Saturday Marketing Matinee: David Ogilvy The View From Touffou

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  • June 14, 2014
  • Rohan Thompson

    Great video. Loved his quote: “If you get in a jam with a client, here’s an idea for you: inverse. When the client moans and sighs make his logo twice the size. If he still should prove refractory, show a picture of his factory. Only in the gravest cases should you show the client’s faces.”

  • Dee Williams

    I Hated this video! This is marketing from Madison Avenue, what has this got to do with today’s Direct Response Marketing? Putting Helena Rubinstein in all her ads just to please her? This is big business as usual. And David sounds like an pompus, arrogant, snobby, stuck up Englishman! There are better marketing videos around.

  • Paul Coman