Matt Mullenweg: Insights and Ideas from the founder of WordPress

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  • December 27, 2011
  • Awesome video Joe! Matt seems like a really friendly and cool guy. I use WordPress for all of my blogs and I read Matt’s blog at

    I recently met the founder of and I am helping him with marketing of his very cool WordPress Plugin & mobile app called “The Conference App.”

    The Conference App works by allowing conference hosts to input data about conference schedules and speakers into the TopQuark WordPress Conference Plugin and from there create a Conference App that works on iPhones, Androids, and even in the Google Chrome web browser!

    Here is an example of a TopQuark Conference App that was created for the WordPress Word Camp in Chicago:

    Hope you guys agree that the Conference Plugin is one of the most innovative WordPress Plugins out there.

    Keep up the great work lining up awesome guests for the podcast! 🙂



  • Hey all, this is off topic, but I wanted to help Joe and Dean and everyone know about this… HubSpot just released a new Marketing Funnel Grader:
    Joe and Dean, this might be a cool topic? Ways to know that your marketing is on track?
    If you want to talk about/tear apart my site, it’s 🙂
    Another cool topic idea:
    What to do when you’ve been Google Slapped, like just happened to me. Google hates info marketers, even ones who apply exceptionally cool pay-it-forward educational methods like those you espouse… Anyhoo… Love your podcast! 🙂 Andy

  • Cool suggestion Andy. Since you mentioned the Topic of Hubspot I recommend their, their blog and their Twitter grader as well!

    Not sure if your website has a blog built in but Google looks favorably on sites with blogs so you might want to consider installing a WordPress CMS to prevent your other sites from getting sandboxed and possibly get the site you mentioned re-indexed!



  • Great video once again Joe! I just launched a brand new website not too long ago called Your Health & Fitness Dream, located at This site is a powerhouse for anybody wanting to make their Health & Fitness Dreams come true. Working with over 30 certified personal trainers and nutrition experts from around the world to deliver only the best tips, advice, videos, articles and more, to you, for free! Unless you want to pay for the even better than the best content in making your Health & Fitness Dreams come true.

    By the way, Happy New Year to you Joe and Dean! Can’t wait to hear and see what you guys have in store for 2012!

    Love you guys,

  • Garin- I’ve been using website grader for years and love it! While the system isn’t flawless it’s a fantastic cheat sheet that we use to create presentations and info graphics to help our clients gain clarity and visualize their internet marketing mix. In fact, we took a stab at finding some usability holes and know our own version “Site Sherlocks” is in development.

    I think the thing people seem to miss these days is that WordPress isn’t just a tool that helps you publish a blog, it’s an entire content management system and now there are thousands of gorgeous fully functional “themes” that provide the useability of a full website not just a blog.

    I reference on a weekly basis to keep up to date with design trends and the latest beauty offered by ajax, jquery and html 5.

    oh and I have an ongoing obsession with
    ^ Their design team is brilliant, have you heard of them?

  • Joe…

    Great interview with Matt – he’s got to be the coolest cat out there.

    I am a consultant in the funeral industry and started using WordPress for my own website. I have been a student of SEO for over 10 years so I was blown away when my Google Alerts would go off for my name about 20 minutes minutes after posting to my site. It was at that moment that I “got” the power of WordPress.

    Then I thought that it would be perfect for my funeral home clients for when they post online obituaries. I sought out some pretty big name WP Gurus – Brian Gardner, Cory Miller and later TJ Singleton to customize the post structure so that there would be an article post and an obit post – with different, more sensitive wording. And as I thought, the same thing happened, obits were being indexed by Google in under 15 minutes.

    This is really important as funeral service information is time sensitive and WordPress is helping getting that information out immediately – especially when paper newspapers are reducing their number of publications (the conventional way of informing people about funeral services).

    My clients love that benefit, plus all of other cool features of WordPress – Matt and all of the other developers of the WordPress community make me look like a hero to my clients!


  • My favourite quote from this interview:

    “The more open you are for people to leave, the more likely they are to stay.”

    Most businesses operate from a scarcity mindset and do everything they can to lock customers in.

  • Hi Joe and Dean,

    Just wanted to add that I am now offering a multi-platform (iPhone, iPad and Android) WordPress integrated mobile app as a part of my Facebook Marketing product FBPower.

    You can learn more about this innovative WordPress app that serves up all of my course content at:

    I would love to get some “Code is poetry” or “WordPress” swag!! I’m not sure who the top three commenter’s are on this post but if I am one of them please send me an email and I will forward my mailing address so I can get one of these shirts!

    If I get one I’ll make sure to show appreciation by commenting on the cool content you guys continue to produce!



    P.S. I’ve been listening to ilovemarketing since day 1 and left the first comment on the first post on this blog. 😀