Interview with Gary Vaynerchuk on How To Drive Higher Social Media Engagement – #136

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  • December 10, 2013

  • Where you can get templates, exact strategies and case studies that show you what to do (and how to do it) and turn it into tens of thousands of dollars (and in some cases, even millions of dollars) for you and your business
  • How to drive higher engagement and awareness for anything you sell on emerging platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram, Vine, and many more
  • The Collapse Of Traditional Digital Media: We live in a world where e-mail marketing open rates are down from 37% to 12%…Google Adwords are down 15% in click-through…Banner ad click through is collapsing…and it goes on and on…(Here’s what to do, and where to go, instead so you have a huge leg up on your competitors…)
  • The little known truth about getting Return On Investment with Social Media: Does it really work? What’s REALLY the ROI? Can you really sell stuff with Social Media? (Gary shares what you absolutely must know if you want to hit it out of the ball park with The Science Of Social Media…)
  • Why does Gary love and respect his critics? His surprising answer could hold the key to your biggest learning, evolution, and relevance in business…
  • How any small business owner or entrepreneur — even with no money — can simply know where to go, spend some time and energy, and end up with a massive viral following with more attention than ever before on your business, products, or services
  • Why it’s important to go online to where your customers are right now and apply effective story telling to exponentially increase your chance of success
  • Gary answers this tough question: “Are some people just born to succeed and others aren’t? Do some people just get lucky?” (Gary gives you the no-nonsense truth…)
  • The main philosophy behind ‘Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook’ and the #1 thing you need to do in today’s day and age, more than ever before, if you want to have engaged, passionate, trusting fans who respond to you and follow you no matter what
  • The #1 thing every small service company should do online to reach their ideal target market right now…and…the exact amount of money you should spend (and where) to buy targeted fans in your area and have high quality leads coming to you starting today
  • The type of education based marketing piece you can use that will almost always work for any small business to generate awareness and responsiveness (This creates the most educated consumer who will always pick you, and you will be the best of any competitor by comparison)
  • The ‘Slang Of Society’ that goes viral: How to know what it is and channel it to get your business spreading like wildfire
  • The single biggest mistake so many people make when using Twitter, and how to easily fix it


  • James

    Best interview of Gary EVER….you both are rock stars. Hats off to both of your success, drive, vision and perseverance.

  • Joe Polish

    Thank you James! It was pretty darn good!

  • Tim Ringgold

    This is one of the best interviews I have watched in a long time. Two Masters of marketing having an unbelievable conversation. This is a must watch for anybody using social media in their business.

  • Jeremy Nichele

    Joe and Gary two rockstars of marketing what a great interview gents. Power team!

  • Novalena Jennie Betancourt

    Joe Polish, you knocked it out of the park with this interview with Gary:) I love the meat in this video and the raw authentic shares. He made you seem calm and normal for a moment….but just a moment…two marketing industry disrupters together….you both could create something HUGE I am sure.

  • maxx increase

    …love this. my only concern being a woman, this behavior (Gary’s confidence) is consider to be “total bitch” if a woman acted liked this! …. it reminds me of the “pitch anything” book … awesome guy, Oren, with the way he pitches and has great success. But if a woman pitched deals that way Im sure she would actually loose deals than not …. and this concern/question also came from tony robbins ex-marketing assistant pam henderson during a q/a with Oren . what do you think, as someone just getting started? …my personally is more direct, but I seem to want to go in more passive.

  • Clare Fitzgerald

    Joe this was an awesome video. Just listening to the two of you talking about the book and social media tactics was very useful. Even better was the conversations around the foundational concepts and bigger thinking behind the book. Loved this interview. Will watch again and again. Oh and I’ve just ordered the book.

  • Joe Polish

    Thanks Tim! I appreciate it!

  • Joe Polish

    Thank you Clare!

  • Joe Polish

    Maxx, I’m not sure what you mean “if a woman acted like this”? I don’t think many people that I know (man or woman) act like Gary in terms of confidence, however I’ve done pretty well in the business of sales and marketing and you adapt everything to your own style. None of this interview had anything to do with acting a certain way, it’s simply methods of engaging with people online and the psychology of Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook. I know many people with a ton of different personality styles that have success as long as they connect and bond with people offering them what they want. I hope that helps and thanks for the feedback!

  • johnvieceli

    Speaking of Jab Jab Jab Right Hook… who wins the boxing match between these two? I’m taking Joe, no offense Gary V. Joe as I gift I would send Gary a Jo-Jo Townsell jersey. Probably better than sending him an Alex Van Dyke jersey.

  • Brian Burkard

    Joe, great interview! I love how you are able to ask probing questions of Gary that extracted the ” Golden Nuggets” of his ideas, concepts and philospies. My favorite quote from this interview was when Gary said “There Are No MF’ng Shortcuts”…Triple down on your strengths and don’t worry about your weaknesses! Thanks for sharing and keep these great interviews coming.

  • maxx increase

    …thanks Joe …very helpful.

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  • Joe Polish

    Awesome and I loved that line too, thanks @brianburkard:disqus!

  • Joe Polish

    That’s funny @johnvieceli:disqus! How the hell are you?

  • Ney J Torres

    Thank you for the book Joe! Amazing insight on where marketing is heading.
    Glad you are a great curator for this info, you saved me a lot of hours my friend

  • Jeremy Isaac

    Great interview, I run across a lot of business owners who look at Facebook/ social media as a short-cut and when it doesn’t work,they say “social media doesn’t work”… when in fact they’re doing it wrong… they’re also the same people who send bad postcards in the mail and say “direct mail doesn’t work”… it works, if you do it right and there are few short-cuts in doing it right.

  • Jeremy Isaac

    P.S. Love when he talks about self-awareness… been working on that with myself.

  • johnvieceli

    Hey Joe, I’m doing great. As I’ve said before you are a great interviewer. A great blend of humor and purposeful questions. I’m so appreciative that you continually are cranking out outstanding content for this community. During this interview it got me thinking if maybe an instructional contest is in order. Have people send in their best Facebook image posts for ILM to promote the interview and then have Gary critique or pick the best one? I know the guy is busy but who knows. Here’s mine. It needs copy in the post. Maybe something like “Why Gary secretly wanted to lose it all.” or “The source of Gary’s bravado exposed.” So many great quotables in this interview. Personally I think an image of Gary with this line on the image works better… “It’s not your Fault it’s Twitters. He gives a great piece of advice for the Twitter novice plus his Seth Godin tactic is fantastic. Gary’s the shit. What can I say.

  • Tom Pearce

    Two likeminded entrepreneurs,
    Joe and Gary, sharing many insights and colorful comments throughout the
    interview: Social media is a marathon, not a sprint, pick 2 -3 of the 10
    platforms and build your base and execute, Gary likes the Jets,
    execute some more, audit what you do every day and cut the 25% bottom out
    and apply to better storytelling, execute, no complaining, take responsibility,
    be self-aware, take more shots, execute, marketing is applied
    psychology, a science, be the best so the most educated consumer picks you, and
    much more….watch to see Gary about to go dark… great viewing of two who are
    doing it. Many take-aways for me…will take one (cut the 25% less
    important activities) and execute.

  • Joe Polish

    @johnvieceli:disqus, great idea, I love it and thanks for the image. Out of all things i actually do believe in vacations and I start one on this Saturday, so I’ll be going a week without going online or checking email. So I’ll see if I can get my team to lead this up while I’m gone. I need my beauty rest so I can keep cranking out as much content as I can. Thank you as always and you’re awesome!

  • Joe Polish

    You’re welcome @neyjtorres:disqus!

  • Branch Whitney

    Gary has the guts to tell the truth and does not care if you like him. He provides great information and it’s up to each person to use the information.

  • Jordan Denae Macbeth

    Gary’s energy is great! That dynamic energy he has is a HUGE part of success. It’s so much passion
    and it draws you in. It’s not always easy to make a long video like this one entertaining and engaging but it was! I actually want to watch it again just to make sure I didn’t miss anything.
    There’s definitely still a learning curve for me with some of this stuff but I really appreciate the info being shared.

    A very informative interview. Can’t wait to read the book. Thanks for sharing this Joe & Gary!

  • Robert Mercado

    Thanks Joe for this incredible interview. I know the following was spoken about, as well in Garys book,”There is no such thing as undivided attention” which is true for the masses, although this episode certainly had my undivided attention 😉 Look forward to meeting you in person Joe, we have some very specific mutual friends and lots to connect about. Appreciate you as well Gary and it was great meeting you earlier in the year at one of our conferences. You both rocked it here, boom!

  • ntathu

    yes, Jeremy, I homed in on that (self-awareness) too. Great stuff. How do you become more self aware?

  • ntathu

    Awesome and mega hugs and thanks. Always appreciate the time listening to your interviews. And yes, my 73 yr old Aunt, Aunty Molly is active on fb (she is great and thinks fb is her friend and always writes these personal messages addressed to Dear Facebook and even my Dad (81) says he wants a laptop and facebook and youtube acct so he can see up my girls are up to. The world is the same yet changing all the time. Thank you. Gary, you’ve made me appreciate the power of storytelling and realise just how much of our lives is wrapped around storytelling…your quote “Marketing is storytelling” helped me make sense of marketing and look at what I do and how I work in a totally new light. Brill. One love and thanks. And you’re mum is great and you’re blessed to have her steadfast faith in you. Enjoy and give thanks

  • Andy

    Joe, un-flippin-believable. This interview is the breakfast of champions. Way to bring it. You’re the quintessential Over-Deliva-Nator. I love how you just tee’d it up for Gary to really knock this point outta the park…which is…Gary builds his biz when most of the modern world is in rare form kicked back in their lazy boy, poised for success, remote in one hand, foam brick in the other, memorized by the blue light of their new Samsung that cost them a month’s salary that they financed on the never-never plan. Work life balance? Yes work-life is important. We all know that, right?. But if you can quote the precise number of 3 pointers the Diamondbacks shot or how many home-runs the Cardinals hit or touchdowns the Coyotes scored, then as Gary so appropriately pointed out… there may be a bit too much College bleepin football goin on while those same people complain that their livelihood and family’s financial security is swayin in the balance. But thankfully, there are people like Joe and those in this forum who don’t let a pebble/shiny object/distractions get in their way as they charge the hill. They keep executing on the essentials. They keep the main things the main things. And yes I purposely butchered the scoring methodology earlier for the benefit of all the Fan-atics out there who can quote every college and pro sports statistic known to man-kind, but don’t have a clue about what their kid’s teacher’s name is. Big smiley-face.

    Joe, hope you had an awesome vacation so that you come back recharged, and ready to bring more content like this to the table – you’re awesome. And thanks for Wednesday. It was an absolute honor and privilege to meet you.

  • Kiran

    Great interview Joe!

    Maxx – Couldn’t resist myself from replying to your post. watch this .. :)


    Gary looks way cooler when he started .. I think the aggressiveness comes when you have in-depth knowledge of your field, you have proven things and the world is very little to resist. thx

  • Ray Embry

    Joe, I really enjoyed this information packed interview. There is a lot of great information and also no punches pulled by either or you…Thanks for the book also, I know the delivery will be right on target.

  • Susan Martin

    So glad you both went to the self awareness issue! If you aren’t checking yourself everyday, you can go way out and not find your true self again. It’s refreshing to know that wanting others to do great isn’t known as being “fake” now. Why don’t we want the people we know to do great, that’s who we are associating with! This was an enjoyable hour, thank you both!

  • Lawrence Petroni

    Hey Joe and Gary,

    Thank you – awesome episode as usual, very instructional and tons of marketing tips. I have already shared it… Another “Must listen” for all that want a marketing wake up call…!!

    By the way; with a bit of bag work I think Gary could take you Joe… :))
    Thanks again – Merry Christmas from Down Under!

  • Simon Dodd

    Awesome interview, always love listening to Gary and you’re pretty good too :) haha. Thanks to both of you for taking the time to sit down and shoot the sh1t together! Much appreciated!

  • Joe Polish

    Thank you Andy!

  • Kathryn Maclean

    Already have the book. Great interview – self aware romantic marketing. Gary I love you!

  • Craig Wotton

    Gary Vaynerchuk is the best I have seen in marketing there is so much to learn from this guy he is brilliant, I cam across Gary when he spoke at a recent Vemma event and I am inspired by his knowledge and excellence in his work!

  • Mark Jamnik

    LOVE Gary’s ENTHUSIASM! It’s also very refreshing how real Gary is…”There are no shortcuts to success” and he “works his face off.” I also appreciate him mentioning the concept of self awareness especially in the transparent world we live online. Socrates said “The unexamined life is not worth living” and that is a very important place to start so thank you for reminding us of that.

    For strategies, I like the simple idea of having an open forum to offer value back to your clients. He offers an idea to take an hour and offer any clients a chance to call and ask questions to you. I like having an open forum and it’s a great way to offer a lot of value in a very relevant way. Finally, I appreciated the fact that both Gary and Joe are all about helping the entrepreneur and suggests executing on 1 or 2 ideas instead of trying to do everything (unless you have a staff that can implement the many opportunities.) Since most entrepreneurs suffer from “shiny red ball syndrome” it is very easy to get distracted.

    I look forward to reading and following your book…thanks Gary and Joe!

  • http://www.lesliesansonewilliams.com/ Leslie Sansone Williams

    Fantastic interview! Can’t wait to read Gary’s book. I’ve been following him for about a year now and attended Sandi Krakowski’s seminar in Orlando in 2012 where Gary was the guest speaker. Awesome!