Joe Polish shares Gary Halbert strategies at Dan Kennedy SuperConference

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  • November 10, 2011
  • Glenn

    Joe, the substance and your delivery of this presentation are superb. Marketing and psychology are wonderful environments through which to render service. The same can be said of effectively educating others. You show mastery in each of these genres as well as a love for applying your competencies towards the betterment of others. As a mentor with a heart, inherently worthy of ‘our’ attention, may your instruction stick with those you serve. Thank you.

  • Hoo Kang


    That was awesome.
    Gonna watch this and study this until I can be the Asian Joe Polish.

    Thanks for sharing this. I was curious about what had happened at this event with you and Dean constantly talking about it.

  • Charles

    Wow, this video was great! I shall begin studying Gary Halbert ASAP!! Great value given, it is most appreciated!!

  • Joe Polish

    Thanks Glenn and Hoo, I really appreciate it!

  • Sofia

    Like always, exceptional.
    But I really think your shirt looks like a size bigger than you are :)

  • Pete

    Hi guys, I am hooked on theses pod casts, fantastic direct response stuff. loving ha… keep up the good work. Pete

  • Rick Berkel

    AWESOME video Joe. Thanks for sharing.

    I’ve had a copy of Gary Halberts book sitting on my book shelf for few months now… This has inspired me to dive right into it!

    Nice to hear you mention the book how to win friends and influence people also… this book changed my life!


  • Phillip Lambert

    Hey Joe….

    What does this video convert at at seminars like this?

    Why did the copy follow the format that it did instead of coming from the “dead legend and rare” angle?

    I thought the copy sucked!

  • Donnell

    Yesterday was an exciting day for me! I used one of the tips you all recommended. The one where you paper clip a dollar bill to a letter and it worked. I have been trying to get in contact with a chiropractor for about a week to close a deal on website, Google Places and other marketing stuff. Well I mailed out a FedEx letter with a dollar bill attached to the letter and what do you know he called me and wants to start right away. Can you say rinse and repeat$$$

  • Ian Jakovan Dunlap

    That is pretty cool, congrats Donnell. How many in total did you mail?