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Hans Brinker Budget Hotel Eco-Tour

  • Steve Maughan

    Hilarious! The really fun thing is that there is no evidence on the website that it’s all a joke. Why would anyone go to this hotel?

  • sue

    Love it! Why would they go? Ask my teenaged boy. He’d go in a heartbeat, especially if it was less than $20 a night. In fact, when I traveled Europe for 9 months on $10 a day (back in the 80′s) that would have been EXACTLY the place I would end up at! I miss those days! Thanks, for sharing, Dean.

  • Alistair

    Ha I actually stayed in this hotel about 8 years ago when I was backpacking around Europe. (in fact I think the room they show is the one I stayed in).

    The place is actually not that bad, it’s just their gimmick. The best part they didn’t show are posters with before and after pics of guests looking fit and healthy when they arrive and sick, unwashed and possibly addicted to crack when they leave.