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Exciting Space Launch Footage!

We made it!

We went to space and back…and here’s the footage :)

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  • Vishal

    Dean and Joe……this rocks!! Fancy that…you’re in space. Great work and keep them awesome Marketing episodes coming.

  • Andy

    Guys – that’s REALLY impressive! Love the blackness of space above the ‘wild blue yonder’ of the atmosphere! Keep up the great work!

  • Judy Murdoch

    Whoa I’m impressed because you must be the first humans who have survived being in deep space without pressurized spacesuits or oxygen. Amazing!

  • Judy Murdoch

    Oh wait those are your ACTION FIGURES! Well, it’s still really cool if just a little bit less impressive.

  • Jeff Moore

    I don’t know guys…

    I thinking “Capricorn One” here… unless Dean has a really bad sunburn the next time I see him.

    You guys are hilarious.


    PS. AWESOME cloud formations in the background!

    PSS. Note that there were no “Out of This World” references in this post. Too obvious.

  • Steve

    Nice Work. I think next time you and Dean need to go up in Lawn Chairs and balloons and do an episode in space.

  • Jason

    Looks like Dean had another travel experience that was friction free!

  • James

    I’m gonna send him to outer space,
    To find another race.
    I’m gonna send him to outer space,
    To find another race.


  • AJ

    That’ssimply AMAZING!
    so peaceful so serene love it!

  • Nicolaus

    I was disappointed when it didn’t fall back to earth… only because I saw someone launch an iPad in some protective case into space then drop it and it didn’t break! I guess they should of branded their product better in the video because I can’t remember it :) haha

    Thanks Joe and Dean for the Podcast! I Love Em and they are so Valuable!

    Cheese and Whiskers <~ Biggest ah Ha so far…