One powerful question to ask yourself if you want to totally transform your life
  • Clint reveals his “Magic Messenger Formula” for getting on TV for free: Hx + Cx + P + D + AC + TA/F = TV
  • How Clint went from driving a taxi in Los Angeles just trying to survive, to becoming one of Hollywood’s top media trainers
  • 5 Performance Secrets of Donald Trump: Clint shares his thoughts about Donald Trump’s popularity and success
  • The “Place Strategy” smart marketers use to increase their influence and revenue


  • Pre-show discussion [00:29]
  • Introduction [01:40]
  • Clint Arthur is the CEO of Statusfactory and an expert on manufacturing authority  [01:50]
  • “We have to raise our status in the eyes of customers and prospects” [04:14]
  • Status is about perception [04:45]
  • What does celebrity or status look like for an entrepreneur? [06:34]
  • “Separate yourself from the circle” [07:51]
  • Create the perception that you are more of a celebrity than the people around you [08:15]
  • Speak in prestigious places. Get on TV. Speak with the right people. [08:28]
  • One client was an auto mechanic: he started getting on TV and ended up speaking at the Napa Auto Mechanics convention in front of thousands of people [09:08]
  • You don’t have to be Kim Kardashian. You just have to be more famous than your competition [10:34]
  • How do you prepare people to have their product live up to their positioning? [11:33]
  • Clint’s story – from failed writer to entrepreneur to writer again [13:00]
  • Have a product that’s so great you can give guarantees [15:45]
  • “I encourage people not to use marketing until you have a great product. Marketing is dangerous.” [16:50]
  • Propaganda is marketing. Plenty of people use great marketing to do terrible things. [17:05]
  • Clint went to Wharton Business School – he later moved to Hollywood and started writing screenplays and acting, but did not succeed[18:20]
  • In 2009 Clint gave up drugs and alcohol, wrote his book, and booked his first television experience. [21:49]
  • How did Clint get his first TV appearance? [23:00]
  • Going from booking through an agent to booking his first appearance himself [26:00]
  • “If you put certain elements in your message to producers, your proposal becomes irresistible”[27:40]
  •  If you’re really an expert, you need to have a formula for how your clients can replicate what you do [28:54]
  • Rejection, pain and insecurity [33:00]
  • What are the things that made the biggest transformation for Clint? [34:40]
  • In 2009, Clint lived as if he was going to die. He did everything he wanted to do [35:43]
  • Most people are scared of looking foolish, failing, or breaking away from their lives of quiet desperation [36:27]
  • All marketing is testing, failing and trying new things [38:45]
  • How does this work for small businesses? [39:05]
  • One of his clients, Ellen, is a plumbing consultant. She uses her TV appearances to contact inactive clients and book consultations [40:27]
  • “All that matters is that you’re on TV and your competition ain’t” [43:54]
  • What are some of the first things that people in small business can implement? [45:00]
  • Clint shares his formula.
    • First, the way you talk is critical. What do you say when you talk? What hooks? [46:10]
      • In local TV, the most important hook is the local hook: why here
      • The next hook is the timing hook: why now?
    • Second, celebrities. Use famous people when you talk [49:05]
      • One chef had success with a segment called “5 foods that Ellen Degeneres and Bill Clinton would never eat and neither should you”
    • Third-  use props [50:19]
      • Clint took a bottle of hot sauce out of his pocket while on a show
      • Don’t just be a talking head
    • Fourth- Demonstrations are perfect on television [52:39]
      • Television is about doing what everybody loves – so come up with a demonstration using everyday items
    • Fifth- Have a take-away or formula [54:10]
      • Clint was booked on the Today show because of his formula for successful New Year’s resolutions
    • Sixth- the final part of the formula is an appropriate costume [56:22]
      • Clint’s client the auto mechanic wore his mechanic’s outfit on TV
      • Your costume immediately conveys information about what you do
  • Clint Arthur’s formula to get on TV any time you want for free:
    • Ax + Cx + P + D + TA/F + AC = TV
  • “Accept the challenges of today so you can accept the thrill of victory” – Patton [55:20]
  • Consistency is always important [59:55]
  • Why is Donald Trump so successful? [01:04:38]
  • TRUMP [01:05:00]
    • Teeth: Trump has white veneers that make him seem healthy and draw viewers’ eyes to his mouth.
    • Rehearsal: Trump is constantly speaking on stage and on TV. He has the opportunity to rehearse his soundbites constantly.
    • Ubiquity. Trump is everywhere.
    • Message: His message is clear and consistent.
    • Props: He uses props constantly – particularly his children and family members.
  • Many US presidents have been exceptional entertainers [01:12:56]
  • Million-dollar positioning statements [01:16:04]
  • Invoke celebrity attachments and place theory – where you speak and who you speak with adds importance and power [01:18:15]
  • “I could give the same speech at a local Rotary club or at Harvard – the only thing that makes it different is place” [01:20:32]
  • Connect with Clint at his website


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