Handling Negative Publicity with Joe Polish and Dean Jackson

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  • November 11, 2013

In episode 132 Joe and Dean discuss:

  • Joe reads a new article he co-wrote at GeniusNetwork.com/Blog titled “The Right Way To Deal With Public Disaster: A Case Study About Tesla Motors”
  • Dean and Joe discuss the most effective ways to handle negative publicity (if you sell a great product)
  • Dean talks about the most comfortable underwear he has ever worn (and the surprising marketing lesson that came out of the experience)
  • Why the process of not having a process causes confusion, complexity, and uncertainty (and the one thing you should do create a process that creates more trust and more revenue in your business)
  • Joe dives into some world class experiences he’s had with RC Auto Corporation and The Langham Hotel in Chicago
  • Joe shares a sneak peek into the private invite-only Conscious Capitalism CEO Summit he attended with Kat Cole (President of Cinnabon), Brene Brown (famous speaker and researcher), Tony Schwartz (The Energy Project), Mark Hoplamazian (CEO Hyatt Hotels), Ron Shaich (Founder, Chairman and CEO Panera Bread), Frank Blake (CEO The Home Depot), and many more…)

To see Joe’s article at GeniusNetwork.com click HERE


  • JP Jakonen

    Please raise the volume level on your excellent podcast, if you can. Hard to hear with regular iPod headphones. Also, some weird discrepancies with your voices on this episode. Good stuff, though.

  • Brian Burkard

    Joe and Dean thanks so much for talking about a very important marketing subject that no other marketers talk about. The Tesla Motors example was awesome and I appreciate you share the email written by the owner of the company and how he elegantly handled the situation and turned it into a great marketing strategy to protect the company and its image but also the shareholders investment.
    I also heard the Tony Robbins interview you two did and how Tony had a situation involving negative publicity and how he met the situation head on and addressed the facts as well to disolve the situation. These are real issues that can have a dramatic affect on one’s business, so I again compliment the both of you for discussing a negative situation and how to turn that situation into a benefit by being honest, attacking the situation head on immediately, presenting the facts of the situation and then proving why your product or service is the best because others products or services would not have performed as well if they were in that particular situation. Well done guys!
    Thanks again!

  • Tim Francis

    Interesting podcast. I have a Tesla it’s OK but I don’t like the fact that I have to remember to charge the battery. I would prefer a Ferrari. Tesla is not all that great, you should stop sucking up to Elon Musk. Read these:

    Supercharger Super Sucks

    If Tesla Would Stop Selling Cars, We’d All Save Some Money

    The Tesla Nightmare Shows Why Today’s All-Electric Cars Are (Basically) Dead On Arrival