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Episode #364

Adaptability And How To Swiftly Pivot During Chaotic times with Roland Frasier, Dean Jackson, and Joe Polish

Episode Summary

In these times of rapid change and uncertainty, you can be sure of one thing: Your ability to adapt will be tested. Learn how live event hosts and business owners are moving swiftly and decisively to support their clients, preserve their team, and protect their bottom line in today’s episode of I Love Marketing.

In this episode, Roland Frasier, Dean Jackson, and Joe Polish discuss the postponement of the Traffic and Conversion Summit – an industry-leading event that expected 10,000+ attendees at the end of March. They’ll dive into the mindset behind adaptability in chaotic times – and share insights into how they’re already making shifts within their own businesses to prepare for what’s to come. You’ll learn how to think strategically and rationally about your business in times of “turnaround” so you can maximize your efficiency and strengthen your business from the inside out.

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Here’s a glance at what you’ll learn from Roland, Dean, and Joe in this episode: 

  • How to ADAPT in rapidly changing times – even if live events are your livelihood. 
  • How Roland handled the postponement of Traffic and Conversion Summit.
  • The 3 questions Roland FIRST asked himself when making the decision. 
  • The MINDSET that will get us out of an economic crisis. 
  • Why QUICKNESS and DECISIVENESS are necessary when taking action. 
  • Why cash flow, operations, and marketing shifts need to be assessed ASAP.
  • What Joe communicated in his latest TEAM HUDDLE in response to the times. 
  • How to deliver the deliverable no matter what. 
  • How to make the best operations and marketing decisions during tough times. 
  • Essentials, indulgences, deferrables and how your product determines your behavior. 
  • How to WIN with calm and focused intention. 
  • A lesson from a boxer about getting punched in the face. 

Show Notes

  • Joe has talked to many people across the spectrum of impact during this time. 
  • It’s a good time to see how you can be a leader for people during tough times.
  • Adaptability in our current climate is a must. 
  • Roland has had to radically pivot during the postponement of the Traffic and Conversion Summit. 
  • Roland had to consider speakers, celebrities, ticket purchasers, workers, sponsors, venues, parties, etc. when deciding what to do.
  • His three questions: How can we best serve our customers, lead in a time of crisis, and discern what is real and what is noise?
  • People were split 50/50, but then the California governor and international travel restrictions made it a sure decision. 
  • Roland has been pleasantly surprised at how people have come together in a time of crisis to take action, protect people, participate and be kind. 
  • Be adaptable, consider margins, and be as rational as possible. 
  • Entrepreneurial solutions are what will help the economic crisis. 
  • People who host events need to consider the implications of this time on their team and their clients. 
  • To adapt, think about other ways to create experiences virtually. 
  • Jay Abraham’s concept of “ethical opportunism” is important to consider. 
  • Joe’s toilet paper analogy is coming true! 
  • Most people will feel a negative impact in some way, so be prepared. 
  • Think about cash flow, operations, and your marketing approach moving forward in a “turnaround phase”.
  • This is an opportunity to see how efficiently you are running your business. 
  • Slow and reduce your outflow of cash and consider ways to preserve it. 
  • Look into the opportunities being provided for business owners.
  • See how you can get paid what you’re owed sooner.
  • Reach out to your clients to see how you can serve them more. 
  • The people who will survive are the people that will have cash through this. 
  • Those who will thrive will have operations and marketing. 
  • Joe did an “Impact Filter” to prepare his team for any crisis coming up and to communicate his vision for the future. 
  • Joe rolled out an idea and vision and empowered his team to help crystalize it. 
  • Respond, don’t react, and don’t be emotionally attached.
  • Live events have had to be postponed and now virtual options are being considered. 
  • “Cloudlandia” (virtual) isn’t being impacted (yet) – it’s just the mainland (physical). 
  • It’s important to have a diversified mix of communications with your clients. 
  • How to handle when people ask for their money back when everyone is taking a hit. 
  • Delivering the result is what matters, so think about creative ways to make that happen. 
  • People still need the outcome – the result – even when things are tight. 
  • Take “thinking time” for your business and learn new skills during this time. 
  • Selling essentials, indulgences, and deferrables. 
  • Understand how your ideal client spends their money. 
  • It’s important to get punched in the face because then you know you can take it.

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