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We’re coming to Namibia!

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We’ve got BIG news! We’re bringing the I Love Marketing 2 LIVE conference to Namibia…AND every other country in the world!

Just because you can’t make it to Phoenix doesn’t mean you have to miss out on I Love Marketing!

We’re going to be LIVE video streaming every minute of the event online so you can watch it from the comfort of your living room wherever you are.

The entire event.

If you can’t watch it live, you can watch the recorded videos after the event.

PLUS: Get access to our Breakthrough Blueprint online training program where we go deep on the 8 Profit Activators with an interactive experience you can move through at your own pace to find the Breakthroughs in YOUR business.

Click here to reserve your spot for the Live get instant access to the Breakthrough Blueprint program!


  • kareem

    Great… For people from Caribbean.
    Question been in Florida last month, was trying to connect with Orlando meetups, but it looked like they was inactive. Is there any active meetup’s in Florida?

  • ed rush

    just as u guys are promoting your live event, i am seeing that quality of your podcast is dropping. whats up with that??

  • Dean

    That’s pretty amazing Ed.
    You must have a pretty high bar set for a free marketing podcast if the last 6 episodes of the podcast are “dropping” in quality.
    Mark Thompson, Tim Larkin, Jeff Walker, Tony Horton, Tony Robbins…plus what may be the MOST important episode we’ve done about Getting Results (episode 82).
    Just sayin’

  • Lee Wright

    Hey Dean. I agree with you. The one about getting a result first for your client is a gamechanger. I’m actually trying it out right now with my business directory site. Also the one with Jeff Walker was great – I was so inspired by the story of his humble beginning.

    I’ve listened to almost every podcast. Keep up the good work! Can’t wait to hear how your Blueprint businesses went.

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