IS SELLING EVIL? This will change the way you look at selling and sales…

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  • April 1, 2012
  • Michael

    Hear hear Joe, beautifully articulated. I’ve heard you touch on this topic before but this completed it.

  • I completely agree, could not have been better explained.

    I had a very similar conversation about design and was told over and over again that design is not as important as the academic subjects that children study. As someone who loves design I pointed out the fact that whether you love or hate design we’re surrounded by something that was designed by someone. It’s all to make life easier for others.

    I think when people become SO accustomed to doing something they often forget that they even do it and like you said that goes for selling and being sold to.

  • Joe, you had to get the “Carpet” in there… for a moment, i thought you’d miss throwing that in. I must say, you are right on the money with this. In fact the biggest sale I ever made was was get my girl to marry me.

  • Ben

    Great collection of arguments in 3 minutes (fired off in Machine Gun fashion so no reasonable selling-hater survives :p). You should write a book about selling, capitalism,… and market it really well!!

    Keep sharing, thanks for all the great free info!

  • Best definition I’ve ever heard on Selling, awesome work Joe,

  • Thanks Brett!