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Episode #299

Miracles are Possible & You Are The One | Kute Blackson

In this episode, Genius Network Member Kute Blackson talks about how to find your passion, ways to discover your destiny, the importance of truth, and practices you can put into action to feel more peace and happiness almost immediately.

Kute Blackson is a visionary and transformational teacher. He offers a unique approach to the inside out approach to living what he calls “Liberated Living” – which means you can live, give, and share the truest expression of yourself.

Here’s a glance at what you’ll learn from Kute in this episode:

  • Kute shares his fascinating story of how he got started transforming people’s lives
  • Miracles Are Possible: The profound connection between faith, belief, and healing
  • The importance of expressing your truth, being who you really are and living an authentic life
  • What You’re Born For: How to find your passion and discover your destiny
  • When life isn’t working, here’s what you can do to break through limitations and experience more success…
  • The End of Suffering: What it takes to open your heart, liberate your soul and free yourself from pain
  • 2 powerful practices you can put into action to feel more peace and happiness almost immediately

  • Who Kute is and what he does 04:04
  • What I really do is I create processes, experiences, and opportunities 04:52
  • I was meant to make a difference in people’s lives. 06:55
  • The beginning of Kute’s speaking career 08:45
  • Kute’s pursuit in developing his purpose, and how he utilized self-help books 09:36
  • Breaking through the fear of losing love and acceptance 11:08
  • If I don’t have myself, if I don’t have my truth, if I don’t have who I am, I have nothing 11:59
  • The power of positive thinking, The Law of Attraction and thoughts create your reality 12:28
  • Nothing is worth compromising your truth and soul over 13:00
  • How Kute won a green card, and began a new journey to the United States 14:04
  • The Miracle Man of Africa, How Kute’s father heals people 20:56
  • If we really bring our awareness towards the moment… it is grace that is a miracle 23:42
  • The drive and desire towards self-help, what pulled Kute towards pursuing his unique path 25:06
  • Create something bigger than yourself 27:18
  • How Kute’s path was influenced by some of the greatest leaders in self-help 28:08
  • A mission of deep compassion and love for humanity, Kute’s desire to help people find and develop their purpose in life 29:05
  • What is it that life is seeking to express through me? 32:20
  • Kute’s insights on living an authentic life 33:24
  • You can only really live an authentic life… if you’re really, really in touch with who you really are 36:10
  • A truly authentic life is being in touch with who you are. The ability to see clearly, the ability to truly love and express your truth not distorted versions of oneself that we protect ourselves with to survive 37:24
  • An unexamined life is not worth living and an unlived life is not worth examining 38:01
  • Eliminating fear, pain, and difficulties to develop who you really are 40:39
  • It’s a real life long process of unraveling layer by layer and arriving into deeper levels of consciousness, awareness, and feeling underneath those layers as we go through life. 47:30
  • The last thing that a human being ever gives up is their suffering 47:54
  • In order to have a breakthrough you typically have to break something. 48:27
  • Why some instances of suffering occur 49:19
  • How Kute analyzes his own suffering 50:55
  • Examining experiences and eliminating suffering through surrender 51:47
  • Moving in acceptance to be free, and release stuck energy. 53:42
  • The experience and relationship with suffering for me has shifted profoundly. it’s been an incredible process moving out of resistance to acceptance. 55:02
  • Become a lover of truth, ask yourself on a daily basis… What am I lying to myself about? 58:05
  • What is it costing me to not tell the truth? 59:48
  • When you can face your greatest fear and just make peace with it. It can free you up. 01:01:10
  • Ask yourself what incredible things might happen as a result of speaking the truth… telling the truth. Living the Truth in one’s life. 01:01:44
  • I think the degree to which you can face death make peace with death actually frees you up to live. 01:04:11
  • Kute shares the interesting story of how his parents met 01:06:16
  • You Are The One – Kute shares why he wrote his book, and how it help peel back the layers of conditioning  01:15:15
  • The more dependent you are on things outside of yourself for a sense of happiness… the less powerful you are, less free you are, the more you suffer. 01:15:49

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