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Episode 145:
The one with Clate Mask and Scott Martineau

  • How to have one of the world’s leading software companies for small businesses manage your company’s entire marketing and sales process at an affordable price (Infusionsoft is such a powerful system that it’s growing more than 50% per year… has 15,000 clients…and has more than 50,000 users)
  • How to get a ‘Campaign Template Library’ and ‘Multi-Step Campaign Library’ full of marketing recipes, best practices, follow up systems, referral systems, and much more you can ‘plug in’ to your business to easily automate your customer-getting and money-getting
  • How Infusionsoft consistently and reliably automates following up with all your prospects, all your traffic, all your leads, all your customers, and any of your partners so you can generate more revenue, more easily, without more manual labor (Infusionsoft can also save you time by automatically segmenting and organizing any and all the leads it gets you…and…Infusionsoft can help you generate more leads, follow up with leads, ‘wow’ your current customers, offer other products and services to your current customers, send out letters to customers, survey your customers, track any and all conversions, track your revenue, track your referrals, track your vendors …and have it all happen automatically)
  • What Infusionsoft will NOT do for you, and who Infusionsoft is NOT for (Infusionsoft doesn’t replace QuickBooks and it isn’t project management software like BaseCamp … it’s sales and marketing software that attracts new leads, converts those leads into customers, builds a relationship with those customers, and makes you more money)
  • Why Infusionsoft helps you get more out of your marketing investment if you currently spend money on marketing or advertising (And if you plan on spending money on marketing or advertising in the future, Infusionsoft gets you set up to maximize your return on all your sales and marketing investments… and… helps you avoid losing out on customer opportunities you should be getting on the investments you’re making, but you may not be getting because of holes in your marketing process)
  • The reason why the top marketers in the world use Infusionsoft (There are other companies that offer CRM software or database management software…but only Infusionsoft helps you succeed by giving you best practices, recipes, support, coaching, training, events and networking opportunities, and it automates the process of getting you more leads, more sales, more customers, more revenue, and more money, more effectively)

Episode 144:
The one with John Dumas

  • John shares how he grosses $115,663.55 a month and nets $101,506.85 a month with his podcast “Entrepreneur On Fire” (Here’s proof: )
  • 5 powerful income streams you can have with a podcast (These income streams can make you a monthly passive income that exceed your monthly expenses)
  • Where to go to get in-depth video tutorials, webinars, live Q&A, and much more to launch a successful podcast that generates more monthly income for you
  • Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about Podcast Sponsorship (Including: How to find sponsors; How to approach sponsors; The sponsorship pricing model; How to put together sponsorship proposals; Sponsorship spreadsheets; and much more: )
  • The #1 lesson Joe learned from visiting Harvey Levin at TMZ that can make you more productive in your business
  • John reveals his proudest entrepreneurial moment; Why commitment is so important; Who you want to surround yourself with to become more successful; How to become healthier and have more energy; Two books you should read to get an unfair advantage in your life and blow your competition away; The five letter word that will get you results faster; And what you can do right now to start making more money

Episode 143:
The one with Mike Faith

  • Mike explains how he started (and the strategic reason why is the second biggest consumer of Tootsie Rolls)
  • Mike shares his entrepreneurial journey, why making money is a great thing, and the truth about succeeding as an entrepreneur
  • The wild story of how Mike and legally bought someone’s last name…and…the most important Word Of Mouth and Publicity strategies Mike uses to grow and get attention and recognition from Presidents, Prime Minister David Cameron, and millions of people around the world)
  • The one strategy that originally propelled from $40,000 to $3,000,000
  • How Mike and positions ‘The World’s Most Comfortable Headset’ (and the 6 ‘success decisions’ Mike has made in his business and life)
  • The 2 things you can do right now to be more productive, make more money, eliminate stress and feel more relaxed
  • Mike reveals how to network the RIGHT way, meet fun and influential people, and get connected now

Episode 142:
The one with Richard Viguerie

  • The story of how Richard went from calling on people like Charles Edison, Eddie Rickenbacker, and J. Howard Pew for contributions to becoming a Direct Mail legend
  • Why Richard spends 2 to 3 hours a day studying marketing, why Richard loves Marketing, and the most successful, under appreciated, technique you can use in your marketing
  • The Four Horsemen of Marketing (If you get these right, life is easy going and you’ll have much easier success. Get these wrong, and it will be almost impossible for you to succeed…)
  • The #1 reason people go online and the 5 main technologies you must understand if you want to be successful (And why you’ll lose most of your money if you don’t figure this out)
  • Why Richard thinks Direct Mail is the neatest and coolest way to make a living
  • The #1 benefit of having a written plan (And the FIVE WORDS Newt Gingrich would often write on a blackboard in order to think through any problem or opportunity)
  • The most common marketing mistake to avoid…and…The most important thing you can do if you want to be successful and get ahead of 95% of your competitors
  • What any young, enterprising, up-and-coming person can do right now to join the happiest and most successful people in the world
  • The 3 values Richard structures his life around and the secret to living a long, healthy, and productive life you love

Episode 141:
The one with Steve Kotler

  • The Science Of Ultimate Human Performance: How you can feel your best and perform your best
  • How to become 5x more productive, heighten your creativity by 6x to 8x, and amplify your learning and memory by 2x – 5x .
  • The #1 thing to AVOID that stops flow, the optimal environment for flow, and the fastest action you can take right now to maximize flow in your life
  • How Steven got Lyme Disease and went from losing his house, going bankrupt, and almost dying to leading the Flow Genome Project
  • The defining characteristics of a flow state—where and how it happens in the brain.
  • The 4 stages of The Flow Cycle, the #1 secret that most people don’t know about flow.
  • Why Flow is the source code of intrinsic motivation
  • Why flow is vital for Entrepreneurs, Athletes, Coders, Gamers, Designers, Brokers, Educators, and anyone else who needs to be a high performer

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Amazing 2014!

Here’s How To Get Your I Love Marketing 51 – 100 Yearbook AND Videos of the I Love Marketing Conference Today… (Plus: Get a rare signed and numbered limited edition photo print)

It’s here! Here’s what we’ve got: Last year, to commemorate the launch of our first I Love Marketing Yearbook, we sent the book (plus Dean and Joe ACTION FIGURES) into SPACE! When we were talking about what to do THIS year, we wanted to make sure you have an AMAZING 2014, so we put together a very special collection for you. First, the I Love Marketing Yearbook. To create this yearbook, we transcribe every word of every podcast, and create over 1600 pages of transcripts. Then, we go through every podcast and highlight the VERY BEST of each episode to get a content rich 574 pages of the very best actionable ideas. Then we put them into one incredible looking yearbook. It’s a beautiful coffee-table worthy, desktop reference of episode 51-100. This was a great year, with incredible guests like:
  • Perry Marshall
  • Tony Robbins
  • Mark Thompson
  • Jeff Walker
  • Tony Horton
  • Eben Pagan
  • Frank Kern
  • Dean Graziosi
  • Anthony Melchiorri
  • Dr. Daniel Amen
  • James Schramko
  • Tim Larkin
  • Ed Dale
  • Michael Drew
There were a lot of killer ideas that made their debut in this 2nd season of the I Love Marketing Podcast:
  • Dean and Dan Sullivan talk about the concept of More Cheese, Less Whiskers.
  • The “car cast” episode where Joe and Dean talk about killer postcard strategies.
  • The episode after Joe’s annual 25K event in New York where we talked about the concept of “What would you do if you only got paid when your client gets a result?”
  • The episode about immediate money-getting ideas
…and every episode goes deeper in applying the 8 Profit Activators to your business.

You ALSO Get The Complete Videos of The I Love Marketing Conference in Phoenix…

We spent 3 days in Phoenix with over 500 people live and streaming the event from all over the world. We got to go DEEP in applying the Breakthrough DNA 8-Profit Activator process to your business and creating breakthroughs. We invited some incredible guests to share with the group like:
  • Robin Robins
  • Ed Dale
  • Marie Forleo
  • Craig Clemens
  • Dr. Ned Hallowell
  • Sean Stephenson
  • And The Incredible Hulk Lou Ferrigno!
The videos of the conference sell on their own for $997 at… As part of our Amazing 2014 Breakthroughs package, you get the I Love Marketing 51-100 yearbook AND the I Love Marketing conference videos… for just $497. PLUS: Be one of the first 100 and get a signed and numbered limited edition Dean and Joe print…suitable for framing, and sure to go up, up, up in value :) >> Click Here To Get It Now  $497  >> Or choose 3 installments of $179 >> Click Here To Get It Now  $179 x 3 >> Here’s to an AMAZING 2014! Dean and Joe  

Episode 140:
The one where Dean and Joe look back on 2013

  • Dean and Joe look back on 2013 and discuss their best discoveries and biggest breakthroughs
  • How to get more focus, more fungolas, and more freedom in 2014
  • Joe shares the 9 word secret that can transform your success, income and happiness in 2014
  • Dean explains the big distinction between Profit Activator #2 and Profit Activator #3 that gets you more leads and increases your conversions
  • A simple action you can take everyday that will help you build and develop more influential relationships

Oh Boy! (Watch this space)


Episode 139:
The one with Ryan Holiday

  • Ryan shares what ‘Growth Hacking’ is and how it builds multi-million dollar (even billion dollar) companies that grow exponentially without massive investments
  • Dean gives you a simple, no-cost and easy-to-use growth hack that gets you new customers today
  • The truth about the lack of truth and manipulation in The Media… and… how growth hacking can get millions of eyeballs (and wallets) moving in your company’s direction
  • How to create products and services people want to buy and share virally (Ryan shares ideas and case studies you can use from Amazon, Airbnb, Apple, and many, many more)
  • 3 important questions Ryan says every small business owner should ask themselves to get more exposure, grow and get more business
  • Ryan explains what marketing really is, why he loves marketing, and the best marketing decision you can make