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Bonus Video: Joe Polish with Russell Simmons

In this “Success Through Stillness” interview with Russell Simmons, co-creator of Def Jam records and best selling author, you’re going to discover: * A secret for more focus and happiness known by Elvis Presley, Howard Stern, supermodel Miranda Kerr, Jerry Seinfeld, Paul McCartney, Steve Jobs, and many more of the worlds most successful people * The most important tool Russell shared with Oprah, Ellen DeGeneres and many more influential people that makes you happier, clearer, and more passionate * How Russell became wildly successful (sold his share of Def Jam for $100 million, he sold Phat Farm for $140 million, and he’s been able to accomplish this and more in the midst of a crazy life…Listen as he shares how he did it…) * One thing you can do for just 20 minute, twice a day and improve your memory, increase your happiness, upgrade your nervous system and boost your immune system * The #1 thing you can do for your kids right now to help them improve their thinking, increase their imagination, and give them more happiness * The surprising way Russell thinks about entrepreneurship and why being rich may not make you happy * Why Russell thinks “celebrity is so f***ing valuable” and the amazing viral story of Russell, Kim Kardashian, and Justin Bieber

Episode 148:
The one with Arianna Huffington

In this interview, Arianna shares…
  • Why we need to redefine success with a Third Metric (A lot of really successful people undermine their health and relationship trying to get two metrics of success: Money and Power…but there is A Third Metric – another way to get success – and Arianna shares what it is…)
  • A blueprint for winning in life and what success REALLY is (Are you looking for success in all the wrong places? As driven, overworked entrepreneurs, we often look for success in the WRONG place… I love what Arianna shares here, and I think you will too…)
  • Why most of us, without realizing it, are operating from ‘lack’, and how to start operating from ABUNDANCE (If you’ve ever felt like you don’t have ‘enough’ in any area of your life, pay attention to what Arianna shares here…)
  • The most important lessons Arianna learned from her mother and why working longer and harder is NOT the way to have more success
  • A 10 word phrase that explains the RIGHT way to approach ‘failure’ and ‘criticism’ (When Arianna launched The Huffington Post, the reviews were terrible…yet, in 2011, AOL ended up acquiring The Huffington Post for $315 million. How did Arianna do it? Arianna shares a 10 word phrase you can use to transform ‘failure’ and ‘criticism’ into success…)
  • A simple technique you can use immediately for getting deeper sleep and feeling completely recharged every morning (Most people do the opposite of what Arianna shares here, and it causes them get a bad nights sleep and feel groggy and tired in the morning…do what Arianna shares here instead!)
  • How to use the 4 pillars of The Third Metric to have more well-being, wisdom and REAL success in your life
  • TWO major business strategies and elegant ideas you can use if you want to thrive in life
  • Steps you can take right now – and practical tips, tools, and strategies – for sleeping better, eliminating stress, getting rid of anxiety, being more productive, becoming happier, having deeper connections, developing more fulfilling relationships, being more creative, having more joy, and much more…
Get Your Copy Of THRIVE And A Special Gift: 1. CLICK HERE To Get Your Copy of Arianna’s New Book, THRIVE! 2. Send a copy of your receipt. 3. You’ll be sent a gift some of the highest level entrepreneurs and industry transformers paid $10,000 to be get. MP3

Episode 146:
The one with Karen Jacobsen

Hey, I recently got to do something really cool…

I had a conversation with Siri (in real life)!

 Karen Jacobsen is the Australian English voice heard on hundreds of millions of GPS units around the world…and…she’s the Australian voice of Siri. Karen was in Tempe, Arizona, for an event, so – off the cuff – we got together and had an impromptu conversation about a bunch of cool things. I think you’re going to get a kick out of this interview, because Karen shared…
  • How Olivia Newton John changed Karen’s life and inspired at a very young age
  • The best part of having your voice on over 100 million GPS units and over 200 million Apple products around the world
  • How to know the right direction to go in, and the best steps to take in your life… and… why it’s “never too late to recalculate”
  • The way to get more confidence, take charge, be in control and accelerate your life
  • If you’re ever unclear, undecided or confused about anything, here’s a simple technique you can use to get certain and have more certainty
  • 5 steps to ‘recalculate’ in any area of your life and get to where you want to go

And a lot more.

Karen is incredibly enthusiastic and she loves life…and I think you’re going to love Karen!

Episode 145:
The one with Clate Mask and Scott Martineau

  • How to have one of the world’s leading software companies for small businesses manage your company’s entire marketing and sales process at an affordable price (Infusionsoft is such a powerful system that it’s growing more than 50% per year… has 15,000 clients…and has more than 50,000 users)
  • How to get a ‘Campaign Template Library’ and ‘Multi-Step Campaign Library’ full of marketing recipes, best practices, follow up systems, referral systems, and much more you can ‘plug in’ to your business to easily automate your customer-getting and money-getting
  • How Infusionsoft consistently and reliably automates following up with all your prospects, all your traffic, all your leads, all your customers, and any of your partners so you can generate more revenue, more easily, without more manual labor (Infusionsoft can also save you time by automatically segmenting and organizing any and all the leads it gets you…and…Infusionsoft can help you generate more leads, follow up with leads, ‘wow’ your current customers, offer other products and services to your current customers, send out letters to customers, survey your customers, track any and all conversions, track your revenue, track your referrals, track your vendors …and have it all happen automatically)
  • What Infusionsoft will NOT do for you, and who Infusionsoft is NOT for (Infusionsoft doesn’t replace QuickBooks and it isn’t project management software like BaseCamp … it’s sales and marketing software that attracts new leads, converts those leads into customers, builds a relationship with those customers, and makes you more money)
  • Why Infusionsoft helps you get more out of your marketing investment if you currently spend money on marketing or advertising (And if you plan on spending money on marketing or advertising in the future, Infusionsoft gets you set up to maximize your return on all your sales and marketing investments… and… helps you avoid losing out on customer opportunities you should be getting on the investments you’re making, but you may not be getting because of holes in your marketing process)
  • The reason why the top marketers in the world use Infusionsoft (There are other companies that offer CRM software or database management software…but only Infusionsoft helps you succeed by giving you best practices, recipes, support, coaching, training, events and networking opportunities, and it automates the process of getting you more leads, more sales, more customers, more revenue, and more money, more effectively)

Bonus Episode:
The one with Jordan Belfort: The Wolf Of Wall Street

  • The untold story of how Jordan made $100 million illegally (and how he now makes millions ETHICALLY)
  • The 8 Master Keys of Wealth any business owner can use to get more money, more quickly
  • Jordan reveals the brass-tacks strategies successful people use to achieve success
  • Jordan reflects on his past and shares the two most important life lessons he’s ever learned
  • and much, much more…

Bonus Episode:
The one with Brian Kurtz

  • The type of Direct Mail letter you can send to your prospects and customers right now to create customers for life
  • A strategy where the more money you lose, the richer you could get
  • The 3 most important criteria when evaluating a list
  • The smartest thing you can do to double (or even triple) your revenues this year
  • One of the most effective ways to sell high-priced products and services to high-ticket buyers
  • The #1 way to get noticed, get attention, and get an advantage over competitors in the 21st century
  • How to pre-screen lists so you can find customers who buy more from you and your business
  • The simplest way to improve rapport, connection, and longevity with your customers
  • The ‘O to O to O’ strategy used by smart entrepreneurs that increases your conversions and your cashflow
  • If you’re a successful business owner, here’s how to add another $1M in revenue using Direct Mail and Direct Marketing…

Episode 136:
The one with Gary Vaynerchuk

  • Where you can get templates, exact strategies and case studies that show you what to do (and how to do it) and turn it into tens of thousands of dollars (and in some cases, even millions of dollars) for you and your business
  • How to drive higher engagement and awareness for anything you sell on emerging platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram, Vine, and many more
  • The Collapse Of Traditional Digital Media: We live in a world where e-mail marketing open rates are down from 37% to 12%…Google Adwords are down 15% in click-through…Banner ad click through is collapsing…and it goes on and on…(Here’s what to do, and where to go, instead so you have a huge leg up on your competitors…)
  • The little known truth about getting Return On Investment with Social Media: Does it really work? What’s REALLY the ROI? Can you really sell stuff with Social Media? (Gary shares what you absolutely must know if you want to hit it out of the ball park with The Science Of Social Media…)
  • Why does Gary love and respect his critics? His surprising answer could hold the key to your biggest learning, evolution, and relevance in business…
  • How any small business owner or entrepreneur — even with no money — can simply know where to go, spend some time and energy, and end up with a massive viral following with more attention than ever before on your business, products, or services
  • Why it’s important to go online to where your customers are right now and apply effective story telling to exponentially increase your chance of success
  • Gary answers this tough question: “Are some people just born to succeed and others aren’t? Do some people just get lucky?” (Gary gives you the no-nonsense truth…)
  • The main philosophy behind ‘Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook’ and the #1 thing you need to do in today’s day and age, more than ever before, if you want to have engaged, passionate, trusting fans who respond to you and follow you no matter what
  • The #1 thing every small service company should do online to reach their ideal target market right now…and…the exact amount of money you should spend (and where) to buy targeted fans in your area and have high quality leads coming to you starting today
  • The type of education based marketing piece you can use that will almost always work for any small business to generate awareness and responsiveness (This creates the most educated consumer who will always pick you, and you will be the best of any competitor by comparison)
  • The ‘Slang Of Society’ that goes viral: How to know what it is and channel it to get your business spreading like wildfire
  • The single biggest mistake so many people make when using Twitter, and how to easily fix it

Bonus Episode:
The one with FUBU founder Daymond John

  • Three important question to ask yourself when starting a new venture or business
  • Daymond and Joe answer the question: Are entrepreneurs born or made?
  • Two best practices for succeeding as an entrepreneur and in business
  • What really goes on behind the scenes with the Sharks on Shark Tank
  • The Three Part Criteria Checklist Daymond uses before getting into an investment
  • One simple question you can ask, and one easy action step you can take, to avoid getting into Success Traps
  • Daymond gives you his perspective on Marketing that can give you and your company a positioning advantage
  • How Daymond started with nothing and ended up becoming influential and connected (and how you can maximize your contacts and relationships)

Sunday Marketing Matinee:
Joe interviews Larry Winget

Joe recently sat down with Larry Winget to talk about his new book – Grow a Pair
  • The big problem with ‘self-help’, why it causes people to stay messed up, and the most important thing you should do to change your life and succeed
  • How to stop seeking approval from others, grow a pair between your ears (yes, between your ears), and live your life on your terms
  • Why people sucking, the world sucking, and life sucking is your biggest and best opportunity to make more money and make your life better
  • How to say whatever you need to say like a boss (Whether you need to apologize to someone, give criticism, or simply be honest with someone, here’s how to do it the respectable way and not like an apologetic castrated weakling groveling for approval)
  • Three simple questions to ask yourself that can help you completely turn yourself around and your life around
MP3 Watch and tell us what you think in the comments :) Check out Larry’s website and Click Here to pre order your copy of Grow a Pair!

Sunday Marketing Matinee:
I Love Marketing LIVE – Before, During and After Unit thinking