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Exciting news!

We’ve taken the first 50 episodes of I Love Marketing and edited over 1600 pages of transcripts down to just over 420 pages of the VERY BEST content of the I Love Marketing Podcast.

Joe and I were thinking about how we could launch our very first I Love Marketing Yearbook into orbit, and we thought what better way than to LITERALLY LAUNCH THE BOOK INTO ORBIT!!

We’ve made arrangements to send our book into SPACE along with Dean and Joe Action Figures!!

The book is going to go into space attached to a helium filled balloon with special rigging that will take amazing video and photos of the book and action figures with the earth in the background…then return to earth with the book, the action figures, and all that amazing footage.

It’s ridiculously expensive to send a book into space like this, but it’s worth it to be able to say these marketing strategies are literally “Out of this world”! (couldn’t help myself)

To commemorate this Galactic Marketing Mission, we’re producing a LIMITED “Space Edition” of the I Love Marketing Yearbook to mark the occasion…and you can get a copy right now!

This book will be the envy of your friends when they see it on your coffee table, it comes with an I Love Marketing Galactic Space Mission Emblem, PLUS: A Top-Secret Surprise.


Over 420 8.5″ x 11″ pages with a beautiful printed hardcover. It’s the kind of book you’ll proudly display and refer to again and again…and then pass it on to your kids, who’ll pass the wisdom on to their kids.

It’s a generational wealth-building keepsake.

Now, space missions normally cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, but you don’t get a single marketing strategy you can use to make money, so they’re kind of a rip off.

We’re not going to charge hundreds of thousands of dollars.

You can participate in this mission for just $99.

Click below to Join the Mission!

$99 + $9.99 shipping

$99 + $19.99 shipping

  • Jeff Moore

    Joe & Dean,

    I think I might have the honor of being the first to order!

    However, the link is not working. Waaahhhhh!

    Please let me know when I can try again.

    All the best…

    Jeff Moore

  • Jeff Moore

    Whattya know… I just go a receipt even though it said it did not connect! Cool!

    Please disregard any future orders/manic pushes of the Submit Button from me.



  • Dean

    Congratulations Jeff!
    Welcome aboard :)

  • Jason

    This is awesome….I have to be a part of this.

  • Pål Hetland

    This is awesome. I immediately ran to my computer when I heard about this.

    I have 2 questions that probably a lot of people already are asking you:
    1. When is the next live event?
    2. When will “Cheese & Whiskers” the book be released?

    Keep up the awesome work.


  • raul vaughn

    Congratulations! Amazing work you do here at I Love Marketing.

    Great to be on board with Captain Jackson and First Officer Polish…or is it Captain Batman and First Officer Robin? :)


  • Christoph

    Great. Will order it immediately when I get home.

  • Nir Sever

    u guys r fucking awesome :P

  • James Chapman

    How can I say no to this? It’s literally impossible.
    Simply stated, no matter how cool and wealthy you are when you begin hanging out with Joe Polish and Dean Jackson, you cannot help but become even cooler. And you cannot help but become wealthier if you get off your ass and do what they say.

    Thanks for condensing all of this down – you guys are constantly pushing things upward & onward. Bring it!

  • Christoph

    Done. Can’t wait to hear how the launch went. You guys are truly inspirational, uplifting and value deliverers.

    Best wishes from Hamburg.


  • Julian

    Hi guys sounds awesome, will the book still be sold after the launch?

  • Michael

    Alright! I’m taking this info and running with it out here on Long Island, NY. I just started the first NY ILM meet up group today!! I love you guys

  • Shaqir Hussyin :)

    i love you guys! ahahahah!

    literally outta this world strategy!

    i’ve ordered, will get my team to get their copies too :)


  • Ed Keay-Smith

    Great idea guys,

    I look forward to my book arriving DownUnder and having it on my coffee table to tell the great Galactic Marketing Mission story. LOL

    What are the chances of getting my copy signed by both you guys?, if at all possible that would be great!


    Ed Keay-Smith

  • Josh Hayles

    Dammit guys, now I HAVE to buy this!!!!!

    Awesome idea.

    Josh Hayles

  • Dr. Matt De Gaetano

    Batman and Robin or Robin and Batman or Batman and The Joker. Either scenario you guys are phenomenal, I have referred dozens of doctors to your site for pure brilliance.

    Great content always – and please do not even bother with the idiots that have negative thoughts or comments it is not worth your time, you are on ANOTHER LEVEL PERIOD! By the way your action figures are awesome, but they are missing action figure costumes or uniforms. Keep up the great work.

  • Dr. Matt De Gaetano

    I ordered the book last week. I look forward to seeing the highlights. Thanks

  • Judy Murdoch

    I love those action figures! You have a wonderful sense of humor and fun. These should be included in the goody bag if we attend the Phoenix Conference. That would be enough to get me to attend!!

  • Guy

    I once paid $1,000 for Jay Abraham’s Mr. X. And it was a bargain. But this is an out of this world, steal of a deal! Compare? Not even fair…

  • Eric Patrick

    Glad to finally give you guys some money! Just discovered you a month ago and I’ve learned tons already – getting ready to implement! Just don’t burn up on re-entry!!!

  • Me Too!

    I just couldn’t resist. Time to have some fun.

  • Julian

    Hi there was wondering if the books had been sent out yet? ordered about a month ago havent heard anything?

  • Ellery

    Hi Dean and Joe

    I got the book last week, thank you! Just want to let you know that I love the book so much.

    However, I just got the book but not the space cert, is it mailed separately? There is nothing inside the package except the book.

    Thank you again.

  • Jeff Walker

    Well why wouldn’t you send the “I Love Marketing” book into space?

  • Erich

    I was looking for an unusual marketing idea to show a friend of mine, and of course you guys came to mind… and lo and behold…!

  • WDavidC

    Any chance of getting a downloadable version of this? A book of that size is not the most convenient travel companion. Kindle, word doc, or iBook would be great :)

  • joeymegz

    is this still available? 

  • Benjamin Edwards

    Can we still purchase this badboy?

  • Peter Kell

    This is awesome!

  • Alexander Yolevski

    Love the podcast. I started from the beginning a week ago. Will this book be available digitally? Thanks!

  • Nevenka Barkley

    Nevenka Barkley EU Slovenia
    I love Marketing and you two Joe and Dean!!! Great – don’t stop!!!

  • Nevenka Barkley

    I Love Marketing and you Joe and Dean. Great!! Don’t stop!!