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Saturday Marketing Matinee: Marie Forleo 10-Minute Talk – Genius Network Annual Event

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  • Why sales PREVENTION can be extremely lucrative for you (and how it helped Marie increase her business revenue 725%!)
  • The counter intuitive way to create a rapidly growing (and profitable) business you love and that your customers love and trust even more
  • Marie shares the exact, word-for-word “Guarantee Copy” you can utilize that dropped her event refund rate from 19% down to 1.5%!
  • How to create a bonded community of customers and clients that sell your products and services for you

Akira Iguchi interview with Joe Polish while at Richard Branson’s island Necker Island

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Bonus Episode: Akira Iguchi interviews Joe Polish

* Joe shares the type of psychology and marketing strategy that makes money (and how changing your messaging can make a big impact on your small business growth) 
* Two factors for business growth and success in life (and why there’s no relationship between being a good person and getting paid)
* Joe gives his networking tips and keys to meeting and building relationships with successful people 
* How to gain wisdom and take your thinking to a higher level in the pursuit of success
* Joe reveals the ideal environment for gaining the skills and capabilities to market your business, get connected, and build more wealth

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