One 10-Minute Talk Away From Transforming Your Future – #156

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  • June 3, 2014


  • Why you’re one 10-Minute Talk™ away from 10x bigger results
  • The most valuable way of getting elegant ideas worth $250,000 or more to your business
  • How to Think About Your Thinking in a way that makes you even more powerful and persuasive
  • A simple method for clarifying, simplifying and expanding your thinking, communicating most effectively, and increasing your confidence
  • One of the most important capabilities for taking your communications and sales 10x


Question:  When you have a big idea, what tools do you already use to clarify your thinking or present your ideas? – Click Here to Join the conversation on Facebook

  • Lori Losch

    loved this talk, joe, dan & dean. it’s true that a 10 min talk can launch many things. ken, shared my ‘safe souls’ philosophy/distinction on necker island in april and it turned into an invitation for me to create and deliver a 3 hour safe souls workshop. i’ll be delivering july 5th on grand cayman and i’m convinced it will be a transformational session. can you say … stretch marks? thanks for all your great wisdom. i’m truly inspired by you guys. xo