Episode #253

The biggest and boldest initiatives Tony Robbins and Peter Diamandis are working on

Episode 253: Nothing Is Impossible | Joe Polish Interviews Tony Robbins and Peter Diamandis

In this episode Joe interviews Tony Robbins and Peter Diamandis – two of the most exceptional entrepreneurs and philanthropists alive today. Here’s a glance at what you’ll learn from Tony and Peter in this episode:

  • How Tony is disrupting the financial industry while partnering with Feeding America to help provide 100 million meals to families in need
  • Peter shares how he’s helping solve humanity’s grand challenges with XPrize, Planetary Resources and Human Longevity
  • The Psychology of Transformation: How to achieve what most people consider “impossible”
  • 3 secrets to creating a breakthrough in any area of your life
  • The Myth of Sacrifice: How to contribute your greatest value in the world, focus on your highest calling and have a blast doing it
  • Why work-life balance is an illusion and the power of life-work integration
  • 2 skills you need for achieving an extraordinary quality of life
  • Tony reveals his core belief that drives him to help people all over the world
  • How to prime and wire yourself for success, opportunity, impact and happiness
  • One simple antidote to anger and fear that works anytime, anywhere
  • Where all suffering comes from and the #1 secret to leading and living a magnificent life
  • How Tony and Peter deal with, think about, handle and channel extreme levels of stress, adversity, criticism, public opinion and failure
  • The Tyranny Of “How”: Focusing on “What”, “Why” and inspiring everyone around you
  • 10x Bigger: Peter shares how to let go of the past, reinvent the way you look at life, surround yourself with big thinkers and catapult your future results
  • Peter explains difference between The Giving Pledge and The Impact Pledge
  • The 5 letter word for understanding, appreciating, transforming and enjoying your life at the deepest level

  • Introduction [01:20]
  • Welcoming Peter and Tony to the show [01:50]
  • Right now Tony’s passionate about feeding people [03:10]
  • Tony’s book:  He’s interviewed 50 of the smartest financial people on the planet and he’s putting the proceeds toward feeding people [04:50]
  • “The financial industry is one of the most destructive industries on the planet” [05:40]
  • Tony’s trying to create transparency in the financial management industry with his website Show Me The Fees [06:00]
  • Setting up a reputable short-term loans business [08:10]
  • Tony’s looking to disrupt the financial services area by doing more for anyone else than anyone is doing [09:10]
  • Peter has wanted to get into space for nine years. Launched a commercial space-flight industry that Richard Branson has taken over [10:20]
  • Peter runs XPrize: helps put up prizes so that anyone in the world can solve problems [11:30]
  • “We live in a solar system full of resources…we’re creating spacecraft to prospect near-Earth asteroids. We just launched the first spacecraft” [13:00]
  • Have created a company called Human Longevity which has sequenced more genomes than everyone else on the planet combined [14:00]
  • “What are the biggest trade-offs that you make in order to do what you do?” [15:40]
    • Tony: “If you think it’s a sacrifice, you shouldn’t do it…if you’re acting out your mission then it’s not work. And if you can work on your mission and connect with the people you love then that’s fantastic” [15:53]
    • Tony: “For my kids, their entire life is about contribution.”[18:25]
  • “Both of you regularly do things that are considered impossible…how do you approach those things and reframe them in your mind as possible?” [21:00]
  • Tony: “Things are impossible until somebody does it” [21:30]
  • Tony: “You can get any skill set if you have the psychology…you need a strategy. But that’s not the first place you should look.” [22:30]
  • Tony: “Psychology is far more important than strategy. People say “I’ve tried everything” – you need to divorce the story of your limitations” [23:30]
  • “To have your dream you need two skills. The first is the science of achievement. The second is that you need to be incredibly hungry for something.” [25:00]
  • Everyone can achieve. What’s more important is the art of fulfillment. Fulfillment is different for everyone, and it’s not something that you can learn from anyone else. [25:25]
  • Try to live your life in a beautiful state. Suffering only comes from being obsessed with a state that’s related to you. Decide to find beauty in whatever life brings you.”[28:20]
  • “Actually decide: I’m going to live in a beautiful state.” [32:00]
  • Peter: “The reality is, there is very little that’s impossible. As soon as you say something is impossible, you shut down every possibility for solving it” [33:45]
  • Peter: “Most of us are trying to make 10% improvements. When you start trying to go bigger, 10x bigger, magic starts happening” [35:00]
  • Peter: “When Elon Musk started building Tesla, it worked because he didn’t have a hundred years of Detroit to hold onto. Let go of the past.” [36:00]
  • When you try to do things that seem impossible, you’ll be amazed at what you start to come up with. [37:40]
  • Surround yourself with a ‘nothing is impossible’ community [38:40]
  • “There is no problem we cannot solve” [40:30]
  • Tony: “Whatever human beings feel, we are not our feelings. We are not our patterns. We can change them” [43:10]
  • “How do you handle extreme levels of criticism, adversity or failure?” [44:10]
  • Peter: “I try to let go of criticism very quickly. I have to believe that what I’m doing, in my heart of hearts, is the right thing. I am so committed to delivering. I can sleep at night if something fails but I know that I did everything I possibly could.” [44:30]
  • Tony: “In the beginning I was trying to make everyone happy all the time…but I realised that some people don’t want to be happy. And that opinions are a dime a dozen, but impact is what matters. You don’t need anyone to put stars on your chart, you just need to believe in what you’re doing. And failure? Failure is just education. I work my ass off to learn from my mistakes” [46:00]
  • Tony: “You have to define what’s around you. You get what you tolerate. Don’t tolerate certain things in yourself, and don’t tolerate them in the people around you.”
  • “Life is not happening to me, it’s happening for me” [50:30]
  • Tony: My core belief is that everything I can help people with is something that I’ve faced myself. If I can figure it out for me, I can figure it out for millions of people. [51:20]
  • “What rituals do you have that impact your ability to be as effective as you are?”  [53:40]
  • Peter: “For me, it’s anchored in my desire to make the impossible things I’ve taken on happen. I can always ask “what am I going to do to move the game forward today? There’s nothing sophisticated there.” [54:00]
  • Tony: “I believe that the body is the place that drives the mind the fastest. I get up every morning and have a cold plunge. It’s phenomenal for your health, and it’s training to make you believe ‘I say it – it happens”….I also have a priming ritual where I do explosive breathing. And every morning I spend 3 minutes thinking of three things that I’m grateful for; 3 minutes feeling positive energy, and 3 minutes visualising positive outcomes” [55:50]
  • Questions from the audience: [01:03:40]
  • Brad Wymer: “During your morning rituals, do you time the 3 minutes?” [01:05:20]
    • Tony: “I use a timer. But honestly, it mostly runs to 14 or 15 minutes.
    • “I think a lot of fear about time scarcity comes from fear of death…but along the line I realised that a moment can feel like eternity or like a moment, and that I’m the only one who can control that”
    • “I really decided to make technology serve me, and to make sure that I didn’t serve it.”
    • Peter: “We’re living in a very different time to most of human history…a time where the rate of change is increasing.”
    • “We are fifteen years away from plugging our brains directly into the internet.”
    • “What are you up for in life? What are you willing to take on that’s truly bigger than yourself? What is the impact you want to have in this planet?”
    • “I wanted to go back to the criticism piece. I’d love to hear if you had a time in the past when someone’s criticism was taking up a lot of time in your head” [01:13:30]
    • Tony: “I was really hurt by an article that someone wrote about my book…but I realised I had to let go of it. And realise that things weren’t about me”
    • Elon Ferdman: “How do you know whether it’s a thought process or a heart process what you want to do next? How do you choose what project is next?” [01:16:40]
    • Peter: “We live in a world where an individual has the ability to impact a billion people….Xprize was an overnight success after ten years of hard work. So you have to be absolutely passionate about what you’re doing. What do you care about more than anything else?”
    • Tony: “Your head is not any part of it when it’s your passion. You don’t need to know the how. You just have to start with the what and the why.”
    • Tony: “I get people to write a list of everything they don’t want to do to achieve their goal. And you’ve got to feel in your gut that you’d do them (accomplish your goals).”

    Check out Tony’s Business Mastery course or talk to Peter’s Innovation Board at Xprize [01:24:15]